Month: May 2017

How entrepreneurial ideas should be sought

want to start a business, the overall business needs of the business, or may have opened a shop, open the door to do business, regardless of whether it will be profitable. But the key is that these ideas should be how to look for entrepreneurship? What are the channels?

Many ideas and ideas from

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Entrepreneurs how to learn from Liu Bei touched marketing

the way to success, but thousands of thousands, but the success of the necessary qualities are quite. Good entrepreneurs must understand marketing. Dark horse has written entrepreneurs from historical stories to learn from the case of marketing. For example, Song Jiang, Liu Bei who, or can learn a lot of useful. And Liu Bei is especially good at moving the way to achieve the object of persuasion and the trust of his subordinates. This article is to share this article is how to do the marketing of Liu Bei.

Liu Bei the most famous marketing case is Sangumaolu moved, he merely in order to obtain Zhu Geliang the Wizards together with him, a dozen of the world, once again to ask Zhu Geliang out, with sincerity to really let Zhu Geliang moved, determined to devote himself to the work of the Liu Bei school.

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How to get a good profit nail shop

nail shop is now very common, this type of shop for consumers to customize the personality of the United States, popular, popular market prospects. If you are running a nail shop, do you know how to get more profit? If you are a novice, then you need to learn more knowledge, come and see.

The development of

nail industry has led to the emergence of nail shops in china. Similarly, Manicure franchisees have to know how to run to create wealth by virtue of low cost, high profit, low risk, fast recovery, love for the medium and small investors. Facts have proved that nail union is indeed a development potential of the project. Some Manicure franchisees and limited funds belonging to the business with a small capital, if only pay attention to high profits, it is likely to cause the backlog of goods, cash flow can not affect the next step of operation, if things go on like this will form a vicious spiral. read more

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Open cosmetics stores to master what management skills

usually look at those skin care store business is very good, and looks pretty good business. But in fact need to pay attention to many problems, especially for those young entrepreneurs, it is a big test. Their lack of experience, not a lot of money, how should operate a cosmetics store?

Select the

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Paint shop is to do a good job of distribution or agent

choose a brand to cooperate, to become a distributor or agent, has become the main way of social entrepreneurship shop. However, for many investors, because of the difference between distribution and agency, in the choice of time it is difficult to make up their minds. So, open the paint shop is to do a good job distribution or agent?

is currently the decoration of the people want to paint shop, but for many reasons, often entangled in the choice of paint agent or paint distributor on the issue of. read more

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How to reduce the cost of investment

as long as venture capital, is the need for cost. But if we can handle it with care, it is also possible to reduce costs. So, how to reduce the cost of opening wonton shop? Let Xiaobian from multiple aspects to make your analysis.

open wonton shop cost saving skills is very important, after all, is a small business, save a penny is to earn a penny. Wonton shop, including the main costs, rent, staff wages, gas utilities, material costs, seemingly dispensable, in fact, great attention.

1.: Generally speaking, the rent is not afraid of high rents, high must have high reason, lots of gold can not rent a eighty thousand year high, the shop under normal circumstances, certainly than rent 30 thousand wonton shop to make money. read more

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How much is the Tianjin Ergu jiamengfei baozi

recently received feedback franchisees (many are joining Baozipu businesses) are asking the same kind of problem, it is the Tianjin Ergu bun franchise fee is how much? Expensive not expensive? Can you describe it in detail? Visible Tianjin Ergu popularity how remarkable buns, Tianjin aunt dumplings? Let’s say soup is recognized with high degree of traditional snacks, Tianjin aunt dumplings which has a history of 2000 years, to the wealthy merchants, high officials and noble lords to civilians, all known, so it is called the first Chinese snacks. read more

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Two or three cities to do home project site

two or three line of the city while consumption is relatively low, but it is not denied that the two or three line of the city has very good development prospects, in fact the whole business meeting Xiaobian that is good as long as with the management policy, location is one of the most important program. Then, the home industry in the two or three line city site? Come and see! The author of the

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Prior to joining the franchise should be how to choose

now, a lot of people are tired of working life, want to be their own boss, their own business, want to join a franchise. The whole network Xiaobian remind you want to join in this franchise to find friends, choose the franchise ten million cannot careless, various factors should be thoughtful, avoid to be deceived.

do not get together and join the rush

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How to join the grain good porridge road is how much

like porridge for breakfast buns, people will not be fixed in a certain period of time is to eat these things, and now the people to pursue a more healthy lifestyle, porridge is a good health habits, so the porridge into a restaurant not less we in our daily life. Because of the great demand for porridge, so the characteristics of the fast food snack food market has shown a strong vitality. According to the survey, in all Chinese fast food, porridge as an eternal theme, the longest duration, the highest degree of popularity. Especially with the increasing pace of life, congee varieties, more and more consumers have to go outside to drink porridge, porridge by family food into a catering shop Wang sale of goods, this change as a direct result of the rapid expansion of the catering market. read more

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How investors view the nternet business

2015 year of entrepreneurship is nearing completion, this year’s breakthrough in China’s pioneering work, especially in the field of Internet start-ups, the new entrepreneurs. Many investors in this economic transition reflects the 2015 entrepreneurial development, and the future direction of entrepreneurship.

"the world Internet Conference this week will be held in Wuzhen, the Chinese of new economy this one great hope…… The whole economy, entrepreneurship is a very important notes, is also very important element." Venture capitalists Wang Gongquan said yesterday at the annual meeting of the NetEase economist. read more

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Tea shop investment need to pay attention to what

tea is a favorite drink, drink all year round. It’s a huge market, so many friends see the business opportunities, want to open a milk tea shop, then, open milk tea shop, what should we pay attention to? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

first, establish reasonable management measures

has a good management ability to effectively dominate the entire tea shop operations. Tea shop investment should pay attention to what? First of all, a good way of management is to ensure the operation of milk tea shop. Should strictly regulate the quality of raw materials and product mix, in accordance with color, aroma, taste, shape, fresh and health of the 6 dimensions of regulation. The reasonable allocation of human resources in the shop, the development of a simplified workflow, the use of advanced milk tea production equipment. Rational use of tea shop promotional props, the right to spread the brand characteristics and sales hot. Note from the look, listen, touch, smell the various angles to the consumer selling point of sale, while focusing on the sales service staff, regular training. Reasonable allocation and use of water, electricity and materials to reduce costs. read more

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What changes do you have in your small restaurant in 2012

as the saying goes, no matter what they hate unchanged. This will allow people to produce aesthetic fatigue, resulting in the feeling of boredom. So what will you do to your store in 2012? Shops usually have to find Wang Street shop will be like a cloud to the customer, generally slightly biased place to earn a lot of money, there are exceptions oh!

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Join the wheat cake

Most people love sweets in

consumer goods have cake, cake and the consumer market is also with the expansion of demand and expand continuously, dessert catering market is a feature of the latecomers become the first brand, because of market demand become so many investors and entrepreneurs investment object. The wheat cake in order to meet the market development trend of Kyrgyzstan, is now well-known brands on the market, then join the brand like


join Maggie cake good

high visibility. The company after years of development, now in the market enjoy a high reputation, consumers are mentioned Maggie cake blown away, is training a group of loyal consumers in the market have a higher market share and visibility. read more

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Catering enterprises do not jump these pits

entrepreneurial wave swept through China, every day a large number of people to join the army, but the success is very few, a few months on the collapse of the people are also common, then the problem is where? Catering business entrepreneurs these pits you have to see, do not fall into the.

a, cost

the last two years, the district has been rent up word, labor costs are constantly rising, prices have been rising, the cost has been increasing never decreased, the face of high cost, many people chose to quit. In fact, the catering industry is a need for long-term investment in the industry, it is difficult to recover the cost of the short term, in the current market conditions, do not be completely restricted site, the use of the Internet is a new opportunity. read more

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Animation store business location is the key to the five point proposal

China’s animation industry is in a stage of rapid development, more and more into the animation industry venture, open a small number of animation stores. Each open animation shop entrepreneurs want to be able to do business is booming, then do business in the first place to do a good job site, here are five suggestions.

A, increase channels for animation chain shops. There are many entrepreneurs like through newspaper advertising, housing agency, real estate trade fair, the Internet and other shops to understand information. In fact, the network developed today, many people will be released for sale, leasing information through network form. However, many of the information on this site is too fragmented, incomplete, outdated information, and so on, so it will waste a lot of time. So, looking for the animation chain shops to open channels, multi pronged approach, to find more professional website. read more

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Blind couple entrepreneurship eighteen years from self reliance to help others

young people now mostly for their own ideals and dreams of wealth. But a lot of people start their own business just to survive. In particular, the disabled entrepreneurial groups, physical disability makes it difficult for them to engage in the work of normal people, entrepreneurship has become a way for them to find a way out.

in the District of Qingyang city streets less Binsheng street there is a little massage parlors, no striking signs, but there are a lot of customers come here. There is only one reason, massage parlors boss Chen Bing couple are blind, since 1997, with 7000 yuan business, not only for the people around two people have praised Canada more skills, the couple admired the spirit of self-reliance. read more

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nvestment in Nanjing Kawangka tea shop how net

Kawangka is derived from the characteristics of Anhui tea brand, of course, is also a very popular consumer welcome investment brand? Stores all over the world, Nanjing Kawangka tea brand is worth the investment? Kawangka tea shop currently has dozens of product series, hundreds of products, suitable for any area of domestic consumers. Kawangka tea shop and the biggest feature is that it caters to today’s demand and desire for healthy and delicious, all of its material is high quality, for the consumer field modulation, let consumers get a unique taste buds to enjoy read more

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Mocha coffee brand the ideal business agent

entrepreneurial ideal choice to join the Mocha coffee? The quality of the project, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Mocha coffee project, worry free business, trustworthy. Worry free business, what are you still hesitating?

Mocha coffee, entrepreneurial ideal brand. Today we talk about coffee, coffee, coffee is familiar to people. The introduction of China coffee has a long history in western countries, the same coffee is a favorite drink in shopping or play while the most eye-catching is the characteristics of the coffee shop, coffee drinks shop investment is a good choice of business, today Xiaobian recommended by the broad consumer love Mocha coffee. read more

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Entrepreneurial alliance to pay attention to the trap Mo free to believe that money scene immeasurab

now there are a lot of deceptive projects on the market, joining in the selection of the project must be careful and cautious. Some migrant workers, college graduates in the search for the lost in the eyes of the Internet in the form of the form of advertising, but the mixed and diverse franchise so many entrepreneurs cheated. Over the past two years, the industry and commerce departments received a lot of franchisees cheated complaints.

[case]: not long ago, Lu Chuan County Lin Sha Po Zhen to find a franchise business, so the search from the Internet to a certain Wuhan energy saving and environmental protection advertisement said: the main production of energy-saving gas stove, only burning straw and sawdust and other agricultural waste, can produce gas, convenient operation a simple, economical and practical, no pollution, no danger of new type stove. Lin saw this advertisement was good, so personally to Wuhan for field trips. Manufacturers in the exhibition hall, Lin saw this project is of great value in rural areas, and with the manufacturers signed a contract to join, join the prepaid deposit fee of 30 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan, giving a sample, pay franchise fees before delivery. When Lin to take home samples. After use, found that the gas stove also installed an electric fan to normal use, the operation is very complicated, such as the case of no electricity, no use, not to mention the market. Lin believes that the manufacturers did not show the product in the exhibition hall to use the electric fan, there is a contract fraud, intends to conceal the product related performance, so call manufacturers to refund the deposit was rejected. Helpless, but to the business sector for help. In Lu Chuan, Wuhan, under the strong assistance of the industrial and commercial departments of the two, Lin was the contract to recover the contract. read more

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