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mprove the site conversion rate analysis and improvement from which aspects

furthermore, art is just a good image, a concept I love Du Zijian teacher put very, each browse on the Internet are readers, and the person in charge of each website is an editor. So to have a good content, of course, for the enterprise website is not to write your content more attractive, like Taobao did not copy God, this is necessary. I mean you have to understand the needs of users, the user.

second, we pick the most valuable traffic, second users will come to our website, there have been a personal feeling is the site of the artists do well can greatly improve product quality. As a product packaging is very beautiful and we naturally think of all the aspects of the price of this product quality should be very good, but the art is to the site to do the packaging. I often go shopping in Tmall, often heard people say the actual situation picture and the product is not the same, was a little lost. In fact, that’s right, because I too admire Tmall art shop, we see a very exciting. I often lamented some websites sell a few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars of art products, but do not sell tens of dollars if a clothing designer, you are sorry you such a good product? So the second step is to do a website, this is a video of the times. read more

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The website is the website weight details introduced fast recovery after K

hope! by K

, a website for a stable space, ensure the site at any time will be unable to open

1, website open speed too slow.

– the first to find the site was K, from the analysis of the causes, focusing on the details of

this is the website was a few reasons K, if the site does not appear above the problem, then the site would not be K, of course, if there is accidental K phenomenon, then do not worry, in a few days will restore.

4, the content of the website more than half of all copies of the content. read more

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How to improve the website column page the article page ranking

First we Since

generally, we are the site of the highest page weight is the home page, after all we usually in exchange Links or write soft hang URL submission is our home page address. As a result, the website has a lot of import links, so the weight will become our home page page is much higher than other. But the weight of the article page column page and how to improve it, but not so easy to get.

how to improve the column page rankings? This is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER are after the problem, and can implement it is no more than several. Also, the article page ranking is the same, but many people have overlooked this point, the quality that if high ranking will be good, in fact, there is a more important factor, it is reasonable within the site chain play a role. read more

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Love love Shanghai to protect the interests of users in Shanghai to promote the upgrade

?Plan to protect the interests of users of

love Shanghai promotion why should protect the interests of users of

what is the plan to protect the interests of users of

on the one hand, Shanghai as the largest Chinese love Chinese search engine, every day to love Shanghai search for information users more and more, and as a love of Shanghai’s commercial products — love Shanghai, love Shanghai may be due to too many agents, for customer audit is not strict, resulting in too much deception consumer sites also appeared in Shanghai to promote the results of love, the most common is the promotion of medical information, love Shanghai SME customers too much, there will be a lax audit situation. Love Shanghai and users in the search for information, often recently cheated phenomenon, there are people in Shanghai say false advertising complaints of love, too much, in order to meet the aspirations of consumers love, Shanghai had to the countermeasures. read more

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On the site of the anchor text keywords website ranking advantage


three, Links

two, external links

exchange Links, do not have the main keywords as anchor text. Keywords in the optimization process, will focus on optimizing the inevitable, in the whole station is more focused on the search engine. So we should find some upper "organic food" such as exchange "organic products" or organic food diversification this link. One can make the anchor text diversity, and can dilute the anchor text to avoid excessive optimization

an internal link, read more

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When the user to grasp the initiative of Shanghai dragon how

so, once the participation of users, we Shanghai dragon Er should do? We should be how to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon? Actually I think in Shanghai Longfeng work in such a condition is normal, because we Shanghai dragon Er is to use the Shanghai Dragon technology to the highest quality information the best show to the Internet users through search engines. We do Shanghai dragon and the user and search engine is not antagonistic, but mutual aided development.

think about these things, we now stationmaster can almost to manipulate, so the search engines, it returns the information to the user will not be required by the users or not the most authoritative, because there are too many man-made factors on the inside. If one day, the search engine ranking mechanism changes, became by the user to judge the quality of the site, then the search engine based on user judgments to the website ranking, so we are now the Shanghai dragon approach can do? Our Shanghai dragon road how to go? How to adjust Shanghai Longfeng our core work? Unisignflex Shanghai dragon want to talk about some of the views of these. read more

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Through two cases of my understanding of marketing promotion to the next level

first case: husband that I was the mistress of my marriage afflict by every means

"I and husband are being introduced. About two years, we are deeply attached to each other in marriage. I know that recently husband before he had been the mistress thing, we calm and warm life from being broken, the husband no longer in the past love and passion for me, no matter how I admit to him, to his confessions are of no avail, I don’t know how to explain their past, talked to his profession, with yourself he falls in love with the man who had nothing to do. Now I am undivided attention love him, love this family. He looked down on me, insult me, say I hide the past cheated on him. To this day, he often go out to play, the middle of the night and return, not playing mahjong playing cards is a foot massage. He was angry, I dare not call him, did not dare to question the reason he came back late. If he drink after supper, got home at midnight, woke me, whether I would force me to a couple of lines and I feel regardless of sex, the more annoying is that the more I don’t want him to want to do more, even to buy online "XX brand Viagra" against me. I feel like torture. I’m tired of him this to me, sometimes I also refused his unreasonable requirements like torture, he in front of me rogue said: "you are my wife, I play you too?" "you don’t want, I don’t want to do, who do you think you are. I didn’t want to do, want to divorce? "I can only compromise rendered speechless. Now, over the past two months, I told him frankly admit, warm and thoughtful to serve him, he still not indifferent to my. I was miserable and helpless. I think he can’t forgive, that to my suffering, my heart a horizontal to divorce". read more

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Optimization on the site within the chain structure under the content is king

2, the insert keywords anchor text, when we publish articles, related keywords and links, such as the words of my site is "love Shanghai", then I will use the keywords anchor text link to the home page or other pages. The benefits of doing so is to point to can effectively transfer page website weight.

third, how to optimize the internal chain structure? How should the specific chain website, this problem bothers many Shanghai Longfeng novices, in fact this is a very good solution to the problem, because we now use a variety of web applications, have this function, we just pay no attention to. read more

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How to write a title to attract search engine

: the author summed up in Shanghai dragon at the same time, always remember a starting point "user experience for God, we must continue to innovate, constantly sum up, so in the Shanghai dragon field >

in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, many people have encountered such a question: "what is the title of the search engines want?" today I want to share with you my way out, I hope you can help.

is a title but good enough. This is not enough, just like in the Jingdong store to buy things, first look at the price, service, reputation etc.. The search engine not only see you a title, you will see the contents inside the website results, whether it’s the symbol of requirements. read more

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My experience of how to solve the Shanghai dragon love shipwreck included new sites

!The new

1) to optimize the internal work site, try not to let the site appear similar to dead link

!The !In the ! !When the

4) with other weight good site exchange Links, let it take us new

3) appropriate to write a soft, or the weight good site with the forum to send some outside chain

believes that the site are sure to get traffic from love Shanghai, but new sites before getting traffic from Shanghai love there, webmaster should first let love Shanghai website only, otherwise everything is nothing, then we have to do to solve the webmaster love Shanghai included new hard? On this issue, I according to do their own years of experience, it summarizes some little experience for all the webmaster reference read more

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The community search advertising and general search advertising merits

When In this

general search advertising said their advantage is that when you search for a keyword, the search engine will return with a keyword related search advertising. The advertising is precisely the information you want; if you don’t put the keywords search enterprise search advertising will not show up. This is on the search advertising customers save a part of the advertising fee to a certain extent, at the same time, search advertising brings traffic mostly target flow, flow with certain accuracy. read more

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Shanghai dragon the same turning point and difficulties where product manager

Shanghai dragon turn product manager especially rampant in some large enterprises such employees in only a short while ago has helped many, Shanghai dragon size enterprises to earn a pot of gold itself, and then with the wireless era, practitioners often Shanghai Longfeng facing such an embarrassment, regardless of how their own efforts, not to achieve flow after a certain extent always, love Shanghai own products have erosion on all walks of life flow is very large, so for large enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng employees, most of the time to be facing the problem of transition, and the product manager in this position, due to the low threshold, wide depth, and whether large enterprises or all BAT. More attention, so this paper can provide for the upcoming Shanghai dragon turn product manager buddies Little advice, hope that we can help. read more

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Talk about the interaction between Shanghai dragon and PPC

2, more accurate keywords. Accurate positioning of keywords can let the enterprise obtain more pure clear target users are more likely to complete orders.

Localization of

, 4 for local enterprises, can do PPC for the area, to avoid some invalid flow field.

1, top speed, immediate. Enterprises can choose the number of their investment funds obtained through ranking, immediate effect.

how to make Shanghai dragon and PPC complement each other improve conversion rate of

in recent years, more and more enterprises begin to get involved in the search engine marketing, others choose PPC Shanghai Longfeng some enterprises, even both run. Then for the enterprise how to deal with the Shanghai dragon PPC to make search engine influence to maximize efficiency? And Shanghai dragon PPC does not exist in the conflict, the author thinks that the best search engine marketing strategy by combining the two, so that the two complement each other, improve site conversion rate. First, we first revisit the old saying about Shanghai dragon and PPC these two kinds of search marketing advantages. read more

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Affinity analysis a few details of the spider love Shanghai

second, for some privacy content need to be screened by robots protocol. The search engine has become the rules of the industry, because a website not only to serve the love of Shanghai, but also to serve the vast number of users, if the user information was leaked, it will seriously affect the users trust, so in some content, especially related to user privacy, can be shielded by robots, tell Shanghai what can not love spiders crawl, but this kind of practice is effective to enhance the work efficiency of the spider love Shanghai. read more

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Avoid site traffic loss of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

website is linked to punishment, the main factors is that some suspicious sites in order to hide their true goal in these links, suspicious site chain to some credible sites, to achieve the recognition algorithm to confuse spider. (such as home also have established some trash put links to love Shanghai, Sina station etc.. These are the) chain to a trusted site, if not very large site, there may be a search engine.

has now as in the past, no competitor will give you something you don’t want the construction of the chain. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng not only confined to the site should rise to the level of search marketing

website Shanghai Longfeng solve problems included are not easy to fix, not ranked two or three months basically. As long as you like Alibaba released some products, some popular keywords is very easy to do. But here there is a point to say is that we need to know your product attributes, such as you are the type of information products, it cannot be done as I do Ali, before joining stone fish. It can only be useful in love like Shanghai search engine, such as the medical industry also belongs to the type of information search, it is only in the search engine to do. In fact, the judgment is not suitable for a comparison of the standard method, it is with the Alibaba tools Ali index, if you do the product is the index in Ali’s company doing, then you can do, if not, it is estimated. read more

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Shanghai dragon vision on user experience in the name of love Shanghai

love to do a long time, there will be some experience. Shanghai dragon is a very tedious work, in addition to the content of the site itself construction, also need to continue to introduce the chain, enhance the website weight, can get good rankings. These are Shanghai dragon Er is regarded as the truth, now is no longer applicable to love Shanghai, we are confused, in line with the website of Shanghai Longfeng standard at the same time, whether it can meet the preferences of love Shanghai.

in 2012 several times down the right event so many owners have lost confidence in the optimization, also let me begin to doubt whether Shanghai really in love help to improve the user experience. The author analyzes some keywords ranking, several major adjustments to love Shanghai, in addition to filter some low quality news page, the user experience decreased a lot. Because of all kinds of home large placed business network advertising, after the user wants to find things in mind tend to turn to a few pages. In Shanghai the search results page, a resource download link, and pop bad a few, want to love the Shanghai market share will be why the 360 occupation is sensible. read more

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Talk about how to use the hot events do flow from CSDN password leak

keyword statistics on the day of December 21st, from the figure, we can see that. I just send a water paste, actually brought more than 1000 traffic through more than 500 keywords to the. The first example is on the keen observation, when the major portals have not reported, have to seize the initiative.

use hot events to increase web traffic we should not be unfamiliar, you will often see some "use hot events to create tens of thousands of traffic, how to take advantage of the hot events do flow and so on these articles. Whether it is the webmaster, web site operators or friends, want to increase website traffic and ranking, flow up, and we can get the boss’s approval. read more

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Shanghai dragon in backwards who is lazy

update for web content, we first point to whether the bureau is collecting. For a marketing website, if the content does not feature, just let people copy article, is tantamount to the parasite. This website is useless for search engines, and "hate". So, if your website is mostly collected information, so I am sorry, good at "lazy" you have been search engine fire, to obtain good performance, he was going to say "come on, how could

is now Shanghai Longfeng site operation is optimized the way people sought after, but many Shanghai dragon Er also in the present situation of Shanghai dragon feeling particularly arduous. In the Google statement denying Shanghai dragon, but denied that BR love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon road is very difficult to optimize. It is therefore a lot of Shanghai dragon Er launched the industry optimization for other work. This makes us have to reflect, Shanghai Longfeng effect is still backward, represent the general trend of "people" in today might be lazy? And the author Dennis to look for the answer. read more

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The dynamic page ranking actual password

is ranked in the front page of the second position, the keyword index is not high, but still have the index, may be some friends will say this word is very easy to do. This word is of course easy to do, especially the high weight of the site is to write an essay like this will make up the keywords may not need any optimization. The reason why this dynamic page can be optimized to the first page and ranking is relatively stable because I only do one step optimization, is hanging on a one-way link, as shown below: read more

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