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How to do network marketing in private hospitals two

in front of us from the macro aspects of the private hospital to do a good job of network marketing, today we continue.

four, private hospitals need what kind of network marketing?

what kind of website do private hospitals need?

The main purpose of

patients to visit the website is to understand the hospital’s reputation, technology, equipment, treatment methods, drugs, effects, services, etc..

hospital network marketing and website construction value is: the use of text, pictures, and pay attention to the problems of multimedia information it flexible like patients show, is the most ideal pictures and multimedia, because this is the most sensitive to the picture! Even a simple function of the site is equivalent to at least one of the update of the products promotional materials. The outdated medical information or technical information is not perfect, not only can not allow patients to make up their minds, but also affect the confidence of customers, of course, also affect the effectiveness of medical network marketing. read more

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The huge automobile business market how should seize the finance of this cane

Abstract: at present, the industry market is not in place leading to education of consumers do not understand the automobile finance product, in the face of numerous products do not know how to choose the most suitable for their own financial products, which is one of the automotive industry pain points. In the future for a long time, the pain will be further exacerbated.

said that this year is the capital of the winter, but for the automotive industry to close this winter is not too cold, every day there are a lot of money thrown into the fire, the flames grow. read more

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On the road electric three hegemony books Dangdang clamoring for Jingdong

the morning of December 16th, dangdang.com announced a $40 million held substantial price promotions, and declared that "all the best-selling product prices than other digital online store at least 50-100 yuan, the game started to Jingdong on the field of digital 3C mall. Dangdang.com day the price war is not bad money infuriated Liu Qiangdong, Liu brother is very angry, then ordered will spend 80 million yuan for book promotion, is 40 million times of dangdang.com announced a promotion, the fiery book. What is more interesting is that in December 15th, the Amazon announced the "hundreds of thousands of bestsellers in the lower basic network of the lowest 20%, officially joined the book. "Officially started three" war is really a mystery, it’s read more

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C2B’s e commerce success skills

Hello, I am Liuyang, now the root of the way out of the webmaster, the first is to focus on their own areas of service innovation, and the other is e-commerce. Taobao shop, Taobao mall, B2C, Taobao customers, advertising alliance into and so on, now make rash and too much in haste. Liuyang believes that where the Internet is electronic commerce, that is, regardless of what you do on the Internet content, in the final analysis is linked to e-commerce. Why? Remember the modern marketing Master Mr. Philip Kotler once said: "the most important of the two basic functions of marketing and innovation", because only these two basic functions can directly bring the profit for the enterprise. In fact, Liuyang believes that the two basic directions of the Internet is the same, that is, e-commerce and innovation, because only these two directions can bring bright prospects for the grassroots webmaster. read more

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This shoe electricity supplier said do not like Christmas gifts then you can come here for coupons

"we are willing to establish contact with consumers through such activities"

every holiday street there are a lot of "recycling gift" brand, see these you may find holiday spawned "gift economy" is a large part of consumption.

Americans have such trouble. A’s shaving system with less than B for the coffee machine in your family has been C’s purse so ugly…… According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, last year, 40% of consumers returned Christmas gifts. This year is expected to be worth $70 billion gift was returned. That is not convenient to go to the store to return something, don’t just dust in the storage room read more

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Honey bud Liu Nan standing on the air would dare to herd boy

2016, two-child policy officially opened, the mother industry usher in a major positive, and any family will not skimp on the next generation of investment, this is the most direct support logic trillion maternal and child market. Such a huge market, electricity providers will naturally become a hotly contested spot. Last year, just over 4 years old with honey bud, quadruple jump, sit tight in the domestic cross-border electricity supplier, electricity supplier maternal toubajiaoyi.

March 2014 honey bud by the time flash purchase into the market, in August of the same year to dabble in cross-border business, with honey bud CEO Liu Nan’s words, no honey bud to catch up with the two wave wind wave is the vertical maternal electricity supplier outlet, a wave of cross-border electricity outlet. By virtue of the outlet of the heat, honey bud has a rapid development in 2015, the $150 million D round of financing in September last year, Baidu completed the lead, creating a cash financing maternal industry including the maximum amount of online and offline. read more

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Ali music as the layout of the global wine market origin or straight into the new normal

China wine consumption is heating up. A set of data shows that by 2017 China’s wine market consumption capacity will reach 2 billion 827 million liters, total consumption reached RMB 93 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of up to 102.5%.

huge market potential has attracted numerous liquor vertical electric providers and comprehensive platform providers in the global market Wine overweight layout. Alibaba recently announced that it will launch the first Tmall Global Wine Festival, with the help of Tmall platform to achieve global wine production in the world, to create a global wine producing areas of China Unicom, the silk road". read more

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Tmall 50 listed companies on the market why only Ali can do

2014 World Internet Conference, Ma had in front of Liu Qiangdong’s face had said such a sentence: Alibaba to do is to train more Jingdong, and let this company to make money. In this regard, Liu Qiangdong is not convinced, but this sentence is gradually becoming a reality.

April 26th, media reports Tmall established the "help businesses listed office", help the communication between the docking platform business and brokerage, exchange and other brands have been listed or to be listed business enterprise. According to incomplete statistics, Tmall platform has more than 50 companies in the internal start IPO program, a number of brokerage firms are also competing for the launch of this group of listed companies underwriting battle. read more

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Amazon said that the high price of online shopping moon cake Raiders Raiders

days ago, hollyland, Gongyifu, Dasanyuan, Daoxiang village, Rong Hua and other dozens of famous overnight in Amazon have started selling moon cake. Amazon in the high moon cake, said not at the same time, specifically tailored for the following categories of people online shopping moon cake Raiders raiders".

Amazon due to net sales of moon cake and shopping malls, supermarkets sell moon cake compared with the "price gap" and "free delivery" advantage, so the Raiders around "basis to help buyers money at the same time, to ensure the interests of buyers". read more

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Amazon is going to heaven Built in 13700 meters warehouse UAV delivery

on the ground to build warehouses apparently can not meet the imagination of the Amazon, it may be built in the near future to the warehouse to the sky.

Reuters reported on December 28th, Amazon Co has applied for a patent, the use of suspended in the air warehouse to store goods, and as a base for the delivery of unmanned aerial vehicles. Amazon in December 2014 for this patent, and was formally in April this year, but it was not until December 28th this year, Zoe Leavitt research company CB Insights analyst found sharp eyed. read more

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Suning online offline online shopping business development is slower than expected

July 16th, Suning Appliance (002024.SZ) released in 2012 half year results announcement, is expected in the first half of this year than last year’s profit fell by 20%~30%.

company shares the same day limit, to July 26th when a reporter has fallen about 20%, Suning Appliance shares entered the era of 6 yuan.

according to the announcement, the electricity supplier is the main reason for the decline in Suning Appliance performance. On the one hand, including Suning Appliance, the rapid development of new sales channels, has a certain influence on the company’s store sales; on the other hand, the suning.com company to improve market share, increase the investment in online business, resulting in the two quarter of the cost of water ring than increasing. read more

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Transformation of the electricity supplier in the wholesale market suffered a light heavy difficult

Guangdong province has more than 7 thousand professional wholesale market, is a major commodity circulation channel of Pearl River Delta "world factory" heyday. But when faced with the impact of the traditional channels of e-commerce, began to show the trend of running away from home, coupled with rising property rents, labor costs, but also the "heavy"".

transformation is taking place. March 24th, many professional wholesale market came to 2014 (Guangzhou) international e-commerce Expo to find the answer: how to deal with the challenges of electricity supplier read more

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E commerce website OR professional who is more important


according to the different objects, e-commerce is usually divided into B2B, B2C, C2C three categories. However, with the rapid development of e-commerce in China, many portals and traditional retailers are also involved in the field of e-commerce. Such as: Tencent pat, Sina mall, Baidu has ah, Jingdong mall, etc..

in these sites, Tencent, Sina, Baidu has been quite well-known in the industry, with the existing brand and popularity into the e-commerce market. Jingdong is the mall instead of retail business model, the first focus of expanding e-commerce market. Although Taobao’s online shopping platform Alibaba, but through the free service and professional and technical advantages, after 7 years of hard work, has a considerable degree of professionalism and maturity. read more

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Taobao push scan code shopping war Supermarket an average of one minute swept off a large store

original title: Taobao scan code shopping declared war supermarket

network platform to gather forces once again reflected. Yesterday at 9 o’clock, Taobao scan code Shopping Festival opened, according to the data provided by the mobile phone Taobao, as of 14, the user through the phone Taobao swept nearly ten million commodity barcode, sweep into millions of goods. Behind this may be Taobao’s ambition to declare war on the supermarket. However, the traditional physical supermarket but not too much attention to this model. read more

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One Piece a good way to guide the flow of video sites Daquan

Hello everyone, today, One Piece is to teach you how to use the video traffic. This Wangzhuan tutorial is the result of long-term summary and actual out Wangzhuan project, the effect is very good, suitable for CPA or CPS. We all know that the video site traffic is very great, there are so many people watching the video on it every day, so long as we can lead to a little bit of their traffic that is considerable, then can draw on several flow method summary. Nonsense not say, today the topic into. read more

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Shopping back now Taobao customer business model may lead to the demise of Taobao customers

shopping back to the Taobao customer site business model may lead to the demise of Taobao customers too exaggerated it? Don’t worry, listen to me slowly, you may think it is not exaggerated.

first introduced the current main Taobao customer site form:

1, API form: this form is really good, because it is called data, does not require any maintenance, also can let Baidu easy collection of tens of thousands, tens of thousands of Taobao now included guest website mostly with API, or the number can reach 10 thousand is really difficult! Stability disadvantage is API, especially speed slow, often call to the data, the pop-up "sorry! You want to products not found! Please change a keyword query!", the user experience is not good, it is difficult to attract repeat customers, although many Baidu included, the weight is not very high. This form of site case: the day to earn $10000 Taobao program. read more

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Becheery push P product Jin fruit to create the explosion of a single product

news October 12th, the day before, the electricity supplier becheery leisure snacks on the line a new "Jin fruit". The emergence of the product, marking the "pick fruit" after becheery and a IP single product launch.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in August this year, becheery launched the first IP single product "pick fruit". Since then, "pick fruit" for 18 days 1000W sales performance to occupy the industry first.

Cai Hongliang, founder of the Chinese herbal tea in the internal letter shortly before also said that the taste will continue to plant IP to create a single explosion. The launch of the "Jin becheery fruit" hit "everyone has a chance to live my life" slogan. read more

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What is the future electricity supplier look like

small children’s shoes and high Xixi said such a sentence:

electricity supplier, and in a few years there will be no electricity supplier this concept, the electricity supplier of the whole country! Understand? As long as the business people are electricity supplier.

West to see the documentary "the Internet Age", wrote down such a sentence:

where you are, you are online; you are alone, you are still in the world!

West regrets:

do not pull any O2O, and that is the traditional Internet era play, now is the mobile Internet era, a mobile phone, everyone is always online…… Online and offline, really can be so clear it? read more

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Business dissatisfaction with the new pat Commission Commission has not yet fulfilled cash flow


] September 5th news billion state power network, the day before, pat Network announced, will begin in September for the B store (non personal shop) levy that is the technical service fee (commonly known as Koudian or commission). But the move has caused some businesses discontent, become a breakthrough in the mood to vent the business.

it is reported that most of the online shop pat B shop is transferred from the QQ online shopping. The Jingdong took over, pat Network is C2C mode, so do not involve koudian. The seller said, QQ online shopping clothing category of the deduction of 5%, and cash on delivery orders not to pay the Koudian platform. read more

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Ministry of Commerce to strengthen the management of online retail focus on monitoring the third par

, Beijing, December (Xinhua) 26, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on its website on the website of the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China (PRC), requiring the local commerce authorities to strengthen the management of the online retail industry during the new year’s day and the Spring Festival, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

notice requires all commercial departments in conjunction with the relevant departments to strengthen the network retail market supervision and inspection, inspection of key commodities including food, clothing, shoes and hats, bags, home appliances, communication products, books, audio-visual products and other key areas, including catering, recreation, leisure and fitness, hairdressing, bathing, ticketing and other key objects, including the third party trading platform, group purchase website, focus on the false promotion, protection of intellectual property, contraband sales, merchandise quality, price fraud, service specification. read more

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