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A reconstruction of the air-sea interaction associated with the Weddell Polynya

first_imgA recent major climatic event was the occurrence of approximately 350 000 square kilometers of open water in the normally ice covered Weddell Sea near Antarctica during the winters of 1974-76. Within this polynya there was vigorous air-sea interaction resulting in the densification of the surface waters, a convective overturning of the water column, and the formation of large amounts of Antarctic Bottom Water. In order to further our understanding of this important event, the NCEP-NCAR reanalysis dataset is used to reconstruct the air-sea interaction associated with this polynya. The reconstruction shows that the polynya had a profound impact on the surface meteorology of the region. Surface air temperatures over the polynya were on the order of 20degreesC warmer than climatology. Total cloud cover over the polynya was 50% higher than climatology. The magnitude of the monthly mean sensible and latent heat fluxes during the winter months were on the order of 150 and 50 W m(-2), respectively, while precipitation was on the order of 1 mm day(-1). Furthermore, the reconstructed air-sea fluxes are highly variable in time with instantaneous values 5-10 times larger than monthly mean values. A cross-correlation analysis suggests that much of this variability can be attributed to the passage of transient synoptic-scale weather systems. The reconstructed buoyancy flux within the polynya during winter was on average negative, indicating that the surface waters were becoming denser thereby driving oceanic convection and Antarctic Bottom Water formation. Nevertheless there were instances when the buoyancy flux was positive. During these events, the freshwater flux due to precipitation was larger than the effect of cooling, thus resulting in a reduction in the density of the surface waters of the polynya. The integrated buoyancy flux over the winter period exceeds a previous estimate by 30%-40%, suggesting that the oceanic convection that took place as a result of the existence of the polynya may have been significantly more vigorous than previously thought.last_img read more

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first_imgTRUMP NEEDS MORE VOTES, LESS APPLAUSE                                                                    Making Sense by Michael ReaganI’ve finally figured out what Donald Trump’s main problem is.No jokes, please.It’s because at his core he’s an entertainer who’s looking for applause, not a politician who’s looking for votes.Applause makes you feel good on stage at the Improv or at the end of a Broadway play. But it doesn’t get you elected.If Trump really wants to save what’s left of Western Civilization from four years of President Hillary Clinton, he’s got to learn how to get his message out to more voters.When he gives his big policy speeches, he does fine.The addresses he delivered recently about fighting terrorism and fixing the economy were generally good.They’d make good stump speeches and he should shorten them to twenty minutes and repeat at least one of them every day.But the most important thing about those careful, joke-free teleprompter speeches wasn’t what Trump said or even how he said it.It was that he was speaking to the whole country, not just the people in the auditorium.He wasn’t seeking the instant approval of the audience with his “Crooked Hillary” shtick or promises to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it.In those two serious policy speeches Trump did what my father did in Berlin in 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate, when he told Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this Wall!”My father wasn’t merely speaking to the huge crowd in front of him, he was speaking beyond them to all the people on the other side of the Berlin Wall who were not free.Trump has to start speaking to a wider, broader, larger audience — the independents and Republicans that he’s got to get to vote for him.He needs to do it every day. He can’t slip back to delivering his applause lines. We’ve heard those jokes.We’ll soon see whether Trump’s new team of Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon can make a difference in his behavior or focus.Conway is a pro who knows what she’s doing. But you can hire the best people on the planet and it won’t help if you don’t listen to them.While Team Trump is in a hiring mood, how about finding someone who actually knows how to stage a campaign speech?When Trump was in Wisconsin earlier this week talking about the economy and how the Democrat Party’s has failed and betrayed black people, I don’t think I saw a single black person.It was incredibly amateurish stagecraft.It’d be like giving an important policy speech about the plight of out-of-work coal miners to an audience of nuns or guys in three-piece suits.I realize Trump isn’t exactly surrounded by black supporters. And I know the part of Wisconsin he was in was 95 percent white.But couldn’t someone in his campaign have found fifty black people to be in the crowd so the media couldn’t react in the knee-jerk way they did?My father’s media genius, the late deputy chief of staff Michael Deaver, would have had a thousand blacks in that audience even if he had had to pay them to be there.Trump has to do a lot more learnin’ and a lot more hirin’.And if he doesn’t do it real soon he’ll be back running his business empire, living a quiet life in Trump Tower and getting in almost as many rounds of golf each week as President Obama.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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Deadline looms for Best Cupcake Baker contest

first_imgThere’s just over one week left to get your entries in for Britain’s Best Cupcake Baker 2010, so make sure you get them in the post.Leading UK cake experts will judge entries for the nationwide contest, part of the build-up to National Cupcake Week, running from 13-19 September.They are: John Slattery, Slattery’s Patissier and Chocolatier; Chris Bachmann, Bachmann’s Patisserie and Chocolate Creations; and Eric Lanlard, Cake Boy.Organised by BB, the contest welcomes entries from cake specialists, craft and in-store bakeries. Entry deadline is 16 July.You will need to send us the following: * one colour image of the cupcake* your name for the cake* a description of the cake, including ingredients used and sources of inspiration (no more than 100 words)* a synopsis of your business, how long you’ve been trading, who are your customers and why you think you stand out from the crowd (no more than 100 words)* your company name, phone number, email address, location and website url (if appropriate)Final judging will take place at the Rafayel Hotel in London on 3 August by a top panel of experts, and entrants must be able to deliver their cupcakes in person or through a delivery service on that day.The top prize is £1,000-worth of bespoke cupcake cases from sponsor Chevler and a £300 voucher for a specialist cake decoration or chocolate class at Slattery’s Patissier school.See more details.last_img read more

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City of Mishawaka releases fall leaf pick-up program details

first_img Facebook Twitter By Jon Zimney – October 12, 2020 0 486 WhatsApp City of Mishawaka releases fall leaf pick-up program details WhatsApp Google+ IndianaLocalNews Twitter Facebook Previous articleSilver Lake man killed in dirt bike crash FridayNext articleAnderson woman accused of abandoning Warsaw man’s body Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Pinterest Google+ (Tommie Lee/95.3 MNC) The Mishawaka Street Department will begin the city’s annual fall leaf pick-up program on Monday, Oct. 19.Leaves will be picked up each week the day before each resident’s regular trash pick-up day. For example, if a resident’s trash pick-up day is on Wednesday, the Mishawaka Street Department will pick up leaves from that residence on Tuesday. Those with a Monday trash pick-up day will have their leaves picked up on Friday.Mayor Wood states, “As in years past, residents can expect at least six passes through their neighborhood during the fall leaf pick-up. This is a successful program that the City of Mishawaka has been able to offer to its residents for over 30 years due to strategic planning and budgeting. It is yet another example of the world-class service that Mishawaka residents are indeed fortunate to receive. Even if we have inclement weather, the Mishawaka Street Department is prepared to provide this weekly service with little or no interruption.”Leaves should be raked to the edge of the curb and should be free of branches, twigs, stones or similar foreign objects which can damage equipment and delay leaf pick-up. Residents are encouraged not to rake leaves into the street immediately after a vacuum unit has passed through an area because the vacuum will not return until the next scheduled pick-up date. Meanwhile, leaves on the curb may clog sewer inlets or blow back into yards or streets.Leaves may always be bagged and put out with your weekly trash pick-up. Brush may continue to be taken to the Mishawaka Recycling Center, 1105 East Fifth Street, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday if you are a City of Mishawaka resident.The leaf collection program will continue through Friday, Dec. 4. Any questions about the program can be answered by calling Street Commissioner Tim Ryan at the Mishawaka Street Dept. 258-1660. Pinterestlast_img read more

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Press release: James Brokenshire: building better and beautiful will deliver more homes

first_img To explore how new settlements can be developed with greater community consent. Office address and general enquiries 2 Marsham StreetLondonSW1P 4DF Communities Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP said: Media enquiries We know from our research and polling that local support for development increases across all income groups when beauty is made a priority and this commission represents a fantastic first step. Placing beauty at the heart of housing policy is the biggest idea in a generation. A commission to champion beautiful buildings as an integral part of the drive to build the homes communities need has been announced by the Communities Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP today (3 November 2018).The ‘Building Better, Building Beautiful’ Commission will develop a vision and practical measures to help ensure new developments meet the needs and expectations of communities, making them more likely to be welcomed rather than resisted.This move follows the government recently rewriting the planning rulebook to strengthen expectations for design quality and community engagement when planning for development. The new rules also ensure more consideration can be given to the character of the local area.This commission will take that work further by expanding on the ways in which the planning system can encourage and incentivise a greater emphasis on design, style and community consent. It will raise the level of debate regarding the importance of beauty in the built environment.The commission has 3 aims: Social media – MHCLG To promote better design and style of homes, villages, towns and high streets, to reflect what communities want, building on the knowledge and tradition of what they know works for their area. Most people agree we need to build more for future generations, but too many still feel that new homes in their local area just aren’t up to scratch. Part of making the housing market work for everyone is helping to ensure that what we build, is built to last. That it respects the integrity of our existing towns, villages and cities. This will become increasingly important as we look to create a number of new settlements across the country and invest in the infrastructure and technology they will need to be thriving and successful places. This commission will kick start a debate about the importance of design and style, helping develop practical ways of ensuring new developments gain the consent of communities, helping grow a sense of place, not undermine it. This will help deliver desperately needed homes – ultimately building better and beautiful will help us build more. Sir Roger Scruton has been appointed to Chair the commission, with further commissioners to be announced in due course.Further informationBiography – Professor Sir Roger ScrutonEminent writer and philosopher, Prof Sir Roger Scruton has for over 3 decades taught at institutions on both sides of the Atlantic including Birkbeck College, Boston University, and more recently, the University of Buckingham.He is an author of over 40 books. In his work as a philosopher he has specialised in aesthetics with particular attention to music and architecture. He has written several works of fiction, as well as memoirs and essays on topics of general interest.He engages in contemporary political and cultural debates from the standpoint of a conservative thinker and is well known as a powerful polemicist. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the British Academy.He has been officially honoured by the Czech Republic, by the City of Plzen and by Virginia’s General Assembly. In 2004 he received the Ingersoll Weaver Prize for Scholarly Letters. In 2015 he published 3 books all of which were chosen among people’s ‘books of the year’.In 2016 he was recipient of the Polish Lech Kaczynski Foundation’s Medal for Courage and Integrity and was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Contact form https://forms.communit… To make the planning system work in support of better design and style, not against it. If your enquiry is related to COVID-19 please check our guidance page first before you contact us – you still need to contact us please use the contact form above to get in touch, because of coronavirus (COVID-19). If you send it by post it will not receive a reply within normal timescale. Email [email protected] General enquiries: please use this number if you are a member of the public 030 3444 0000 Please use this number if you are a journalist wishing to speak to Press Office 0303 444 1209 Twitter – – – This announcement comes as a month long series of events coordinated by think tank Policy Exchange, to showcase the importance of beauty in the built environment, begin.Welcoming the announcement Policy Exchange Director Dean Godson said:last_img read more

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Leicester MP rounds on Samworth

first_imgLiz Kendall, MP for Leicester West, has demanded that Ginsters’ manufacturer Samworth Brothers scrap their newly-imposed contracts, as they are accused of “systematic bullying”.In her constituency yesterday evening (28 April) Liz Kendall, MP for Leicester West, said: “I am angry beyond belief.”The comment was made in a meeting called to discuss Samworth Brother’s recent changes to pay and related changes to employee contracts.Last week, Samworth Brothers remained embroiled in controversy surrounding alleged cuts to pay and conditions, which have been made in a bid to offset the impact of the National Living Wage (NLW). Samworth employs more than 5,000 people across Leicestershire and, as heard in yesterday’s meeting, workers are demanding the right to organise and negotiate collectively within the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU).Not all of the hundred-odd workers who attended the meeting were able to speak, but “systematic bullying” was a recurring phrase, according to George Atwall of the BFAWU.Kendall said it was “one of the busiest meetings she has ever organised.”She added: “It is completely clear to me that the company is trying to avoid paying you what you are owed, because they are trying to claw back money because of the increase in the minimum wage.”“They are trying to confuse people, they are trying to bully people, and when I see them tomorrow (29 April) I will make this completely clear to them. I will also do everything I can within Parliament and the media because some of these companies have changed their minds because there has been big stuff about them in the press, and that is one way they could be shamed into changing their minds.“I also want to see them recognise the trade union, because the only way they can make these changes, by picking you off one by one, is because they don’t recognise collective bargaining, and we are stronger when we stand together, and I am angry beyond belief!”Workers told Kendall that they were often prevented from using the toilet, which Kendall observed was “disgusting and ridiculous”.Another individual told Kendall that up to three times a week his manager had been pressing him to sign up to the company’s new contract, and was told that if he didn’t sign up he would lose his job.Kendall is meeting with Alex Knight, group chief executive of Samworth, today (29 April), and said of that meeting: “I know what will happen, they will say you are all getting a pay rise. I am clear that what is happening is unfair and wrong. My end goal is for them to withdraw that contract and to recognise the union.”last_img read more

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Watch Bob Weir, Aretha Franklin & More Praise Music Mogul Clive Davis In New Doc Trailer

first_imgThere are few names as synonymous with success in music as Clive Davis. The legendary record producer/A&R executive/general music mogul has wind 5 GRAMMY Awards, is a non-performer member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and has consistently helped produce some of the biggest names in music for more than 50 years across a vast array of genres and styles. Janis Joplin, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Aretha, Carlos Santana, The Grateful Dead, Lou Reed, Toni Braxton, Billy Joel, TLC, Whitney Houston, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Patti Smith…The list stretches from the Summer of Love to the turn of the century; from Kenny G all the way to The Notorious B.I.G. Clive Davis’ influence on popular music cannot be understated.[Clive Davis with Whitney Houston via Tribeca Film Festival]Davis’ long, storied career gets a spotlight in Apple Music‘s new documentary, Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives. In it, documentarian Chris Perkel catalogues the life and successes of the iconic music executive, from his miraculous start at Columbia Records through his trailblazing work at Arista Records and J Records, with a heavy dose of outstanding music sprinkled in between.[Davis with (l-r) Diddy, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown via Reuters]Yesterday, Apple Music revealed the first official trailer for the documentary, and the star power featured in the 2-minute clip alone is enough to pique the interest of even the most causal music fan about this music business superhero. The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir muses that “He had a reputation for having the ‘Golden Ear.’” Hip-hop pioneer P Diddy explains, “We’re talking about the ’60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s…he’s made the soundtrack of our lives.” Disco queen Aretha Franklin proclaims him “the greatest record man of all time.” And that just scratches the surface of the incredible star power tapped for the film.Watch the official trailer for Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives below via Apple Music:The film, which debuted to warm reviews when it opened this past Spring’s Tribeca Film Festival, will have a limited theatrical run starting September 27th before landing on the Apple Music platform on October 3rd.[Cover photo via Susana Millman/]last_img read more

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Photographer examines his growth throughout his career

first_imgAcclaimed photographer Stephen Wilkes presented an array of his photographs at the Snite Museum on Wednesday as part of the museum’s Artist Talk series.Wilkes presented his new photographic series “Day to Night,” a series of large-scale, time-lapse panoramas from locations such as Jerusalem, Times Square, the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Mall. Wilkes’ panorama “Jerusalem” was featured in the Snite’s Scholz Family Collection from April 14 to April 22.During his talk, Wilkes discussed how he develops the large scale panoramic photos for his series. The process requires positioning himself more than 50 feet above his subject on a crane and consists of more than 15 hours of work, Wilkes said.“I take these views, views that I call part of our collective memory, and what I do is photograph for 15 hours on average. I shoot between 1500 to 2000 images of which I edit down to the 50 best moments from day to night and they seamlessly get blended together into one single photograph.“I realized I stepped into something: the concept of changing time in a single photograph,” Wilkes said.In addition to his “Day to Night” series, Wilkes also presented some of his earlier work, including his signature series on New York’s Ellis Island and Pennsylvania’s Bethlehem Steel Factory, and described his growth throughout his photographic career.Wilkes reflected on an early series, “California One,” which documented northern and southern California. Wilkes said “California One” was one of his first in-depth studies of a location. He developed his techniques in panoramic photography during this project, yet used the panoramic style to capture a more personal perspective, as opposed to the traditional landscape technique, Wilkes said.“Most people were using [panoramic photography] at the time as a very wide landscape thing,” Wilkes said.“I decided I wanted to do portraits with it and be more intimate with it.”Several of Wilkes’s series, such as “Ellis Island” and “Bethlehem Steel Mill,” focused on abandoned structures that reflected important events and places in American history.Wilkes’ assignment at Ellis Island became a five-year project that deeply connected him to its history, he said. He focused on several of the abandoned medical buildings and psychiatric wards around the island and came to realize the buildings possessed a distinctive energy, Wilkes said.“One thing about photographing for me is usually I see something and it’s either I live in the moment, I capture it, or I say, ‘This is fantastic, but I’m going to come back tomorrow morning and the sunlight’s going to be perfect,’” Wilkes said.“Ellis Island didn’t work that way — the act of discovering and the act of photography happened simultaneously, consistently. It was as if the best moments were shown to me and I photographed right when I saw them,” he said.“It was fascinating to shoot what you think are these inanimate objects in an architectural sense, but yet there is somehow history in the light of the room — there’s an energy.”Wilkes said themes he adopted at the beginning of his career as a photographer are still reflected in his current work. Some of the prominent themes of his early photography, such as his work in street photography and the presence of light and color, are still an integral part of his work today, Wilkes said.“That’s the fun thing about photography — the fun things that attracted you in your earliest stages of development stay with you,” Wilkes said. “They just evolve.”Tags: artist talk, photography, Snite Museum of Art, stephen wilkes, time lapselast_img read more

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Bills Send Rookies Home After Players Test Positive For COVID-19

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Image via BuffaloBills.comORCHARD PARK – The Buffalo Bills sent their rookie players home on Thursday after five players tested positive for COVID-19 this week.Rookie cornerback Dane Jackson and third-year defensive back Siran Neal were the ones placed on the Reserve/COVID-19 list Thursday.The team says they can return to practice once they pass the league’s testing protocols.The team issued the following statement: “As we were informed by medical experts as training camp opened, we expected to have positive tests for COVID. With 5 since the beginning of the testing period last Tuesday, we decided to take a disciplined, proactive and preventative approach to hopefully eliminate additional cases within our team.”Undrafted rookie cornerback Ike Brown, defensive tackle Vincent Taylor and wide receiver Duke Williams are the three other players who pervious tested positive for the virus this week.last_img read more

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Big wins with data at a small credit union

first_img 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr In the recent BIGcast, Big Data and a Small Credit Union, John Best speaks with Bill Butler, CEO, Ohio Healthcare Federal Credit Union about analytics initiatives at a small credit union, analytics tools, and the value of data quality.Ohio Healthcare is an $83 Million Asset federal credit union serving the Health Care Industry in Ohio. Despite the size, the credit union has impressive achievements in data analytics and proves all credit unions benefit from an effective data strategy.Quality Data SimplifiedAs a part of the conversation, Bill Butler discusses the tools he uses for analytics, and how his credit union is able to achieve greater analytics than many credit unions with resources larger than theirs. As Bill Butler explains: continue reading »last_img read more

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