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Online purchase of vegetables served on the same day the office workers to warm the farm house docki

with a box, you can take food at home." Recently, the Old Summer Palace Garden District, in addition to newspaper boxes, milk box, add food box, mode of direct supply pilot "from the farm to the family network. This new way to buy food is popular with office workers.

to buy food to change the online ordering food

Old Summer Palace garden is located in the vicinity of the North Fifth Ring Xiaojiahe bridge, relatively remote, residents to buy food inconvenience. Resident Ms. Chen said, before buying food often worry. "More than an hour to go to the supermarket." Since last month, Ms. Chen became a food family, every day to the ground floor of the community, from their own food dishes. The whole process takes only 10 minutes. read more

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Sohu launched a group buying site for the first group of love home

June 21st news, recently launched a Sohu network quietly buy site – love home group (, which is also the first to join the camp website portal.

it is understood that Sohu’s family of love is not a time to provide a single product, currently only launched in Beijing, compared with other group buying site, not much different.

according to statistics, in the past 3 months, the country has emerged out of the group buying network, the industry generally believe that the main reason for the low threshold to buy the site, invest a few thousand dollars will be able to do a buy site. read more

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E commerce sites to circumvent the trap trap custom route is the key to success

Many kinds of

electronic commerce website, large business platform, for the grassroots webmaster, it is difficult to operate successfully, but for some sales of single product e-commerce sites, are often able to grassroots webmaster with flexible sales strategy, obtain good economic benefits, but the current single product e-commerce, often go into a copy of a dead end, such as weight loss products, the same product on the official website of the platform several ten almost as like as two peas website, giving users the feeling, is the so-called official website has also become the official! Once visible business platform into plagiarism track, damage is often the whole industry chain! So for a single product business website go, custom route is the key, the following analysis of the benefits of read more

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How to do network marketing in private hospitals two

in front of us from the macro aspects of the private hospital to do a good job of network marketing, today we continue.

four, private hospitals need what kind of network marketing?

what kind of website do private hospitals need?

The main purpose of

patients to visit the website is to understand the hospital’s reputation, technology, equipment, treatment methods, drugs, effects, services, etc..

hospital network marketing and website construction value is: the use of text, pictures, and pay attention to the problems of multimedia information it flexible like patients show, is the most ideal pictures and multimedia, because this is the most sensitive to the picture! Even a simple function of the site is equivalent to at least one of the update of the products promotional materials. The outdated medical information or technical information is not perfect, not only can not allow patients to make up their minds, but also affect the confidence of customers, of course, also affect the effectiveness of medical network marketing. read more

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The huge automobile business market how should seize the finance of this cane

Abstract: at present, the industry market is not in place leading to education of consumers do not understand the automobile finance product, in the face of numerous products do not know how to choose the most suitable for their own financial products, which is one of the automotive industry pain points. In the future for a long time, the pain will be further exacerbated.

said that this year is the capital of the winter, but for the automotive industry to close this winter is not too cold, every day there are a lot of money thrown into the fire, the flames grow. read more

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On the road electric three hegemony books Dangdang clamoring for Jingdong

the morning of December 16th, announced a $40 million held substantial price promotions, and declared that "all the best-selling product prices than other digital online store at least 50-100 yuan, the game started to Jingdong on the field of digital 3C mall. day the price war is not bad money infuriated Liu Qiangdong, Liu brother is very angry, then ordered will spend 80 million yuan for book promotion, is 40 million times of announced a promotion, the fiery book. What is more interesting is that in December 15th, the Amazon announced the "hundreds of thousands of bestsellers in the lower basic network of the lowest 20%, officially joined the book. "Officially started three" war is really a mystery, it’s read more

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C2B’s e commerce success skills

Hello, I am Liuyang, now the root of the way out of the webmaster, the first is to focus on their own areas of service innovation, and the other is e-commerce. Taobao shop, Taobao mall, B2C, Taobao customers, advertising alliance into and so on, now make rash and too much in haste. Liuyang believes that where the Internet is electronic commerce, that is, regardless of what you do on the Internet content, in the final analysis is linked to e-commerce. Why? Remember the modern marketing Master Mr. Philip Kotler once said: "the most important of the two basic functions of marketing and innovation", because only these two basic functions can directly bring the profit for the enterprise. In fact, Liuyang believes that the two basic directions of the Internet is the same, that is, e-commerce and innovation, because only these two directions can bring bright prospects for the grassroots webmaster. read more

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This shoe electricity supplier said do not like Christmas gifts then you can come here for coupons

"we are willing to establish contact with consumers through such activities"

every holiday street there are a lot of "recycling gift" brand, see these you may find holiday spawned "gift economy" is a large part of consumption.

Americans have such trouble. A’s shaving system with less than B for the coffee machine in your family has been C’s purse so ugly…… According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, last year, 40% of consumers returned Christmas gifts. This year is expected to be worth $70 billion gift was returned. That is not convenient to go to the store to return something, don’t just dust in the storage room read more

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Honey bud Liu Nan standing on the air would dare to herd boy

2016, two-child policy officially opened, the mother industry usher in a major positive, and any family will not skimp on the next generation of investment, this is the most direct support logic trillion maternal and child market. Such a huge market, electricity providers will naturally become a hotly contested spot. Last year, just over 4 years old with honey bud, quadruple jump, sit tight in the domestic cross-border electricity supplier, electricity supplier maternal toubajiaoyi.

March 2014 honey bud by the time flash purchase into the market, in August of the same year to dabble in cross-border business, with honey bud CEO Liu Nan’s words, no honey bud to catch up with the two wave wind wave is the vertical maternal electricity supplier outlet, a wave of cross-border electricity outlet. By virtue of the outlet of the heat, honey bud has a rapid development in 2015, the $150 million D round of financing in September last year, Baidu completed the lead, creating a cash financing maternal industry including the maximum amount of online and offline. read more

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Ali music as the layout of the global wine market origin or straight into the new normal

China wine consumption is heating up. A set of data shows that by 2017 China’s wine market consumption capacity will reach 2 billion 827 million liters, total consumption reached RMB 93 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of up to 102.5%.

huge market potential has attracted numerous liquor vertical electric providers and comprehensive platform providers in the global market Wine overweight layout. Alibaba recently announced that it will launch the first Tmall Global Wine Festival, with the help of Tmall platform to achieve global wine production in the world, to create a global wine producing areas of China Unicom, the silk road". read more

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