predicts trends in the world of travel for 2020 predicts trends in the world of travel for 2020

November 18, 2020 tazhawsu 0, whose mission is to make it easier for everyone to explore the world, predicts that 2020 will be a year for technology-driven travel research as well as a growing sense of responsibility and a deeper connection to the people and destinations we visit.  Given that retirement is less and less about reaching a certain age and leaving work, and more and more workers are planning to retire early, this moment will unexpectedly often overlap with adventure travel planning. Nearly a quarter of travelers (23%) between the ages of 18 and 25 plan to retire before turning 55, and at the same time, what they plan to do is changing. In 2020, there will be a change in the consciousness of travelers and they will increasingly start planning their golden years of the future, with 65% of global travelers considering travel the perfect way to spend their free time. 59% of passengers from Croatia think the same. Because of the fast-paced world around us, most of us lack time, and that’s something that doesn’t start, and doesn’t even end on the journey. Travelers want to be as efficient as possible on their travels, so instead of focusing on one topic throughout the holiday in 2020, the number of travelers who want to try more sources of entertainment will increase significantly. They will thus visit destinations that offer a range of interesting experiences and attractions. More than half of global travelers (54%, 40% of travelers from Croatia) say they want to go on a long journey that offers all their favorite activities and attractions nearby, and 62% agree to choose a destination that offers everything favorite activities and sights close to each other so you can save time. With this in mind, we can expect the travel sector to strive to make it easier for travelers to travel through facilities full of variety, offers and routes in order to make the best use of destinations that offer a variety of entertainment sources. As we enter not only the new year, but also the new decade, our needs, desires, but also behavior on travel continue to change.  This will especially appeal to almost 59% of travelers who want technology to offer them unusual and unexpected options that would help them discover a whole new destination in the new year. In addition, almost half (46%) of global travelers say they would use an app that allows them to quickly and easily explore and book real-time activities while traveling (which is true for 34% of Croatian travelers), and an equal number (44%) plan to use an app that allows them to plan activities in advance so they can find all the answers in one place. In 2020, this demand will be met by a number of artificial intelligence applications with the aim of obtaining personalized suggestions of destinations you should visit, accommodation facilities you should stay in and activities you should try based on your preferences, previous travels and key contextual factors such as are weather conditions and popularity. Trends in the world of travel for 2020 Longer trips for more enjoyment  As soon as possible before booking Accelerated path to long-term travel In 2020, an increasing number of grandparents plan to go on an unforgettable trip with only their grandchildren, leaving their parents at home. Almost three quarters (72%) of grandparents agree that they feel young again if they spend time with their grandchildren, which was stated by 77% of grandparents from Croatia, and 71% of them believe that parents need time to spend alone without children. If we add to this the fact that the older generation is healthier, more adventurous and has a stronger desire to stay young and active than ever before, grandparents ’trips with grandchildren offering various activities for both generations will become increasingly popular in the coming year. Source / Photo: “As we enter the new decade, the travel sector will respond to the needs of more sustainable, curious and technologically advanced travelers with products, services and options that make it easier for everyone to explore the world. From finding lesser-known cities to help prevent over-tourism to more personalized travel recommendations and providing the largest selection of accommodation for travelers around the world, we want to enable travelers to be prepared, supportive and excited about traveling in 2020 and beyond. ” pointed out Arjan Dijk, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing at Instead of rushing through a destination and constantly fearing that they will miss something, when traveling in 2020, passengers will put the emphasis on slowing down. In 2020, almost half of passengers (48%) plan to use slower modes of transport to reduce their environmental impact, and 61% of passengers would prefer to choose a longer route so that they can experience more than just the journey. The types of transport that support our desire to slow down a bit will also be increasingly popular – from bicycles to trams, sleds and boats, as well as hiking. In fact, more than half of passengers (56%) already have nothing against spending more time on the way to their destination if they opt for a unique mode of transport, as stated by 70% of passengers from Croatia. Likewise, 64% of passengers would be interested in feeling like they are going back in time on a historic train journey (e.g. Flying Scotsman, Orient Express). A year of slower and special journeys awaits us.  Imagining a destination that has it all, from the incredible natural beauty you can enjoy from the balcony of your villa to historical sights, impressive parks and beaches where you can cool off and relax after a day exploring the city and then dinner at a fantastic local restaurant, travelers listed, among others, the destinations of Montevideo (Uruguay), Ilhabela (Brazil) and Naha (Japan) as the most popular destinations where more ways of entertainment are offered. Travel to lesser-known destinations with the aim of reducing the impact of mass tourism and environmental protection will experience a strong increase in popularity next year. More than half of global travelers (54%) want to play a role in reducing the impact of mass tourism, while 51% of passengers (48% of passengers from Croatia) would exchange their original destination for a lesser known but similar alternative destination, if they knew it would have less impact on the environment. And in order to arouse their interest, 60% of global travelers would like to have access to a service (application / website) that recommends destinations where the growth of tourism would have a positive impact on the local community. Pets in the first place Given that more than half of pet owners (55%) say their pet is just as important to them as a child, it’s no surprise that in 2020 we can expect a new era of travel where pets are the center of attention. Travelers will put the needs of their beloved pets ahead of their own when it comes to destination, choice of accommodation, but also activities.  Today’s world, and especially the tourism sector, never rests and new trends and changes in the market are constantly coming. The one who follows them is competitive, and those who stick to the status quo unfortunately fail, no matter how big they are. Just the latest example of Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy is the best fresh example of what happens to even the biggest if they don’t follow new trends and changes in the market.  An increase in the number of trips to lesser-known destinations  42% of pet owners around the world (34% of pet owners from Croatia) say they would choose a destination next year based on whether they can take a pet with them, and 49% would be willing to pay more to stay in the accommodation where they are pets allowed. Given this trend, the number of accommodations on where pets are welcome is constantly growing, and accommodations around the world are still looking for innovative ways to raise the level of service when it comes to offering tailored to pets and facilities such as beds for dogs, pet spas, room service or even specially designed pet restaurants. Pets on vacation can certainly enjoy a 5-star experience.  Almost half of global travelers (47%) plan to be bolder when choosing their next post-retirement trip, and just under a fifth (19%) of those who have already retired plan a one-year break during which they will take time to travel a few months without interrupts. More than half (52%) of passengers agree that it is possible to do this at any time, regardless of age. Expect the unexpected with technology Holidays with fun of all kinds  Unforgettable memories of traveling with grandchildren  We can expect companies to respond to this increase in demand by introducing options that will make it easier for travelers to find less popular cities / neighborhoods by interpreting passenger preferences and linking them to alternative or lesser-known destinations in the selected country or region. Increasing cooperation in the travel ecosystem will also result in more awareness-raising campaigns and infrastructure improvement initiatives to help travelers opt for a lesser-known destination. This is especially true for 71% of global travelers who say tasting local products on the go is very important to them. Prepare your calendars as travelers will adjust their travel plans next year according to what specialties are offered at a destination at that time of year and will make sure to arrive before everyone else or before the new race to book the requested table in restaurant. Given that retirement and travel for more and more travelers in different age groups will go hand in hand, we can expect more and more products to help travelers plan travel more easily through retirement travel savings, enabling travelers to save money they can take advantage of for the longest journey of his life. In the coming year, travelers will place increasing emphasis on travel-related decisions in culinary ambitions, with the race for reservations in much-coveted restaurants very much underway. For many guests, the destination and travel time will begin and depend on whether they can book a table to enjoy the much-coveted restaurant, most often in places where the waiting list extends to several months. And given that our appetites are aroused by a handful of content on social networks, as well as various recommendations, travelers will not rush for a place only in famous restaurants. Hidden gems, places that have long been a favorite among locals and offer popular local specialties, sometimes off the beaten track, are likely to arouse the taste buds of travelers looking for a local gastronomic experience. In 2020, passengers will leave key aspects of the decision-making process even more to technology. Sometimes it can be very difficult to decide which parts of our amazing planet to visit or which trip to choose, but in the coming year, innovative technologies will inspire us and allow us to easily remove that obstacle. Intuitive and reliable recommendations using technology will connect us with a handful of new experiences that we might not otherwise encounter, while saving us valuable time (as well as reducing the time spent in front of the screen) and allow us to make the most of every minute spent on rest.  Finally, interestingly, the Top 6 trending destinations for travelers from Croatia, according to research, are the cities of Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Amman, Wadi Musa in Jordan, the city of Plzen in the Czech Republic and the city of Canggu in Indonesia.  Based on the expertise gained in the role of a leading company in the world of travel and technology and research among more than 22.000 passengers in 29 markets (including Croatia) and information from more than 180 million verified guest reviews, we bring you trends in the world of travel that we can expect in the following year and the period that follows thereafter.last_img


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