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After breaking up with Jingdong to single handedly make it up

news July 21st, the day before, Fast Retailing (UNIQLO parent Fast Retailing Company) CFO Okazaki in the 9 fiscal year 2016 months before the conference call revealed that the plan in China and the United States the construction of the new distribution center, may achieve the next day and day.

in April this year, fast selling in Tokyo, Ariake launched a new distribution center, the main supply to the store, but will soon be used for online distribution, service in the autumn and winter clothing season. "One of the main purposes of Ariake warehouse is in line with the network’s flagship store on-line news this fall, also plans to launch online for a pin." CFO Okazaki said. read more

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Ali group adaptation pave the way Ma era

over the past year, Ma completed two things, one is combing the business structure, the structure of the shareholders of the two comb. The former includes spin off Taobao, involved in intelligent mobile phone, including Alibaba, YAHOO, Alipay stock repurchase delisting to VIE.


two event, Ma from "two business" an one step: organization architecture. This step is the most difficult step, because it involves the redistribution of power Alibaba.

July 23rd, Ali group announced organizational restructuring, after the adjustment of the Ali group is divided into a Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Ali Amoy, international business, small business and Ali Ali cloud and other 7 major business groups, the 7 group will include consumers, distributors, manufacturers, business service provider four part. read more

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Taobao this year 11 double sales is expected to be 63 billion 700 million

xinhuanet.com November 8 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Zhou Runjian, Zhu Tianjiao) 2013 "double 11" Taobao turnover of 35 billion yuan, this year will be? 360 mobile phone assistant to the latest release of "2014 two eleven shopping APP analysis report" is expected this year, Taobao "double 11" sales of approximately 63 billion 700 million yuan.

double 11 since its inception, rising sales. Public data shows that last year taobao.com, "double 11" on the same day, Alipay’s total number of transactions 170 million pen, the average order price is 209.7 yuan, the total turnover of 35 billion yuan all day long. read more

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Excellent soft science and technology electricity supplier 3 cloud business era has come the inevit

e-commerce after 1 pure electricity supplier started, to the development of the electricity supplier o2o of 2, has now been upgraded to the era of competition of 3.

In the

1 era, competition in the electricity supplier battlefield almost stay in the Internet, the fight is the flow, then is the Jingdong, Taobao store in the golden age, because of the small number of participants, the flow is enough, and online and offline spreads significantly, not only traffic is not a problem, the profit is also good. read more

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Live marketing case analysis report to explore the impact of live broadcast on nternet Marketing

2016 is the first year of the outbreak of the broadcast platform. A new way of entertainment – "live" began to appear everywhere in the public view. Live grew up in the top of the mobile Internet, the moment to meet a new generation of social main 90, 00 after "for attention", "desire", "social demands to fire, fast shocking! Such a hot trend also attracted the attention of all major brands of the main.

however, when the overnight "live + marketing" has become a major brand marketing mode in the new standard, but we need some more review: read more

March 5, 2017 0

Marked advertisement and not the soft chains for advertising become a stream

More than a month

Internet advertising "new regulations" has been implemented, has been used to neatly express "advertising", some people still continue secretive. "Soft hard" let many operators buddy worry: a good day to eat "soft" meal probably gone. Is that true,


the world says change becomes

" a word is not " what action will follow

could not predict

wants to change the status quo of

only make excellence a habit

for Internet operators, advertising is definitely a good stuff, but advertising mood that is very contradictory, but also very tangled: embrace the gold master, but also to ensure that the user experience is not affected. In order to allow users to click on ads, many operators is coaxed additional prizes in the text is a variety of packaging brains. read more

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Master Taobao less than two months 4

webmaster do stand tired, as do Taobao try!

2008 is a very ordinary day in February 29th, but it is worth a few years for my wife, because this day our Taobao store opened. This shop has been open for more than a month, from February 29th to April 18th, I won a total of 101 from another 5 different pen direct remittance transactions, and meet the 10 city transaction, credit is 4 hearts, very happy, very grateful! Thanks for all the support you have * with snow clothing butterfly (owner: Linzi 19850324) http://s.shop35409463.taobao.com/ friend! After the initial excitement, ignorant, anxious and confused, and now finally can calm down to think about what this month to the course, not to mention is the experience, just a little experience with the webmaster friends to share: PS: today bought Pu read more

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U S group buying giant Groupon 250 million investment


technology news Beijing time on April 5th morning news, the U.S. giant Groupon group purchase said, the company has received $250 million investment from Private Equity Investment Firm Atairos Management, there is a link between the latter and Custer Kang, Kang and Custer will seek to reach a cooperation with Groupon.

Atairos Management is composed of CFO Kang Custer Michael · Angela Keith (Michael Angelakis) was founded, he founded the company with $about 4000000000 in committed capital from Kang Custer earlier this year, and served as its chairman and CEO. As part of this investment deal, he will join the board of directors of Groupon, while Custer will be committed to seeking cooperation with Groupon. read more

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Three points of English foreign trade promotion skills

do foreign trade station for website promotion friends worry unceasingly, "foreign trade station site easy, difficult to promote", many of my friends think, to determine a good keyword, then the website is done, Google included, and then use software to send garbage outside the chain, will have ranking, there will be traffic, then money has continued to drill into the pocket……


idea is too simple, if it were easy, estimated all people across the country to engage site to make money, English station is difficult, the main reason is that the network environment is different, do you find the link to Chinese station, station English more easily than, do not think that software send junk the chain will be able to solve the problem, some to be familiar with the environment English. read more

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really opened the rural electricity supplier rural nternet Era

China is a large agricultural country, the rural population of more than 900 million. All along, to improve the lives of farmers, accelerate the development of rural areas, so that the rural and urban integration is the annual meeting will be a major topic of discussion.

rural areas because of traffic is not convenient, knowledge and information lag and other reasons, can not really understand the world outside the countryside. A condition to point people usually buy some goods is also confined to driving to the store to buy near the town. You might not have said Taobao? Not a Jingdong to buy online? OK! But according to Xiao Bian visited the results of the survey is in most rural areas, the coverage rate of less than 50% of the Internet! And many old people don’t believe in online shopping, even if a few believers will not operate. read more

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There is only the mother of this sentence is not all right

Ali should not be unfamiliar to you, whether mother advertising will not be Baidu K, I would put on. After all, now the Union has such a Big Ali is also a few, but the threshold is really high, the mother is willing to take care of these grassroots ah. Recently, Baidu and Taobao war we must know. Taobao and Ali mother together, we also see the. Today, I would like to say, after the combination of the loss brought to everyone.

my station is a movie station, every day there are more than 3 thousand IP, to IP on Sunday and 5000-6000. Hanging on the mother’s ad at least 20 times a day, although not much, but a month also has a $more than and 600. Hey, really did not expect, the mother has become so shameless, without telling me, the advertisement all replaced Amoy advertising, which means that people only through our advertising on the station and the success of the transaction before I earn money. Online shopping friends are aware of what they want to buy goods are generally run directly on the theme, Taobao search. Who will see the ads that reminded me of my shopping desire? (of course, female except) besides, our website content, take the entertainment station for example, most of the passengers are basically imitation for recreation, listening to music, watching movies, who will go to those advertisements? Who will go to the point of the deal?? of course not, but very few, less than half a month that I have not received a penny. Some people think that the industry can stand. But the industry basically have their own products, who would do that kind of advertising ah. Today to call the customer service, they said my station is only suitable for Amoy advertising. I asked him if I could never be like that again. Depressed, it seems that the horse is anxious, even such a thing can be done. I don’t even support ali. read more

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Network network music life strategic landing in Russia

music as a significant progress in the layout of globalization. In September 12th, LeEco held a large conference in downtown Moscow, Digital October, announced the music as ecology in Russia and Eastern Europe company LeRee (LeECO Russia and EastEurope) officially launched, LETV ecological comprehensive landing in Russia and Eastern Europe market. It is reported that, LeRee was founded in 2016, is committed to promoting the development of music as ecology in Russia, Eastern Europe and CIS countries. read more

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E book development trapped in front of

international business tycoon Amazon Bookstore started on the network, the domestic network bookstore dangdang.com also rely on e-commerce model development, with the rapid development of science and technology progress and e-commerce market, the network bookstore is from the sale of traditional books to sell ebooks. Amazon’s e-book business is very successful, but in the domestic market, the development of e-books encountered temporary difficulties, mainly due to the distribution of benefits. But e-books can try to sell electronic magazines and online novels to support the development of the entire e-book market. read more

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The small and medium sized enterprise economic instability counterattack broken trillion online shop

Beijing, Ningbo in April 25, (He Jiangyong Yang Jingwen Xu Yufen Zhu Yinying) in 2012 the economic situation is not stable under the background of more small and medium enterprises continue to seek growth and "counter attack" of the road. 25, the electricity supplier for SMEs "counter attack" as the theme of the Eighth Conference of SME e-commerce in Zhejiang held in Ningbo, discussed the current situation and the development and transformation of the electricity supplier in 2013. read more

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Standing on the threshold of Entrepreneurship 3 years of entrepreneurial awareness of the 3

In this paper, author Li Kan

from the original article submission, about a detailed account of the words, he resigned after three years 3 times less successful entrepreneurial experience, he described his status as "just stand on the threshold of entrepreneurship". A business experience to bring his baptism, let him know himself, but also step by step to strengthen their goals. But not only has the significance of reference and summary, authorize by the author, entrepreneur was cut on the original text, select sentiment with the readers to share, hope business friends are able to find their own answers. read more

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Jingdong also ochirly Mark Ed Faye has joined the virtual fitting

news August 2nd, following the launch of Ali buy+ virtual shopping, Jingdong has also launched a "room" function. The day before, the Jingdong officially launched the mobile Jingdong fitting room, the user can specify the store into the dressing room, choose love clothes, make the model fitting, display effect.

according to the Jingdong, Jingdong in the dressing room is virtual fitting system of artificial intelligence and simulation technology based on the previous version of iPad. At present, many Jingdong any level fitting room to support a large number of apparel shops collocation, businesses are also shown in the background can make collocation. read more

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Gome online 815 light killer price war who

in August, the business circle in the smoke, fighting. Gome online in August 15th to open the pinnacle of war in August, Jingdong is at the same time start appliance 6 anniversary". In August 8th, the two anniversary of the United States online mobile end mobile phone mall and Jingdong QQ line confrontation for the fuse, by August 15th two opponents in the field of home appliances UPS, continuous "beauty with vigour and vitality of Beijing war" from the mobile terminal and PC terminal battle fought back. read more

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Taobao alliance Chen Jian e commerce case sharing

Admin5 station network April 10th news hotline 2011 Chongqing Internet webmaster General Assembly held in April 9th in Chongqing science and Technology Museum, the Chongqing hotline, Chongqing website alliance, laggards forum, Discusz! Community, jointly sponsored by the Baidu Entrepreneurs Club, Chongqing slipped by Chongqing science and Technology Museum, zhubajie.com, Monument for Liberation and Co from all over the country more than 800 owners and guests attended the meeting, the following is the speech of Taobao alliance leader Chen Jian at the meeting. read more

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Amazon set up shop in the Chinese market in the world free of charge

Amazon China CEO Wang Hanhua

China sneak in the market for 7 years in the end what Amazon thick, thin hair what


Chinese Amazon CEO Wang Hanhua, is a polite and low-key a modest, self-disciplined gentleman. He is always smiling, talking about the price war, he was a few seconds, and then said, "Amazon will not take the initiative to launch a price war, but if someone starts price war, we will not hesitate to follow up."


provoked in suning.com, Gome mall and Jingdong mall price war, Amazon Chinese also recently launched a decline of more than 30% anniversary promotional activities. He clearly knows, "it is not good to do a good job in china." But Wang Hanhua doesn’t even have a micro-blog, let alone a micro-blog bet. read more

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Online purchase of vegetables served on the same day the office workers to warm the farm house docki

with a box, you can take food at home." Recently, the Old Summer Palace Garden District, in addition to newspaper boxes, milk box, add food box, mode of direct supply pilot "from the farm to the family network. This new way to buy food is popular with office workers.

to buy food to change the online ordering food

Old Summer Palace garden is located in the vicinity of the North Fifth Ring Xiaojiahe bridge, relatively remote, residents to buy food inconvenience. Resident Ms. Chen said, before buying food often worry. "More than an hour to go to the supermarket." Since last month, Ms. Chen became a food family, every day to the ground floor of the community, from their own food dishes. The whole process takes only 10 minutes. read more

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