Month: April 2017

Entrepreneurial experience to share 10 reasons for the failure of the company

is there a company that is doomed to fail from the start? Yes, because the development of these companies is based on a solid foundation. There are 10 reasons for the failure of the company, if you can not avoid, do not open their own company.

1. you do not have the ability to withstand risks

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0048 spicy shrimp spicy hot pot in the boutique

Hefei is an outstanding people, rich place, delicacy is beyond count. Let Xiaobian I yearned to the number of 0048 Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce, attractive Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce pot, a rich variety of soup ingredients, these are not, the key is affordable, always eat up to go out.

catering industry has many characteristics of the food, often after we have tasted the food, always can not help but thumbs up. A lot of people who tasted spicy shrimp 0048 also said that the brand is very good, it is worth to taste. 0048 spicy shrimp, with a unique sauce, exclusive formula, made out of the natural flavor, so you have to buy the consumer. read more

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Chinese fast food into the white collar job market

for white-collar workers now, basically rely on takeout lunch. Because most companies do not have an internal canteen, staff breakfast, lunch problem by the company to solve the restaurant nearby, which makes the fast food industry has greatly enhanced the social responsibility of the.

working meal social opportunities for the fast food industry development. Ten years ago, staff meals or companies need to think about the preparation of the problem. Of course, for the employees, the self built dining room can be regarded as a welfare, but more properly speaking, it is the enterprise to retain employees as a means of more clever, because for employees of this meal is free to go out for dinner, the staff must pay their own, this is the restaurant was forced to self with the nature of certain. read more

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2016 Hongze Volkswagen entrepreneurship Award project increased by 30%

2016 provinces and cities to support entrepreneurship will be further increased, in order to better enhance the entrepreneurial entrepreneurial passion, improve people’s entrepreneurial quality. Recently, Hongze first proposed the public entrepreneurship Award project increased by 30%.

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College students entrepreneurial stories to see how they collect wealth

clothing store should be a lot of very want to try the investment options, but it is not so easy. But some people can be transformed into a legend, Liang Yihua and fellow 2 small partners, together opened a foreign trade shop on the Internet, as long as the operation of children’s clothing, but their shop is very distinctive.

for 100 thousand yuan of funds into the trade shop, Liang Yihua said these are their partner university part-time, business income. "Before starting an trade shop, I have been acting Huitong driving school at the Huizhou University at Urbana Champaign, the University for four years in my spare time, all kinds of part-time jobs, I have almost done, the money has become the capital of foreign trade shops." Liang Yihua said he likes the freedom of life, like to challenge themselves, these are his entrepreneurial motivation. read more

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New Roman Pizza how much is the whole joining fee

western style food is also very popular with the Chinese people, with the development of the community’s cultural exchanges between countries, as if many things are gradually accepted by the world. For example, pizza, presumably this is a lot of people like to eat a special food bar! Therefore, the New Roman pizza on the project by the entrepreneurs of all ages, its development prospects are immeasurable, there is a business opportunity for a project. Of course, you want to join the people will question, how much is the Roman temple of Pisa is the fee, before this is a simple understanding of the New Roman pizza. read more

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Familiar with the new venture capital investment

familiar with the new venture in 2013, the best investment preparation. For many entrepreneurs, it is necessary to conduct a full investigation of the market before they can begin to prepare. Are you ready to start this year? If so, take a quick look at this year’s new policy!

1. and

2. indirectly related (Trial) "will be implemented in January 1st this year, requiring commercial banks to meet the requirements of the regulatory capital adequacy requirements before the end of 2018. "Shanghai daily" reported to alleviate the financial and commercial banks to implement the "management measures" pressure, clear notice of reserve capital requirements (2.5%) a transitional period of 6 years: the end of this year, the capital reserve requirements for 0.5%, followed by five years of annual increase of 0.4%. By the end of this year, the minimum requirements for the core system of domestic importance of a bank’s capital adequacy ratio, capital adequacy ratio and capital adequacy ratio were 6.5%, 7.5% and 9.5%; minimum requirements for non core systems the importance of a bank’s capital adequacy ratio, capital adequacy ratio and capital adequacy ratio respectively. As of 5.5%, 6.5% and 8.5%.

3. and

first, the revised resident identity card law enacted on January 1st. Part of the registration also need to enter my fingerprints.

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What time the Benko market response

drinks are not popular with consumers, mainly to see how the taste of drink? Fruit juice drink is good, of course, consumers are most concerned about the choice of drinks. For a time the Benko professional juice brand, no one more than it knows how to open the mystery of delicious fruit. All along, Benko time is to improve the taste of mission, launched a number of high-quality fruit species, both traditional but different flavors of Watermelon Juice, Sydney juice, mango juice, peach juice and blueberry juice, let stores consumers overjoyed. It is because of Benko time in the product innovation, which makes the brand get a favorable market. read more

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Join Ergu OK Gulou baozi

breakfast market has always been a very hot market. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project Gulou Ergu baozi, undoubtedly, is very business choice. How to join the Gulou Ergu buns? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious!

joined Gulou Ergu buns good? Gulou Ergu steamed stuffed bun by delicious fillings won the people’s love, is a traditional delicacy steamed stuffed bun Gulou Ergu, because it has a long history, broad distribution, characteristics of popular higher degree, has become a vital category in Chinese restaurant. Gulou Ergu baozi is a set of characteristics of traditional snacks, technology development, training and promotion of catering chain organization. read more

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Fight public relations war nternet Co must be 4 effective magic weapon

PR is the most direct means to promote enterprise brand, as long as you find the right way, it can reach 42 dial the role of a thousand pounds. Especially in the increasingly fierce competition in the Internet industry, not only need to have good products, more needs to be done in the maintenance of corporate brand, through a series of public relations activities for corporate brand awareness, reputation, loyalty to secure users can always win in the competition. The east to the inventory of all Internet companies will use the four effective PR magic. read more

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French wine ten brands list the whole

When it comes to red wine,

naturally mentions france. After all, France is famous for its wine. As a wine country, but also has a lot of brands. Here, the small series to introduce the ten major brands of French wine list, so that you can choose to be more suitable for the French wine brand.

France wine ten brands list NO.1, Bordeaux:

France magry Red Wine Co. Ltd is the world famous wine Chateau, Bordeaux Margaret red Wine is famous in the world, it is supple and meticulous, charming, "French Wine Queen" reputation, is the world’s largest producer Wine recognized. read more

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2016 what are the investment projects

entrepreneurship is the first step to find a project, if the project is not suitable, the latter will be very troublesome operation. In 2016, many people have the intention to start a business, would like to start a friend would like to know, what are the 2016 investment projects? Let’s get together.

2016 venture capital projects have good? Popular jewelry

Accessories is to keep the profits of fifty percent to two hundred percent. That is to say, the purchase price of 4 yuan in the price of something between 6–12 blocks. Such a huge profit is certainly the first choice for most small investors. Fashion Jewelry: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bracelets, anklets, mobile phone accessories / bag pendant rings, rings, pendants, ornaments, jewelry, brooches, earrings, DIY rings, pendants, ornaments. read more

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Don’t follow the rules in the land auction in Shanghai out of 374 million huge fines

in the face of soaring prices this year, the phenomenon of soaring prices, our government has actively taken measures to regulate, but there are some companies still do not act according to the rules. Layers of overweight under the regulation of the property market, the land market in Shanghai opened the first huge ticket. The evening of December 12th, Shanghai land market announcement said, Xu Hui group company in a land auction in September this year, "not to sell notes within the stipulated time of bidding", such breach will be included in the credit archives, and has submitted 374 million non refundable deposit. read more

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For investment projects which rural entrepreneurship

rural entrepreneurial projects gradually rise, the market is bigger, become one of the focus of modern business. How to find suitable investment in rural areas of small and medium-sized venture? Many franchisees have no thoughts. Xiaobian compiled experience, made some suggestions, hoping to provide some reference for you to do business.

1: open a kindergarten

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Changsha more civilized traffic information into the construction of social honesty efforts Networ

to carry out the construction of civilization in Changsha, so that all motor vehicle owners, with a file of their own, is conducive to better management. Civilized traffic information from the social credit system construction. Driver’s credit rating will be classified by the traffic management department of the classification of the community publicity query.

it is understood that the "measures" for the management of all Hunan motor vehicle drivers, all motor vehicles, motor vehicle management; motor vehicle driving license personnel in Hunan province occurred civilized traffic dishonest behavior of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) also applies to owners and drivers. read more

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Bathroom supplies stores location points the whole

want to get a good profit, need to work in the direction of a lot. No matter what business methods used in the early stages, there is an important link can not be ignored, that is the site. What are the main points of the site selection of bathroom products? In order to solve the doubts of some novice, Xiaobian compiled a few points for your reference.

if investors are to do low-end sanitary supplies stores, popular lots of choice is a lot better relatively large market or the flow of people, and these people with low choice of high-end consumer groups. If you do high-end bathroom supplies franchise, the popular choice of lot better in the neighborhood, or close to the downtown area. read more

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Bartholomew’s Sichuan diners what whole

as one of the four famous China of Sichuan has always been a popular food item, natural in this society as long as there is a demand not the market, the market will be the inevitable competition, competition of Sichuan food market will not be too small. This time it is necessary to support the brand, Miao’s ancestral recipe by virtue, the brand name of a hundred years old as well as a unique style of decoration, in many projects stand out, highly sought after.

Miao’s why so popular with consumers? Look at the consumer spending is what? read more

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Ji Shike has the strength of the brand to join the project

in our time, fashion has always been in our lives. Fashion clothes, fashion makeup, of course, including a stylish restaurant. Ji Shike restaurant, is a very fashionable restaurant. In the food and beverage industry, not only has a high popularity, but also the primary choice of entrepreneurship.

on the market every Shike Kyrgyzstan chicken shops are boarded regardless of the season, the year as one day, bustling, consumers have to buy the hot scenes with envy let behavior. Ji Shike wings like a pistol board a large wings, wrapped with fragrant Steamed Rice, more whole grains, pasta and other innovative taste, satiety , always attract diners read more

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Black tea quality tea unique taste Business

now our working class is roughly divided into three types: California, white collar, blue collar. The nature of the work determines the nature of its attribution, each group also has its corresponding consumption concept, such as white-collar petty bourgeoisie life. In the fast pace of life today, casual drinks shop has become the best choice for people to relax, the market is also competing for a number of casual drinks brand. Small black tea brand today, its elegant environment, products taste good, by the urban white-collar favorite, has a broad development prospect. read more

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A bit greedy out small business choice powder

60 powder snacks gradually become one of the hot market, ideal for the public. Such projects, small investment, to meet the needs of the masses of the market, so the franchisee is very exciting. A greedy off tooth powder project, business advantages, prospect of hot, so that franchisees can be assured of doing business delicacy, the market is worth attention.

off a "greedy tooth powder Internet plus" conform to the trend of the times, greedy teeth y consider the consumption habits of consumers, to create online and offline combination of channel operating mode, O2O mode, APP, etc. the use of stereo equipment promotion, service line, online showmanship, and improved the greedy tooth brand stickiness new customers, bursting, repeat continuously. read more

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