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51JOB Japanese CPA advertising online edition 15 yuan success

51JOB enterprise CPA advertising online edition, 15 yuan / success.

requires site ALEXA ranked 500 thousand.

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Analysis of the electricity supplier to promote the solution of the error channel

in the gourd blogger last article "the breakdown of the most common electricity supplier promotion three mistakes", is about the misunderstanding of current business platform are most common in the promotion process, so for these errors, the most important is to find solutions to improve. So how to develop the electricity supplier in the end of the promotion strategy is worth pondering.

one, different stages focus on different promotion methods

Common promotion methods for the electricity supplier with read more

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Ali set up a new business division of the next four focus


] December 30th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, Alibaba group set up a new business division, the person in charge of Zhang Kuo, and staff in the Department of communication, the future development of business department announced four new focal point.

Ali business division head Zhang wide

Zhang Kuo said that with the accelerated development of new retail businesses, changing business needs to embrace the flow of dividends dividends to the customer, from the pursuit of business flow to improve business efficiency, end customer experience and operational efficiency. Around the core business can be targeted, the business division will focus on the following four directions: read more

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The traditional enterprises will not be coerced to flood the nternet


topic nowadays often talk about the Internet, and light enterprises.

Compared with the traditional

light enterprises, enterprises especially the manufacturing enterprise structure bloated, management difficulties, and difficult to transition in a short period of time, but this is a problem, if not the manufacturing industry, how to realize the Internet Light Company downstream of the integration of industrial chain based on? Skin the hair stand attached? So, Ren Zhengfei said: the traditional Internet giant is not flood coerced, in fact, the traditional enterprise has not come to an end. read more

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The scramble for resources grab price war thunder merchants separation to deal with the electricity

Beijing daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) into June, but also to the most exciting moment in a year electricity supplier. Each afternoon on micro-blog, Jingdong and, respectively to "do" and "don’t panic" launched promotional posters. Yi Xun network and Le bee network also to "stop" series followed. In the face of a war at the same time, the battle for resources of large electricity providers in private is more intense. Because of which business platform does not dare to offend, some businesses registered two companies in "one of two" requirements, use the "egg yolk" to break from the electricity supplier. read more

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Huang Cong soft Wen marketing in e commerce position

introduction: Marketing in electronic commerce circle is also a shining role, but many people misinterpret the marketing intention, that is just a simple marketing chain, or hype, in fact. In this paper, the author will explain the status of soft marketing in e-commerce, and how to do a good job marketing soft.

soft nature of

soft is the essence of education consumers, brand publicity.

only can affect consumers, so that consumers feel meaningful, and you are willing to, word of mouth is the success of marketing. read more

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Cctv com make electric burn or make money began to engage in electricity providers, if CCTV announced a high-profile case, it will cause the market shock, but the CCTV is relatively low-key, even the news exposure allows third party platform to do, which illustrates the business plan low-key surprised people, it is low-key with the release of a mobile Jego in a similar copy, but when we look at found time to carry out electricity supplier has electricity supplier in April of this year has already begun. read more

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Ali the electricity supplier red three squirrels fresh fruit is easy to counter offensive line

The value of

offline retail outlets is being revalued by


from WeChat public number retail boss reference (ID:lslb168)

consumer upgrades, the retail industry is in a critical period of transition. One side is the store closed shop boom continued, one side is the electricity supplier retail enterprises "counterattack" layout of the line of business.

from the Alibaba investment Suning, silver shares and Sanjiang shares, the electricity supplier "net red" three squirrels "announced to the electricity supplier" the layout of the store, easy to move the line of fresh fruit counter, show that the retail line value is revaluation. read more

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Online shopping area to crack down on illegal and illegal websites and online shop 829

In July 18, Beijing

newspaper (reporter Cui Peng) according to the national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods the unified deployment of the leading group, the Ministry of Commerce and relevant departments in December 2010 to start the online shopping areas to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, and achieved positive results.

special action to books, audio and video, electrical appliances, clothing, cosmetics, food, medicine, maternal and child supplies, such as focusing on the product. With Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing and other key areas. read more

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Pathfinder mode all the chips to achieve corner overtaking book for Jingdong

for the book publishing industry, can not be achieved after the publication of the first collection? This is probably a lot of publishers in the dream, because it will greatly improve cash flow, and the market risk to a minimum. Recently, Jingdong book took the lead in the industry to test the water to raise the public, significant achievements, has subverted the traditional publishing model, take the lead.

is expected to exceed 2000% of all chips: like Jun Jun and Zhou Hongyi

recently, for a comic author like bashing Jun book "Hey," it was found in the Jingdong to raise public platform debut. Like bashing Jun hope by the end of July to raise ten thousand yuan, for editing, publishing and subsequent publicity. Unexpectedly, as of July 16th, the amount of fund-raising has more than 200 thousand, supporters reached 1656, more than expected to raise the amount of the public, the author was surprised by the amount of money raised by 2000%. read more

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