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The interaction is not interactive FAQ


The construction method of


The value of

FAQ mostly in technology websites, it is often said that the FAQ FAQ is English Frequently Asked Questions abbreviation, Chinese means "frequently asked questions", popularly called the faq.

from the Nantong Shanghai Dragon (www.banzhu Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) a branch of feeds, starting A5, please note.

in Shanghai Longfeng Er established their own website, FAQ is very necessary, but it should be noted that the FAQ system was established in order to solve user problems, these problems are not available in conventional content sites, do not repeat, do not stack on which users no valuable information you think that, it will cause the user antipathy. read more

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The love of Shanghai included a few points update experience

Summary: the correlation between

4. Links (quality related, pan related and unrelated):

Links can be included in the chain inside said, but I think the Links chain is controllable; the outer chain is not controllable, you may send in A5, you also need to send in the station network, this is the chain distribution better, but also their acquisition station there stood. If your website is not collected with related websites is not conducive to search engine included, also said I’m going to say, and the related correlation. read more

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A talk about my own views the Shanghai dragon all understand

search engine itself is designed to help users and webmasters station is for the purpose of good service users, so we can summarize the conclusion is to do users need certain contents, namely from the heart feeling is to help users. The only way is the content, you put the user first, users will love you and accept you, will eventually bring you word of mouth, bring the return rate, bring super sticky. If you are purely to update to include such updates may bring some traffic, but you are to help yourself. read more

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Based on the latest hot video to create high quality original articles

              but we watched their video Youku, Sina News? Our topic today is how to according to their released video news to write original articles.

              fourth, according to the video content, use their own language combined with the video introduction to edit the contents of the article. In the process of content editing, best can summarize what the video tells the story, and you can view and, if inconvenient explanation is your personal point of view, can be written as reference users comments. This article editing is completed, not only summarizes the description of video information, but also presents some views, make the article more readable. read more

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n the face of the elusive search engines love Shanghai Shanghai dragon decide on what path to foll


people love Shanghai very shameless, that their products are all lined up in front of the keywords seize a lot of traffic, but you have not thought about why? If the user clicks the love Shanghai’s own discovery of these products did not solve their needs, users click on it again will continue to click? Certainly not! Also, if the user is using search engines love Shanghai, to find what you want, will not join any search engine’s arms to go inside, such as search, is not such a reason? This is why love Shanghai can seize their own products and not many words said these product attributes naturally good, not to say these things because of the love of Shanghai’s own row will come up, because the user needs to solve read more

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Love is not the official Shanghai weight so unbelievable



weight of the standard, so some of my friends think that we in the optimization of the web site, should not to love Shanghai weight as reference data, that love Shanghai weight is not credible.

site traffic refers to visit our website, and love Shanghai estimated flow is based on our keywords and long tail keywords ranking, keyword index data of Shanghai love Shanghai love can give us is expected to bring the flow of the site. The traffic expected results are not really representative of our website. read more

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Dead link serious harm on how to clean up the site chain

clean up the site of dead links is the use of shielding method, shield method is called by the robots.txt document will shield the link, let the search engine spiders can’t find these links, search engine from the perspective of this method is effective, it has escaped the search engine punishment. But this method can’t be used for a long time, because it will cause the entire site waste too much information, as well as through 404 pages of guide to click, and the effect of the user and search engine friendly. read more

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Anchor text and URL pure text links the difference and effect

anchor text construction also need skills:

chain is an important part of the construction site, which can enhance the weight of the website plays a very important role. Outside the chain is the anchor text, links, text links.


Links is the anchor text links. To the support of the anchor text will only do news platform or free blog platforms and forums.

The )

Links is the anchor text links. To the support of the anchor text will only do news platform or free blog platforms and forums.

outside the station anchor text all link anchor text should not use the same words, can use the long tail word with main keywords. read more

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B2B website information is love Shanghai collection of skills

The release of

2. settings: the title title must be long, one is more likely to cause the visitor’s attention, two is to list a few keywords can increase the possibility of search engine included. For example, XX products, the title can be set to "XX company supply XX products, XX product, XX product supplier". This is just an example, not necessarily can achieve the best effect, but can be used to compensate for the amount of information. Around a product key, released a number of different titles, the number of most of the B2B website for free information release restrictions, is enough for us to play. read more

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2013 new enterprise site optimization techniques and new strategy

engaged in enterprise website optimization Shanghai dragon ER, a fact that is generally agreed, received the enterprise customer site, there are more or less such problems:

so, for this type of enterprise website, the author starts with the implementation of enterprise website optimization from which the key points of

1. enterprise website architecture is simple, and the structure design of internal website is not reasonable.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng relates to share optimization techniques, the search engine basically to love Shanghai, then this article the author is no exception. After love Shanghai search engine algorithm updated several times, I think in many webmaster website optimization techniques, should make the corresponding adjustments, mainly in response to love Shanghai spark plan, pomegranate algorithm, algorithm and chain algorithm scindapsus. The author is engaged in enterprise website optimization is more than a year, today want to use this platform to share, I summed up the 2013 new enterprise site optimization techniques and new strategy. read more

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About the website picture detail optimization

in Shanghai love shuffle of pictures today, what are the requirements? Of course is not love Shanghai tell us Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, only through our own exploration to cater to the taste of love Shanghai.

The consistency of

picture details:

three, the entire page of each picture width. Just imagine, out of order when we open a page to see pictures of different sizes, and is bound to affect the reader’s mood. Here we will need to do a general layout planning. In an article in the content, each image width should maintain consistency, increase friendly page. read more

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Analysis of the causes of the three QQ cattle station was drop right what have you learnt from

new year, suddenly had arrived on 2013, at the beginning of the new year, love Shanghai also sent you some surprise and sorrow, surprise in December 31st 12 when love Shanghai once again updated website weight a lot of soaring traffic increases. Sorrow is the update, so many websites were killed in love Shanghai search engine, including some of the weight of an old station. Love Shanghai why at the end of 2012 to make such a big update, I believe that every webmaster know, love Shanghai is undoubtedly let more webmaster vigilant whether their website is cheating bad "hidden", but for those in terms of content and user experience to do a good website to encourage so, today Xiaobian to analyze some cattle stand down the right reasons, I hope you can give you some alert. read more

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How should the enterprise to pay attention to the image search engine

if you are commissioned by the website construction company to help you build enterprise website, then you should ensure that you have the website source code and space FTP, so that it was convenient for Shanghai dragon after adjustment. Enterprise site links station of Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, because the average enterprise stand the number of pages are very small, so, should communicate with the site of the company, will be total static page. If the total page can be static, at least can ensure that the search engine index page of the website is a completed a large block of Shanghai Longfeng demand changes. read more

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Bidding training account optimization and keyword bidding relationship

for the account that the promotion of good can still be, to continue to expand the business, enhance the effect, so want to add more keywords and optimize business spread. And when I took over after it carried out keyword analysis, the following screenshot shown:

advertising suggestion: the circle of bidding price keywords to improve, to ensure its development value, achieve the desired effect of the promotion. But if the keyword shows the price is too high, for the keyword analysis, promotion value, importance of interpretation of words, if the lower will be deleted. read more

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Business success requires getting up early take a look at the schedule of T chiefsDo not know how t

text / village springs

English station is an indisputable fact, the problem is how to make money? How to expand the flow? The shlf1314 Adsense advertising, English station became xiangbobo English station is indeed a quick shortcut to do build up the family fortunes, the thoughts and practices English station.

is it really? At least in our opinion, whether it is forced to "not only high or most willing to," "people do not sleeping, but they are not up early to bed and early to describe appropriate, because they will not get up early, early to bed. This is not about Thomas Andy, Benjamin Franklin does not love to sleep but will let you see the story, in the well-known enterprises especially the IT enterprise spiritual head of these "super high" level people have much. The Hurun Research Institute has published a "China millionaires brands tend to report", visited more than 500 at least qianwanji Regal, which showed the rich the average working day of 6.6 hours of sleep, 30% billionaires working less than 6 hours of sleep. So, if you want a successful friend, you might as well start by imitating the routines of these big brothers. read more

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How do the new station on the line for half a month from Google 30 thousand


is a website in search engine optimization, must first consider the love of Shanghai, this is no doubt, after all, love Shanghai occupied nearly 70% of the search market share. The second consideration is the 360 search, this is no doubt, because the 360 search occupied nearly 20% of the search market share. The third consideration is the Sogou search, this is still in doubt, especially because Sogou search and search be made one Sogou search have roughly 1 search market share. So, this paper also wrote what Google search optimization in read more

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CTO Memoirs of a famous European company my failed lesson in businessnternet marketing and marketin

until the game really started, the information is constantly updated, the screen will be maxed out. We are faced with new problems: the most serious is that a large number of users send information, so that the chat window is confused, users simply do not have time to read the contents of the chat window. After that, we continue to think of ways to solve this problem and apply transfer >


2010 is not booming, the company’s data growth is slow, although new users continue to enter, but it is far from enough. We kept looking for directions, and at that time we had made at least 2 completely opposite plans. First, the closed video group is opened so that users can see each other. After that we felt deeply wrong, and began to pay attention to text chat. read more

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Seed investment in Silicon Valley is slowing both the number of transactions and the total amount of

when reporters began to think about the problem, the first to think of the 3G portal Zhang Xiangdong. He comes from Beijing university. The 3G portal is the most influential in the field of wireless portal, is a typical "North Gang", Yu Qiang, Zhang Xiangdong, Deng entrepreneurial team often Yingming three are university classmates.

serial entrepreneur, entrepreneur mentor and adjunct professor at Stanford University Steve · Blanke Steve Blank pointed out that the "big company start-up companies in the twenty-one driver was able to subvert the traditional, not because they are more intelligent, but because they have enough funds to support." read more

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How do websites not rely on GG advertising to make moneyA station owner on a bicycle promotion websi

first of all, these three thousand traffic is my hardcore, it is estimated that the article is written, to serve the leadership. For these people I do: one is to intensify propaganda, mainly to promote writing service, including some of what, this society has a number of pettifoggery passengers, and earn some money by writing articles, I opened a special service on your behalf, through this website, I transfer business, earn price difference in an article at least three hundred, more than five hundred or six hundred, into my head from the one hundred or two hundred, there are GG every two or three days trading, ad three thousand flow about ten yuan, you make money is not writing faster than GG advertising read more

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11 little known network profit channelsTencent open base class Frank Hawke talk about Standford’s en

feasible reason: more and more people are engaged in the network work, sometimes the work is very difficult to find and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could help you find a job? Especially if you knew someone needed a website or logo design, and when someone was looking for a design job.

at Silicon Valley outside of the public can understand the unique pattern of Stanford University professor in Entrepreneurship and management, Standford lit the Beijing project as Standford lit the series of part-time project launched in the global innovation center fifth projects. The purpose of this project is to provide the students with the direction they need to innovate and to lead them to the next level. read more

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