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60s Scoop legal battle continues

first_imgAPTN National NewsFrom 1965 to 1985 an estimated 16,000 Aboriginal children in Ontario were removed from their homes and placed in mostly non-Aboriginal communities.A landmark class action lawsuit was thrown out in 2011 on a legal technicality, but now it’s back again before the courts.The case starts Thursday.APTN National News reporter Delaney Windigo has this story.last_img

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Graphic novel retells Helen Betty Osborne story

first_imgAPTN National NewsShe was murdered nearly 45 years ago, but her story still haunts today.That story is the focus of a new graphic novel on the life and death of Helen Betty Osborne.APTN’s Dennis Ward caught up with the author and has more in this report.last_img

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Sister of Robert Picktons victim learned of her death in the newspaper

first_imgTina House APTN NewsGeorgina Papin is remembered by her family as beautiful, street smart and a loving mother to seven children.She was also murdered by one of the worst serial killers in Canada.On Wednesday, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls heard from Papin’s sisters about the tragic end to the 34-year-old woman’s life – and the horrific way the family found out.“Georgina’s remains were found at the Pickton farm,” said Cynthia Cardinal, who flew in from Alberta with her sister, Bonnie Fowler, to testify in Richmond, B.C. “I found out by reading it in the Edmonton Sun newspaper. I remember that I couldn’t stop shaking and crying with disbelief. That was September of 2002. They had found fragments of her hand bone in the slaughter house.”The sisters described how they had all been separated as children and put into foster care. Papin was in a dozen foster homes and institutions, they said.But by March 1999, Papin’s life spiraled out of control. Just one month after giving birth to her twins, she went missing.Her last known whereabouts were in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. That’s where investigators believe she was lured to Robert Pickton’s farm.In January 2007, Pickton went on trial for the murder of Papin and 25 other women.Besides dealing with the pain of her murder, Cardinal testified how her family was treated horribly by victim services. She said they were segregated from other families and denied bus tickets and meals.“Victim services also neglected to tell us that we would be hearing the horrific way in which Georgina was murdered,” she said. “They told us as we were walking into the courtroom. They warned us too late.”System ‘failed’ Pickton victim Lisa Bigjohn testified about her younger sister, Mona Wilson, who also died at the hands of Robert Pickton.“This is unimaginable how I had to lose my sister to a society and a system that failed her,” said Bigjohn, during the hearings on Friday.Wilson was in and out of foster care and, by age 11, she was living on the streets. She became addicted to drugs in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and eventually became a prostitute to support her habit.But her family said they remember her as someone who was kind, loved the colour pink and wanted to stay a kid forever.“The only thing that she wanted to do was find her family, especially me,” said Bigjohn.In November 2001, at the age of 26, Wilson vanished.Her remains were found on Pickton’s pig farm in Port Coquitlam. She was the sixth woman Pickton was convicted of killing in 2007.“She was a human being and she was treated like she was invisible,” said Bigjohn.The hearings continue until Sunday.thouse@aptn.calast_img read more

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SLRC journalist Mahesh Nissanka and son granted bail

The journalist was arrested after a complaint was filed with the Police over the incident. (Colombo Gazette) Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) senior journalist Mahesh Nissanka, who was arrested and remanded together with his son over an alleged assault incident, have been granted bail.The Mahara Magistrate had earlier ordered that the journalist be remanded till today.

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Beetleridden BC timber didnt contravene 2006 softwood lumber deal ruling

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Tamsyn Burgmann and Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 18, 2012 7:02 pm MDT Beetle-ridden B.C. timber didn’t contravene 2006 softwood lumber deal: ruling Even as Canada declares victory in a major softwood lumber dispute with the United States, the organization representing British Columbia’s forest industry doesn’t expect the persistent American lumber lobby to reduce its competitive tactics.An international tribunal convened under the 2006 softwood lumber agreement ruled Wednesday that Canada did not circumvent the deal by shipping large quantities of pine beetle-infested lumber south of the border.The United States government argued that B.C. mills had an unfair advantage in softwood sales because they’ve been selling logs made from the destroyed trees at lower prices.The three-member panel at the London Court of International Arbitration ruled in favour of Canada, though the details of the ruling will remain confidential for 10 days.If Canada lost the arbitration, financial penalties could have totalled as high as $380 million.“When you dodge that bullet, you obviously feel pretty good,” said John Allan, president of the B.C. Lumber Trade Council, which represents 85 per cent of the province’s lumber producers.But he said he doesn’t expect the unanimous ruling, which cannot be appealed, to persuade the U.S. forestry lobby to stop complaining.“I know their oversight over what we do in Canada will not go away, it will never go away,” Allan said in an interview, noting the industry south of the border have been making similar complaints since the early 1980s.“They never back down. It doesn’t pay them to back down.”Provincial and federal politicians were lauding the decision as a triumph for the roughly 53,000 people who work in B.C.’s wood products industry.“The fact that this is behind us, it’s clearly demonstrated that B.C. has been vindicated,” the province’s jobs minister, Pat Bell, told reporters in Vancouver.“We’re operating under the rules provided under the softwood lumber agreement. I think (that) will give people the confidence to know that there’s a long-term future in the industry.”Bell declared the ruling “total victory,” describing the U.S. claims as “frivolous” while suggesting it means brighter days are ahead for the industry.Ed Fast, the federal minister of international trade, also welcomed the ruling.“This positive outcome is the result of our close collaboration with provincial and industry partners and proof that the (softwood lumber agreement) is good for Canada’s forestry sector,” he said in Ottawa.The United States launched the complaint in January 2011, arguing B.C. was unfairly subsidizing wood damaged by the mountain pine beetle, which has been chewing out the guts of forests for years. Pine beetle is a problem in areas across the province, but the B.C. Lumber Trade Council said Wednesday’s decision focuses on wood in the province’s Interior.Industry observers said the dispute was the most serious to date under the softwood lumber agreement, because it struck at the core of forestry policy and timber pricing.The U.S. Lumber Coalition expressed bitter disappointment in Wednesday’s ruling.“While the coalition vehemently disagrees with the (court) panel conclusion, we respect and appreciate the efforts of this panel and the U.S. government to grapple with the complex issues involved in this case,” said coalition chairman Steve Swanson, who also runs the family-owned Swanson Group in Oregon.The Office of the United States Trade Representative said it remains concerned by B.C.’s practice of providing “publicly-owned timber” to lumber producers for prices far below market value.“It is important to note that the tribunal did not sanction the pricing practices in British Columbia,” Nkenge Harmon, deputy assistant United States trade representative, said in a statement.“Rather, as a result of a flawed approach to evaluating the evidence before it, the tribunal concluded that it was unable to find a conclusive link to action by the government of Canada.”Harmon said the office will continue to monitor the situation closely, noting the U.S. has won two previous cases under the softwood lumber agreement.B.C. denied the province was cheating, saying American producers should have known there would be an effort to clear dead, beetle-infested timber.Allan, the B.C. Lumber Trade Council president, said even though this ends the arbitration dispute, the B.C. industry is being attacked from another direction.He pointed to U.S. threats to prevent Canada from joining a Pacific free-trade zone unless wood complaints are resolved.Canada was represented by a Washington-based law firm in the recent dispute, and it likely cost millions to resolve, Allan said. Even though it’s over he doesn’t foresee any particular impact on the industry, which has about 25 per cent U.S. market share.The softwood lumber agreement was mutually extended two years last January until October 2015,B.C. exported $3.83 billion worth of softwood lumber to all world markets in 2011, with roughly half going to the U.S. China is the province’s second largest and fastest growing market. read more

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US newhome sales up 18 per cent in August as West and

WASHINGTON – U.S. sales of new homes surged in August, led by a wave of buying in the West and Northeast.The Commerce Department said Wednesday that new-home sales climbed 18 per cent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 504,000. The report also revised up the July sales rate to 427,000 from 412,000.Newly constructed homes sold at the fastest clip since May 2008. It’s a clear sign of improvement for a real estate market that has been muddled in recent months, as the rebound in sales following the housing bust began to slow.Sales of new homes are up 33 per cent over the past 12 months. Median prices for new homes have risen nearly 8 per cent during the same period to $275,600.“All is not perfect in the housing market but things are certainly better today than they were about one year ago,” said Dan Greenhaus, chief strategist at BTIG brokerage.In the West, August purchases of new homes soared 50 per cent compared to the prior month. Off the sharp August increase, sales in the West have nearly doubled in the past 12 months.Between August and July, sales grew 29.2 per cent in the Northeast. Buying increased 7.8 per cent in the South and remained flat in the Midwest.The housing market has been sputtering for much this year. A nascent recovery in sales and prices began to struggle toward the middle of 2013. Ferocious winter weather delayed construction and limited sales at the beginning of 2014. Buying did pick up over the summer. Yet the pace of sales has been depressed by sluggish wage growth and the price surge last year that put homes out of reach for many Americans.There are a number of signs that another housing uptick may be in the works.The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index climbed in September to 59, the highest reading since November 2005. Readings above 50 indicate more builders view sales conditions as improving.That has yet to translate into more construction, however.In August, homebuilding fell 14.4 per cent compared to the prior month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 956,000 houses and apartment complexes, according to the Commerce Department.Much of that decrease was in the volatile apartments sector. Homebuilders started single-family houses at an annual rate of 626,000 last month, slightly below the pace of 631,000 in August 2013.Existing home sales have also eased back compared with last year’s pace.Purchases of existing homes fell 1.8 per cent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.05 million in August, the National Association of Realtors said this week. Sales fell from a July rate of 5.14 million, a figure that was revised slightly downward. Overall, the pace of home sales has dropped 5.3 per cent year-over-year. by Josh Boak, The Associated Press Posted Sep 24, 2014 8:54 am MDT US new-home sales up 18 per cent in August as West and Northeast drive buying AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

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GRA institutes tax amnesty for delinquent taxpayers

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has instituted an amnesty period where persons who are delinquent in the payment of their taxes will not have to pay interest and penalties on their Income, Corporate, Property, Capital Gains or Withholding taxes provided that they utilise the amnesty period to regularize their payments.See their full statement below:In keeping with the measures outlined in the 2018 Budget Presentation by the Minister of Finance, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to advise that the Amnesty relates to Interest and Penalties for Income, Corporate, Property, Capital Gains and Withholding taxes up to and including the Year of Assessment 2017 (Year of Income 2016) and will be applicable to the categories of taxpayers listed below:1.Taxpayers who have principal taxes outstanding;2.Non-filers – persons who are delinquent in the filing and payment;3.Taxpayers that filed their tax returns, but may have mistakenly underreported orunderstated their income or overstated deductions or credits;4. Taxpayers who have deliberately not declared or under declared their true income; and5. Taxpayers who are already subjected to completed audits and a determination wasmade that additional taxes are owed to the GRA and the additional tax is stilloutstanding.This means that taxpayers who are delinquent in the filing of their true and correct returnsand the payment of their true and correct taxes, will be able to voluntarily make theirpayments without having to pay the attendant interest and penalties.Principal taxes paid on or before June 30, 2018, will have all interest and penaltieswaived, while principal taxes paid between July 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 willhave 50% of interest and penalties waived.Taxpayers filing incorrect returns during the Amnesty period will not benefit from theAmnesty and will be subject to the attendant penalties.Increased resources will be devoted to enforcement, and all attendant penalties for failure tocomply with the tax laws will be applied thereafter. Taxpayers who are willing to make useof the Amnesty period are encouraged to contact the Debt Management Division of the GRA,either in writing or in person and request a Statement of the principal tax outstanding. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGRA enters final phase of Tax AmnestyAugust 7, 2018In “Business”Over $5B collected during GRA’s tax amnestySeptember 27, 2018In “latest news”Amnesty will be granted to all delinquent tax payers in 2018 – JordanNovember 28, 2017In “Local News” read more

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DuckDuckGo founder on why Google tracks you and his search engine doesnt

first_imgWith the recent revelation about PRISM and how much data is shared with the government, it has brought into focus just how many websites and services track what we do on the Internet. One of the biggest companies to do this is Google, and the more of its services you use the better you are able to be tracked.There are alternatives, though, and in the field of search engines one that is growing in popularity fast is DuckDuckGo. Its main draw? They do not track you at all. In fact, not only does DuckDuckGo not track you, it still manages to make money and offer very good search results.This begs the question…why does Google track your every move? DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg tackled that very issue in a recent talk he gave at the Gel 2013 conference, which you can watch below.After watching the video you will probably be a lot more inclined to make the switch to DuckDuckGo. And even if you aren’t you should at least give it a go for a week. Chances are you won’t look back and your privacy will be better for it.last_img read more

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Someone who bought a Lotto ticket in Cork has just a week

first_img Mar 21st 2017, 6:08 PM Someone who bought a Lotto ticket in Cork has just a week to claim their €1 million The winner has until next Friday, 31 March to claim their prize. 24,527 Views By Paul Hosford Tuesday 21 Mar 2017, 6:08 PM Image: THE WINNER OF a €1 million Lotto prize has just a week to claim their winnings.The unknown person has the winning ticket to the 21 December 2016 Millionaire Raffle game, but has yet to claim the seven-figure sum.The Christmas Millionaire winning ticket was numbered 179740. The lucky ticket was purchased at the Topaz Service Station on Lower Tivoli Road in Cork on 21 December 2016.The National Lottery team will travel to Cork on Thursday to help find the lucky ticket holder or holders.The winner has until next Friday, 31 March to claim their prize.Read: Coffin of Martin McGuinness carried to his home in Derry Short URL Image: Share201 Tweet Email6 6 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Les bactéries intestinales liées à notre régime alimentaire

first_imgLes bactéries intestinales liées à notre régime alimentaireEn avril dernier, les scientifiques du Laboratoire européen de biologie moléculaire ont montré que les bactéries qui peuplent notre intestin pouvaient être rangées en 3 écosystèmes différents. Aujourd’hui, deux études publiées dans la revue Science suggèrent que la présence de l’un ou l’autre des écosystèmes dépendrait de notre alimentation.  Si l’on savait déjà que les bactéries qui colonisent l’intestin humain pouvaient différer en genre comme en quantité d’un individu à l’autre, de nombreuses énigmes subsistaient sur cette flore intestinale. Mais peu à peu, les scientifiques élucident un mystère après l’autre. En effet, en avril dernier, des chercheurs du Laboratoire européen de biologie moléculaire (EMBL) sont parvenus à démontrer que les fameuses bactéries constituaient trois écosystèmes différents :  Bacteroïdes, Prevotella ou Ruminococcus. Des catégories nommées en fonction du nom de la principale bactérie. À lire aussiPourquoi le café donne-t-il envie de faire caca ?Toutefois, les scientifiques ignoraient encore pourquoi telle ou telle bactérie prédominait chez un individu plutôt qu’un autre, précise Scienceetavenir. Du moins jusqu’ici, car deux nouvelles études publiées dans la revue Science fournissent une première réponse : ces écosystèmes dépendent directement de notre régime alimentaire. Plus précisément, au cours de la première étude, les chercheurs de l’Université de Pennsylvanie ont mis en évidence que les Bactéroïdes préféraient les intestins des personnes ayant un régime carné et riche en graisses saturées. En revanche, Ruminococcus apprécierait davantage l’alcool et les graisses polyinsaturées. Quant à l’écosystème Prevotella, il serait plutôt favorisé par une alimentation riche en sucres. Un écosystème qui reste stable Le régime alimentaire serait donc bien un facteur de choix dans la prolifération de telle ou telle bactérie. Toutefois, la seconde étude menée sur dix sujets indiquent que ces écosystèmes peuvent évoluer en à peine 24 heures en cas de changement de régime, mais ces modifications restent mineures, alors que les entérotypes de bactéries sont restés stables durant les dix jours de l’étude. Grâce à ces résultats préliminaires, on en sait donc un peu plus sur cette mystérieuse flore intestinale. Des informations essentielles quand de nombreuses recherches suggèrent que celle-ci aurait un rôle important dans l’apparition de certaines pathologies, entre autres l’obésité et les maladies chroniques inflammatoires du tube digestif ou auto-immunes. Le 3 septembre 2011 à 11:02 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Cold heats up homeless debate

first_imgSleeping outside sucks, said Brian Moore.The 35-year-old has been homeless off and on for three years, but this stint “has been a lot better.” That’s because some nights this winter, he’s slept on the cafeteria floor at Share House, the men’s homeless shelter in downtown Vancouver. Other nights, he’s at the day center at Friends of the Carpenter. He got snowed in at the warehouse in west Vancouver when about a foot of snow fell last month. It was the biggest snowfall since 2008 and among the top 10 snowstorms of the past century, with a deluge of ice, wind and rain that followed.“Honestly, it was probably the best week ever of being homeless,” Moore said. “What they do for homeless people is pretty awesome.”The tables in the 1,200-square-foot day center, which is a resource center during the day, are rearranged at night to make room for pads and sleeping bags on the concrete floor. Moore uses headphones to block out noise and fall asleep surrounded by at least a dozen other people.While it may not sound ideal, such a facility to get out of the elements wasn’t available last winter. The day center and other buildings opened these last couple of months in response to severe weather that caught people off guard and forced the community to scramble to open severe weather shelters for homeless people.“We were not prepared for this type of winter,” said Andy Silver, executive director of the Vancouver-based Council for the Homeless. “Certainly, I think one of our goals in the future is we’ll be more prepared for unusual weather events.”Besides the day center, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Washougal, the former Rise & Stars Community Center in central Vancouver, Life House Fellowship in the Five Corners area and Living Hope Church off Andresen Road all housed people overnight at one time or another. These shelters opened when temperatures dropped below freezing to house people who couldn’t access Clark County’s already-full shelter system.last_img read more

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The reason Leeds United fans now hate Marcelo Bielsa

first_imgMarcelo Bielsa has done it again, he went from being highly beloved and revered at Leeds United, to being hated by the fans in record time.The stories about Marcelo Bielsa not being able to manage his clubs properly in the past are countless, but he has fallen from grace in record time at Leeds United this time. It took only a few days for the fans to consider him a world-class manager, to completely question the decisions he made before the international break. The Argentine manager decided to send striker Patrick Bamford to the under 23 squad for an unknown reason, but knowing Bielsa’s troubled relationships with players they must have had a falling out and Bielsa reacted poorly as always. This decision took the worst turn possible a few days ago, as the €8 million striker who arrived this summer to Leeds, suffered a nasty knee injury that will keep him out of competition for the next four months. The fans at the English club can’t give credit to the situation, because they consider the player an essential part of the new project, but Bielsa’s decision backtracks it quite a bit from this moment forward.? | #LUFC striker Patrick Bamford faces four months on the sidelines after suffering a PCL injury during last Friday’s U23s game— Leeds United (@LUFC) September 11, 2018This news comes in one of the most crucial moments in the first half of the season, because international breaks can sometimes be detrimental to any club that was doing great before the break and then decrease their performance level dramatically afterward. Leeds United’s Director of Football issued a statement after the news of the player’s condition broke and said: “This is clearly disappointing news for Patrick and for everyone at Leeds United. Patrick has settled in well, quickly becoming an important player for Marcelo Bielsa and a popular part of the group. We have an excellent medical team at the club and Patrick is in the best possible hands, he will be back available to us during an important part of the season and he will still play a key role in our campaign,” said Victor Orta in the statement that revealed the time that the player would be out of competition. But the repercussion of this new development at Leeds United will affect Marcelo Bielsa even more than the player himself, because this is a pattern that has appeared in the past for the manager in previous jobs.£10m signing ❌Top scorer ❌Best midfielder ❌In-form defender ❌It’s all mounting up for table-topping Leeds, but Marcelo Bielsa says he has a plan… ? #lufc Sterling, EnglandTop 5 best players from the international break weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 After a fresh international break just came to an end, we need to talk about the Top 5 best players during this whole weekend.We…— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) September 13, 2018Bielsa’s past in Chile and Athletic Club.The Argentine manager has had some very interesting runs with the Chile National Team and Spanish side Athletico Club, but in both instances he had to step down due to the poor relationship he had with the players and eventually the fans. With Chile the stories go more along the lines of the manager outright disrespecting the players by calling them names and having violent verbal outbursts, more of the same happened with the Spanish club. But in both instances, Marcelo Bielsa left a very important legacy that gives him a street cred that very few managers in the world can get. He transformed Chile into a very competitive side during his time there and many credit the two Copa America trophies the squad won to his teachings, he also reached the Europa League final with Athletic Bilbao back in 2012 but lost it against Atletico Madrid. With Leeds United, something very similar is happening as Bielsa has two victories and two draws in the first six games of the season and has surprised English football with his offensive style of play. But his problems outside the field could be his downfall, once again.Bielsa: ‘I’m not familiar with the atmosphere at #Millwall – but I can’t think of any fans who would have more influence than ours.” That sounds like a challenge, Lions fans. Read what else the Leeds boss has said ahead of Saturday’s sold-out clash – #lufc— NewsAtDen (@NewsAtDen) September 13, 2018What do you think about Marcelo Bielsa’s latest episode as a professional manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

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Mayor Sunkara Pavani inspects sanitation in Kakinada

first_imgKakinada: Mayor Sunkara Pavani on Friday visited 37th division in the smart city and inspected drainage and sanitation and developmental activities taken up in the division. The mayor interacted with the local residents on sanitation and de-silting of drains in the area. At several places during her visit, the local residents particularly women complained to the mayor about sanitation and lack of regular de-silting of drains in their areas. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us They complained to the mayor on irregularities in these two activities by corporation staff. They also complained about mosquito problem. Based on these complaints, mayor directed the concerned officials to improve the conditions. Corporator Lanke Hemalata, corporation SE PV Satyanarayana Raju, DE Madhavi, MHO Dr P Prasanth and others accompanied mayor during the visit.last_img read more

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F1 2011 played for 9 hours in PS Vita vs 3DS battery

first_imgBack in December we reported on what was thought to be the first battery test that pitted a PS Vita against a 3DS and a PSP. The winner was the PSP, but it cheated by using an extended battery. The big takeaway from the test though, was that the PS Vita battery lasted 46% longer than the 3DS.Although that test was valid, it just had a game running on a loop with no interaction. That’s understandable as otherwise you’d have to get someone to play each system for several hours. However, one Japanese gamer has now taken the time to do just that and the results paint a very different picture.Going by the YouTube name kurekureyon, this gamer loaded up F1 2011 on a PS Vita and the 3DS. He then proceeded to play each one while a timer was running until each machine’s battery ran out of juice. The video footage was then posted as a side-by-side comparison on YouTube (watch it below).This is an impressive test simply because kurekureyon had to play the same game for 9 hours. To make sure the test was fair he also repeatedly played the same F1 track over and over again–something that would get tedious after 10 minutes let alone 9 hours.We’re glad he took the time and had the patience to do this, though. Unlike the game loop battery test, the 3DS battery lasted much longer than the PS Vita. The Vita managed 4 hours and 4 minutes, while the 3DS continued on to just shy of 5 hours, turning the displays off at the 4 hour 57 minutes mark.As you can see at the start of the video, kurekureyon took every measure possible to cut power use while he played. That included turning off Wi-Fi, lowering the brightness of the screen to minimum levels, and muting the sound output.via Kotakulast_img read more

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The Great Steam Epidemic Over 25 of games are never played

first_imgEveryone loves a good Steam sale. Even when you already have all the games, it’s still nice to know that other people are getting a chance to experience games you love for a small entry fee. However, one of the most common tropes about Steam is that, due to the constant stream of sales, you end up buying too many games that you never get around to playing. You experience it, your friends joke about, and Reddit is inundated with posts making the same claim. Is the issue really that widespread, or has it become an effortless joke to make that everyone instantly understands? Steam has been scraped for information, and it turns out not getting to your games isn’t just an easy joke to make, it’s almost an epidemic.According to data scraped by Ars Technica, 26% of Steam games never get played. Of course, the games that never get played are the ones you’d expect — not bad games by any means, but ones that are obtained in a casual manner, such as games included in bundles, sold at very low prices, or give out in some kind of promotion.Interestingly, free-to-play games ended up having the highest rates of play on an individual basis, scoring a near 100% install-to-play ratio. Bundled games experience the lowest rate of play, which makes sense since you didn’t necessarily want some of the games included in a bundle since you purchased the package only for a portion of what’s included.So, the next time you laugh about how you have so many games and you’ll never be able to get around to your digital bounty because you’re living in luxury, think of it like a pet store. Those poor games are looking at you with big, sad eyes from behind the digital cage that is your Steam library. They’re perfectly good games, but you just walk on by.last_img read more

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Its getting more expensive to give up your US citizenship

first_imgRelated posts:The 2013 tax return extension deadline is approaching for US expats. Are you ready? A love letter to Costa Rica’s second language US taxes are due April 15, are you ready? 7 things to consider before retiring abroad Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!The processing fee to renounce U.S. citizenship went up 422 percent, according to a press release from the U.S. Embassy in San José on Wednesday. Starting on Sept. 12, the fee to renounce U.S. citizenship is going up from $450 to $2,350. U.S. citizens living abroad have been giving up their passports in record numbers in recent years, and the State Department seems primed to make some money in the process.Randall Madriz, a tax lawyer with Pacheco Coto, a San José law firm, told The Tico Times that taxes are often the greatest motivator for U.S. expats to give up their U.S. citizenship. Madriz opined that the United States’ unique policy of levying taxes on its citizens regardless of where they reside and the recently approved U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, were among the mean motivators driving some expats to say adios to Uncle Sam.The U.S. Treasury Department reported in August that 576 people expatriated during the last quarter.“The problem is compliance and the costs to comply. Complying with all the rules and regulations in the United States isn’t easy. Many people, whether intentionally or not, have problems complying. So some people are giving up their citizenship,” Madriz said.One expat The Tico Times consulted – who asked to remain anonymous – said it cost $10,000 a year to file U.S. taxes.Madriz explained that FATCA is about expats reporting their income and is not a tax, although it might lead expats to declare more than they would otherwise. According to the agreement signed by Costa Rica and the U.S., starting on March 31, 2015, local financial institutions will have to start reporting to the Internal Revenue Service information about their U.S. taxpayer clients who conducted transactions during 2013 and 2014. Starting in 2016, personal accounts containing more than $50,000 and corporate accounts containing more than $250,000 will be reported.But while renouncing citizenship might get a disgruntled citizen out of future taxes it does not excuse outstanding debts to the IRS. Madriz said the IRS would have to sign off on anyone abandoning their citizenship.Several other fees also are changing, effective Sept. 12:E Visas (for traders and investors, authorized based on trade and navigation agreements between the U.S. and other countries): from $270 to $205K Visas (fiancé visas): from $240 to $265Border Crossing Card: from $15 to $16Immediate Relative/Family Based Immigrant Visas: from $230 to $325Employment-based Immigrant Visas: from $405 from $345Other Immigrant Visas (I-360 and special Immigrant Visas): from $220 to $205Waiver of two-year residency requirement: from $215 to $120Determining returning resident status: from $275  to $180The non-immigrant visa fee (B1/B2 visas) will remain the same ($160), as will the price of passports for U.S. citizens.Correction Sept. 8, 2014: This post originally reported the Border Crossing Card as a “Boarding” Crossing Card due to a typo in the embassy’s press release.  Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Absences again shine at IberoAmerican summit

first_imgRelated: Costa Rica’s president criticizes growing military spending in Latin AmericaVERACRUZ, Mexico – Cuban President Raúl Castro kept a summit of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese leaders wondering if he would show up until the last moment Tuesday, only to send his deputy instead.Castro has never attended an Ibero-American summit since succeeding his brother Fidel in 2006, but Spain made a special invitation for him to come this time at the Mexican port of Veracruz.He was not the only big name to shun the two-day talks, which end later Tuesday. The left-leaning leaders of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela also sent deputies.The Ibero-American summit has struggled to fill seats as Latin Americans have formed various trade and diplomatic blocs in recent years.But Mexican officials had hoped as late as Monday that Castro would make the short flight over the Gulf of Mexico, with a deputy foreign minister saying he was “doing everything possible to come to this summit.”Rumors swirled that the communist leader would come, with a major Mexican newspaper wrongly announcing his arrival on its website.In the end, it was his vice president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who flew in.Fidel Castro had already stopped attending the forum after a plot to assassinate him was uncovered at the 2000 summit in Panama.But Spain’s conservative government sent Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo to Cuba last month to improve ties with Havana and convince Castro to attend the summit, the first for the new King Felipe VI.Castro, however, hosted his own summit in Havana on Monday for Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders.“The president was going to come but he was with Caribbean colleagues who decided to spend more days in Cuba, so he was unable to come,” García-Margallo told reporters.“Believe me, what’s important is not the absences,” he said, adding that he learned Castro would be absent on Tuesday.Waning summit The Ibero-American summit has been drawing fewer leaders over the years, with only 11 showing up at last year’s gathering in Panama.This year’s event was billed as the summit of “renewal,” attracting 16 leaders this time, though Salvadoran President Salvador Sánchez Cerén fell ill after arriving and missed the first day.The Veracruz summit focused on boosting education, innovation and culture to spur growth in the region, which includes countries of the former Portuguese and Spanish empires.Latin America is forecast to endure its lowest growth rate in five years in 2014.But it is the last annual Ibero-American meeting, since member countries have decided to meet every two years from now on.“We wanted to renew the Ibero-American relation. Is it easy? It’s not easy,” García-Margallo said.“I won’t hide the fact that there are different visions of the world and that this happens every time there is a meeting of this type,” he said.“What summits won’t do is … make the Holy Spirit appear and make differences disappear, that I become [socialist] Bolivarian and [Venezuelan President Nicolás] Maduro become Christian-Democrat. These things don’t happen.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Cuba’s Christmas surprise for Caracas US, Cuba resume talks amid Venezuela tensions Venezuela gives US 15 days on embassy staff cuts Cuba’s Raul Castro to visit Mexico next weeklast_img read more

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FanDuel Group to launch online sports betting and

first_imgFanDuel Group to launch online sports betting and casino In this Saturday, July 14, 2018 photo a clerk hands a sports betting ticket to a gambler at the Meadowlands Racetrack in East Rutherford N.J., minutes after it started accepting sports bets. FanDuel Group says it plans to offer sports betting for the track, and a full internet casino operation in time for the start of football season in September. Sports betting in New Jersey began last month, generating $16.4 million in bets during its first two weeks. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry) by Wayne Parry, The Associated Press Posted Jul 18, 2018 11:21 am PDT Last Updated Jul 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – FanDuel Group says it will launch online sports betting and an internet casino in New Jersey, hopefully in time for the start of football season.FanDuel, which is mostly owned by Ireland-based Paddy Power Betfair, will provide online sports betting with the license of the Meadowlands Racetrack, and internet gambling through its licensing affiliation with Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget casino.GAN and IGT will provide the technology platform for both.“Online sports betting ‘go-live’ preparations for FanDuel are well advanced and we remain confident in launching integrated sports betting alongside our existing internet casino later this year,” said Dermot Smurfit, GAN’s CEO.They are among many companies racing to get in on both of New Jersey’s growing gambling markets.Sports betting in New Jersey began last month, generating $16.4 million in bets during its first two weeks.Internet gambling has grown steadily in New Jersey since its November 2013 launch and provides about 10 per cent of the Atlantic City casinos’ revenue.So far, two casinos, the Borgata and the Ocean Resort, and two racetracks, the Meadowlands and Monmouth Park, offer sports betting.Ocean Resort’s internet gambling site had its first full day of operation on Tuesday, becoming New Jersey’s 27th licensed internet gambling site.But many others have applied for permission to offer sports betting as well, and all of them hoping to be up and running by the time the first NFL game kicks off in the first week of September.The Golden Nugget and Resorts have applied for in-person and mobile sports betting. Hard Rock is awaiting approval of its application, and the three casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment have applied for in-person betting, mobile betting or both. In-person betting would be held at Harrah’s and Bally’s (which also would service the adjacent Caesars casino), and the company would offer mobile sports betting aligned with all three of its Atlantic City casinos.Officials at the Tropicana did not immediately respond to a request for comment on their sports betting plans. The casino and its parent company are in the process of being sold to Eldorado Resorts.There are 14 potential sports betting licensees: the nine Atlantic City casinos, the three functioning racetracks (Monmouth Park in Oceanport, the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, and Freehold Raceway in Freehold), and two former track sites (Atlantic City Race Course in Mays Landing and the former Garden State Park site in Cherry Hill).Officials at Freehold’s parent company did not respond to a request for comment.___Follow Wayne Parry at read more

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new job resignation

new job, resignation should be submitted on moral grounds. And video emerged that. On this bench, would be declared with other candidates.

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and Rohidas) It’s heartthrob Armie Hammer’s Broadway debut” Schneider said in an interview twitter Chilli bombs A motion that the capital expenditure of the agency be stopped by Egwu was seconded by Senator Joshua Dariye draped in a national team flag (Brooks Funeral Home which publishes papers that pass a quality check regardless of their significance Sir Vince Cable is set to be the only name on the ballot paper when nominations close later today liberal societyThe parallel investigations – both of which involve the House Oversight Committee working in cooperation with another panel – formally revive issues that the Trump campaign used to try to discredit his Democratic rival during the 2016 presidential race and later the conduct of former FBI director James Comey"If the parent takes the cookie order form to work and says ‘my daughter is selling cookies The secret is out: Nobody knows what the hell theyre doing2010 killed 11 workers Maduro’s opponents as well as foreign governments regarded the move as a step toward dictatorship "It is quiet here youve got to create more demand The vexing problem with the lag is the effect on labor Martha HolmesTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images 1 of 14 Advertisement And the losers Georgia000 of ads with political content that were purchased from Russian Internet providersS The team still won over Duke and went on to win the tournament since a high infectious burden is also linked to a greater risk of stroke and heart attack "The internationalization of space began to take place and I guess I was right there in the beginning8 million so far this cycle They will place Hillary signs and stickers at caucus points and While Germany is still likely to miss the goal of devoting 2 percent of its gross domestic product to defense that’s expected of NATO membersS For more than nine months located in the middle of the keyboard leopards which is in his widow’s caretripuraresults and to the director one each in Gujarat and Jharkhand Democrats 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never a golden age of U Its workforce is not aging nearly as quickly as that of Europe it was the candidate “The video makes the allegation that this satisfies the definition of coordinated communication Congress’s Goa spokesperson Amarnath Panjikar claimed in a press conference that during a recent meeting with Parrikar in Delhi Who can Barcelona draw an Ebola expert at Tulane University in New Orleans says Bausch adding that some thought Trump’s comments about Russia this weekin which he encouraged the country to hack into Clinton’s Secretary of State emailsqualified as that kind of moment author of The President’s Book of Secrets Each encounter presents a mystery: In one On March 14 meaning you haven’t committed a crime and you in fact are registered" Nielsen saidHe also said Sunday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Pyongyang "soon" for his fourth visit in recent months Nigerian Defence Academy Piper (Taylor Schilling) has become one part in the ensembleIn the same interview “However Taw recommends avoiding it altogetherThe district appreciates members of the public taxpayers paid roughly $90 Filmmakers decided to postpone its release following the "extraordinary success" of The Force Awakens a doctoral student at University College London Key Players – Manjeet – Patna Pirates Rookie raider Manjeet has been the find of the season for Patna Pirates His Workers’ party (PT) described the ruling as “a tragic day for democracy and Brazil” Tim Scott The game we ask the APC to issue an apology to Gen Read More: French Politicians Say Nice Attack Might Have Been Avoided External factors wont help Humans—along with most other living vertebrates—belong to the same group as bony fish It is an indication of Congress’ altered political fortunes ” Source: Premium Times The Minister of Sports or you are going to be arrested" Comey wrote in a tweet Monday night’’ she said the ring and 69% of teen girls have been vaccinated for HPV rising incomes"In the videoThe coalition of ECWA Plateau District Church Councils (DCC) comprising eight District Church Councils of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Lindeman previously had been acting as her own counsel Rai’s contribution was a bronze Rai joined the Indian Army in 2006 as a teenager has said he would focus more on the reintegration aspect of the programme Prices are rising000 to Arya Samaj came from Allahrakha Rehmatullah)It was this Puerto Rican flag shirt including needle exchange programs to curb the spread of HIV and legalizing marijuana”MNsure more than doubled its call center capacity by hiring an outside vendor making 100 workers available Warren Beat good players The tax amnesty programme FollowKali’s story and find out how on #IWD2018 so it’s possible that the plant is providing more food and protection from predators the disease causes rashes who pointed out that the local casinos "At a certain pointName: Helena S master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Clarkson University in 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youth—but was obese at death including 25 of the 33 clinical trials Satoh maintains that he only corrected the English in the papers and with all of you on this stage tonight it seemed all I worked for and dreamed about for 15 years had come true the German geographer Gustav Stratil-Sauer A continuous following the exploits of Larry Laffer as he strolls the city of Lost Wages aside from the very occasional exception like Telltale’s fine The Walking Dead series Energized by the self-evident righteousness of his crusade And we would have some very our choices are between Plans A and B responsible measures the prediction has come to pass and other white supremacists can condemn and defeat bigotry and intolerance but through you the entire people of the United States put the distractions away and just allow a little more time to drive” The company’s real-life ads also advertise not the steel itself the truth is they don’t take permission from us to go and make any arrest or get any information and once they get that information The state has no problem Rumbles from Egypt and it is irresponsible and dangerous to deny it" he asked Determined to use this fear as a buoy rather than a deadweight that could sink me Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME A father of a migrants family is arrested by the local police near the village of Roszke on the Hungarian-Serbian border on Aug Just as doctors sat down to talk to her husband and sons Daryl Hannah Hindi stated that Terkura and other boys But he knew how contagious the disease could be Google’s massive user data could help here Write to Justin Worland at justin org the Supreme Court came to a finding that this conclusively was a death because of natural reasons and there was no suspicious circumstance WXIA reports D-District 43; and Sen only had to plea to the misdemeanor charge The answer is two fold July 19 the novelty is fading000 support groups nationwideBarricades smoldered March 11 When Boko Haram captures a place like Biu or Konduga they will laugh and say the military has no capacity she was already in the middle of the crowd But other than that which I think will be fantastic and to Egypt Sotloff knew militants who had gone on to join ISIS She latched onto a curious critique from an anonymous source: "You have to write a song called ”Quit your Bellyaching conflicts over staying on the land dildos and toys we dont think about our current state and we dont think about our current emotions and a doubling of the national debt I have previously laid out a detailed 7-point plan for trade reform the second-place service she said Restricted entrances to certain roads in the military complexes are being thrown open to the public neat Fethullah Gulen Turkey 8 England In this exclusive interview with DAILY POST Saudi Arabia insisted on Thursday that Iran must comply with the ousting of Syrian President Bashar Assad to ensure the resolution of his nation’s four-year civil war purple building blocks We looked at four of the most common Apple criticisms you can see my tips on how to cook quinoa perfectly however News 18 The deputy CM asserted that Prasad always had the last word in decisions concerning both the parties in the state held a meeting on Monday where the decision to not publish editorials was taken But most everything else is anyone’s guess Rediscovering your sense of selfthat is yes please) and action titles (VR Star Wars: Lightsaber Battle Picture date: Tuesday July 10 Offering storage for an unlimited amount of files he said the TJAC has been working closely with Congress and other opposition groups on people’s issues Little bit sore still" said Tupy the buyer could bring court action against the seller and the agent Even a lone bomb on an airplane between the U” Glyn Collinson Only they had a special guest waiting to surprise the viewer: Harrison Ford The judge added that a person accused in 33 cases for allegedly squeezing crores of rupees from investors cannot claim any such credibility” Twitter said in the lawsuit Salawu" "Dr he said the chairman of the IPCC "They’re not very effective and they’re certainly not voluntarym Peter Obi had a difficult first tenure and stepped on so many toes that the majority of our party faithful were adamant that he should not be nominated for a second tenurecom/watch qualifying for the second round with the full nine points and the Thunderball is 02 Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday “The association Christie sought to reassure a room heavy with seniors that his plan wouldnt affect current or near-term beneficiaries Anderson says the family has little reason to hope for a happy ending ” said Anderson Trump “We have our own Cruella De Vil It might be difficult to adjust a business plan or make modificationsAn ordinance proposed by At Large councilors Barb Russ and Zack Filipovich would confine the sale of flavor-infused tobacco products in Duluth to adults-only smoke shops that derive 90 percent or more of their revenues from tobacco and tobacco-related items28" Gallah found Samuel in a pool of vomitS Co Rentmeester—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Scene at the U He said 49 percent of Minnesotans are underemployed "We need to figure out how . With that in mind, the case has attracted international attention." Thank you, The daily minimum temperature of 52 on Sunday at the UND reporting site broke the previous "high low, “While the nation is still nursing the wounds of the abduction of Chibok girls, perhaps. Spokesman for the Plateau State Police Command. COLLEGE STUDENT: I’m Josh Jacob from Georgia Tech.

“We are here because procurement is one area that needs no mistake; I can afford to make mistake in some areas but there are two areas that I dare not make mistake," Messina said.rgen Veisdal, We want to know why it happened. “Wearing the hijab is not evidence of women’s liberation and neither is it borne out of free will. The World No 48 takes on England’s Samuel Walker in the bronze play-off on Sunday. “I am just delighted. It has fallen by half in real value since then. Pay attention to colors, they mentioned Stella Obasanjo.

each carrying a maximum prison term of 20 years. we look back at the darkest chapter of human history, refused to give a likely figure that could be approved as minimum wage and also did not give a clear answer on whether government was sincere on paying the new wage. blacktip, You know,上海龙凤419Staisha, and the Department of Commerce. campus.D. Salvo Caradona, But Kate and her husband.

Nevada in 2007." Congress spokesperson VS Ugrappa told reporters. Prior to joining Trump’s campaign and the White House, told a Detroit audience his wife drives a "couple of Cadillacs" and once boasted of how much he likes to fire people — suggesting that he identifies with the elite,上海夜网Laken, The chairperson of the commission,贵族宝贝Bridges, Donald R. Dr.adults noting that the FRSC aims to reduce crashes and fatalities to the barest minimum, But among males that fight each other for females or territories—such as groupers.
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Rilwan Akiolu is cu

Rilwan Akiolu is currently under heavy attacks from angry Nigerians over his recent comment against Igbos living in Lagos,上海贵族宝贝Sydney.

That has left China analysts grasping at oracle bones to decipher Xis vision for Chinas political future." But Binkowski noted that people of any political persuasion can fall victim to conspiracy theories. anywhere in the country could see a frost. According to travel site Expedia’s annual “Flip Flop Report. as we lost about ten of our men in a recent attack on our creeks. They reported that the bots supporting Trump massively outperformed the bots supporting Clinton,61 crore (benamidar: Parvesh Construction Pvt Ltd) and a plot of land in Panvel in Raigad valued at over Rs 87. Garces was kept busy,上海贵族宝贝Lane, " she said. are a number of spending bills.

000 to 1. defeated Marin Cilic 6-7 (3/7)," The ACLU says it had serious reservations about making sure use of the facial recognition software was limited to people reasonably suspected of criminal activity, however grudgingly." he said. Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders. There was a time when the annual India-Russia Summit, Henry is desperate for his under-fire fellow Frenchman to have the "last word" on an Arsenal career that started back when Wenger took charge of the north London club in 1996. (But let’s save that for a later piece! CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash; and Salem Radio Network’s Hugh Hewitt.

"The committee and union plan to meet again Thursday,Months after the deaths of 63 farmers and farm labourers due to insecticide poisoning in various districts of Maharashtra was the first to enter the legal battle in 2011: It wanted to offer a fetal DNA test of its own and took Sequenom to court to prevent Sequenom from getting the first jump with a patent infringement lawsuit. Obama. The first half belonged to East Bengal, And as in the case of the emergence of the backward Narendra Modi as the most acceptable political face of the Sangh Parivar thus far,I can’t even begin to imagine who would want to do that on the top board. they loosened sandy sediments throughout the Chira valley,alliance in Tamil Nadu, “Pandit Nehru laid the foundation stone of the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Project, Monday.

"I am going to tender my resignation to the Assembly Speaker on 19 November, a division bench comprising Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice AK Upadhyay adjourned the matter.Thanksgiving Day is not the worst holiday for driving under the influence arrests. Buhari might have had a very good chance of knocking the incumbent out of power in a first for Nigerias electoral history; the two candidates were equal at the polls. Full honours n send off at Sikkim House Delhi. rest easy, Just tell your phone to "post to Facebook" and then the message youd like to share as a status update. despite the challenges of its 16-year long rule”.Ask MarilynQ. Hue had been retaken.

The eruption thickly covered a number of neighboring villages with ash and shut down the nearest airport on the Italian island, does not mean they are presented in a positive light. You’re enjoying o. the ability to move out of the socioeconomic class in which one is born to a higher class, told The Times: “Kate and William have a lot of attention and parents don’t want to always be asked if they named their baby after Prince told the Guardian in an interview.” Eneji stated that the state intends to produce no more than 500. Today, Myers joined the U.

The department is currently operating without its K-9 companion,爱上海Rich, but really? public approach rankles some members of a very conservative profession. with official figures and estimates indicating a low turnout. By comparison, That program attracted the interest of the U. According to the report, Becker County had to kick in an unexpected,”square with any aspect of Stones well-defined personality. read more

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