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Yahoo Fantasy Football Week 15: NFL DFS picks, lineup advice for cash games

first_imgWeek 15 Rankings:Quarterback | Running Back | Wide Receiver | Tight End | D/ST | KickerWeek 15 Yahoo Fantasy Football: NFL DFS picks for cash gamesQB Josh Allen, Bills vs. Lions ($26). I’m all on board the Allen DFS hype train. He has such a high-floor because of his rushing ability, shown by his 99-plus yards on the ground in each of his past three outings. The Lions haven’t been good against big-armed, mobile QBs this year, so Allen could be in for another solid showing. At just $26, he’s a massive bargain, so we’ll spend down here and grab other productive, top-dollar guys at other positions.RB Todd Gurley, Rams vs. Eagles ($39). Gurley was the main guy I wanted to target on this slate. Since Yahoo lineups include the Sunday night game, Gurley is available as the highest-priced RB overall. Gurley is coming off what was easily his worst outing of the year against the Bears. He’ll be ready to prove that was just one-time fluke,  and the Eagles have given up at least one double-digit RB scorer in every game since their Week 9 bye. That gives Gurley a high floor and makes him a perfect top-dollar pick for cash games.​WEEK 15 DFS CASH LINEUPS: FanDuel | DraftKingsRB Doug Martin, Raiders @ Bengals ($16). Martin has scored in three consecutive games, and while he hasn’t had much yardage in those games (72 scrimmage yards was his highest total), he gets a great matchup with a Bengals defense that has given up the most fantasy points to RBs this season. For just $16, Martin has great upside, and he should have a chance to set a season high in rushing yards and find the end zone once again.WR Brandin Cooks, Rams vs. Eagles ($28). This is a weird contra-stack with both Gurley and Cooks as my two highest-priced players, but the matchup is too good to pass on them. The Eagles secondary has been decimated by injuries, and they don’t have the personnel needed to match up with the speedy Cooks. They just had trouble containing Amari Cooper, so that should carry over against the high-flying Rams offense. And of the team’s receivers, we like Cooks the best because of his big-play potential.WR Tyler Lockett, Seahawks @ 49ers ($24). Lockett had just one catch last time these two teams met, but it was for a 52-yard TD. He didn’t need to do much because the game turned into a blowout. In what might be a more competitive game, Lockett could have similar production but more opportunities to catch the ball. Either way, he has a great matchup and scored in nine-of-12 games to open the season. He’s a consistent threat, so we’ll trust him.WEEK 15 DFS GPP LINEUPS: Yahoo | FanDuel | DraftKingsWR Tyler Boyd, Bengals vs. Raiders ($20). Boyd is in the midst of a breakout season for the Bengals, and he is the No. 1 receiver with A.J. Green out. The Raiders have allowed the second-most TDs to WRs this year at 19, so Boyd could end up catching one in what figures to be an offensive battle. For his $20 price, he has both solid upside and a good floor, so we’ll take a chance on him.TE Rob Gronkowski, Patriots @ Steelers ($18). Gronk is only the fifth-most expensive TE on the slate despite his matchup with a Steelers defense that has been middle-of-the-road against TEs. That said, they just gave up a 100-plus yard game to Jared Cook, so Gronk could have a massive outing. Our Yahoo cash lineup last week flopped a little bit, as our expensive Philip Rivers pick was merely mediocre, but WR Keenan Allen, TE Jared Cook, and the Giants D/ST did a lot to help us put up a solid point total in spite of that error. For our Week 15 cash picks, we’re targeting a lot of consistent, high-floor players on what is a pretty solid NFL DFS slate. And after last week’s high-priced QB flop, we’re changing our strategy again.We’re actually spending down at QB, as there are a couple of solid sleepers that should pan out and become good value options at the position. The scrambling ability of a certain rookie makes him a bargain at just $26, especially in a good matchup. Elsewhere, we have a contra-stack of Rams in a good matchup with a reeling Eagles defense. From there, we targeted some solid values at WR and TE to help round things out. And, for the second straight week, we’re picking against the Redskins offense with our D/ST. MORE WEEK 15 DFS: Values | Stacks | Lineup BuilderFLEX Calvin Ridley, Falcons vs. Cardinals ($15). Ridley could be in for a good day in Atlanta. The Falcons are at home, where he has performed much better, and Patrick Peterson may line up across from Julio Jones more often than not. Ridley will get a chance to expose the weakness that the Cardinals have at the No. 2 corner position, so he’s a worthwhile investment at just $15.DEF Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Redskins ($14). The Jaguars get to take on Josh Johnson in his first start since 2011. It’s on the road. Sign us up.last_img read more

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Ohio hemp laws have been proposed

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Peggy Kirk Hall and Ellen Essman, Ohio State University Extension Agricultural & Resource Law ProgramOhio’s newly created hemp program is one step further toward getting off the ground. On Oct. 9, the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) released its anxiously awaited proposal of the rules that will regulate hemp production in Ohio. ODA seeks public comments on the proposed regulations until Oct. 30, 2019.There are two parts to the rules package: one rule for hemp cultivation and another for hemp processing. Here’s an overview of the components of each rule:Hemp cultivationThe first rule addresses the “cultivation” of hemp, which means “to plant, water, grow, fertilize, till or harvest a plant or crop.” Cultivating also includes “possessing or storing a plant or cop on a premises where the plant was cultivated until transported to the first point of sale.” The proposal lays out the following regulatory process for those who wish to cultivate hemp in Ohio. Cultivation licensesAnyone who wants to grow hemp must receive a hemp cultivation license from the ODA. Licenses are valid for three years. To obtain a license, the would-be hemp cultivator must submit an application during the application window, which will be between Nov. 1 and March 31. The application requires the applicant to provide personal information about the applicant, and if the applicant is a business, information about who is authorized to sign on behalf of the business, who will be primarily responsible for hemp operations and the identity of those having a financial interest greater than ten percent in the entity. The cultivation license application will also seek information about each location where hemp will be grown, including the GPS coordinates, physical address, number of outdoor acres or indoor square footage, and maps of each field, greenhouse, building or storage facility where hemp will grow or be stored. Cultivators must pay a license application fee of $100, and once licensed, an additional license fee of $500 for each growing location, which the rule defines as “a contiguous land area or single building in which hemp is grown or planned to be grown.” All applicants and anyone with a controlling interest in the hemp cultivation business must also submit to a criminal records check by the bureau of criminal identification and investigation. Land use restrictionsThe proposed rules state that a licensed hemp cultivator shall not:Plant or grow cannabis that is not hemp.Plant or grow hemp on any site not approved by the ODA.Plant, grow, handle or store hemp in or within 100 feet of a residential structure or 500 feet of a school or public park, unless for approved research.Co-mingle hemp with other crops without prior approval from ODA.Plant or grow hemp outdoors on less than one-quarter acre, indoors on less than 1,000 square feet, or in a quantity of less than 1,000 plants without prior approval from ODA.Plant or grow hemp within half a mile of a parcel licensed for medical marijuana cultivation.Plant or grow hemp on property that the license holder does not own or lease. Hemp harvestingLicensed growers would be required to submit a report to ODA at least 15 days before their intended harvest date and pay a pre-harvest sample fee of $150. ODA then has to sample the hemp for THC content, and only if approved can a cultivator harvest the crop, which in most cases must occur within 15 days after the sample is taken. Failing to harvest within the 15-day window might require a secondary sampling and sampling fee. A cultivator would be required to have a hemp release form from ODA before moving any harvested materials beyond the storage facility. Random samplingThe proposed rules also allow for random sampling of hemp by ODA and provide details on how ODA will conduct the sampling and charge sampling fees. Any cultivator is subject to random sampling in each location where hemp has been cultivated. ODA will report testing results that exceed 0.3 THC to the cultivator, who may request a second sample. A cultivator must follow procedures for destroying any leaf, seed, or floral material from plants that exceed 0.3 THC and any material that was co-mingled with the 0.3 THC materials, but may harvest bare hemp stalks for fiber. Destruction of hempUnder the proposed regulations, a license holder must submit a destruction report before destroying hemp and ODA must be present to witness the destruction. The proposed rules also authorize ODA to destroy a crop that was ordered destroyed, abandoned, or otherwise not harvested and assess the costs against the licensee. Reporting and recordkeepingRecords are also important in the proposed rules. Licensed cultivators must submit a planting report on an ODA form for each growing location by July 1 or within 15 days of planting or replanting, which shall include the crop’s location, number of acres or square footage, variety name, and primary intended use. The rule would also require licensees to submit a completed production report by December 31 of each year. A licensee that fails to submit the required reports would be subject to penalties and fines. Cultivators must maintain planting, harvest, destruction and production reports for three years. Control of volunteer plantsA licensee must scout and monitor unused fields for volunteer hemp plants and destroy the plants for a period of three years past the last date of reported planting. Failing to do so can result in enforcement action or destruction of the plants by ODA with costs assessed to the licensee. Pesticide and fertilizer useThe laws and rules that apply to other crops will also apply to hemp, except that when using a pesticide on a site where hemp will be planted, the cultivator must comply with the longest of any planting restriction interval on the product label. ODA may perform pesticide testing randomly, and any hemp seeds, plants and materials that exceed federal pesticide residue tolerances will be subject to forfeiture or destruction without compensation. Prohibited varietiesThe proposed rule states that licensed cultivators cannot use any part of a hemp plant that ODA has listed as a prohibited variety of hemp on its website. Clone and seed productionSpecial rules apply to hemp cultivators who plan to produce clones, cuttings, propagules, and seed for propagation purposes. The cultivator can only sell the seeds or plants to other licensed cultivators and must maintain records on the variety, strain and certificate of analysis for the “mother plants.” The licensee need not submit a harvest report, but must keep sales records for three years of the purchaser, date of sale, and variety and number of plants or seeds purchased. Cultivation researchUniversities may research hemp cultivation without a license but private and non-profit entities that want to conduct research must have a cultivation license. Cultivation research licensees would be exempt from many parts of the proposed rules, but must not sell or transfer any part of the plants and must destroy the plants when the research ends. EnforcementThe proposed rule grants authority to the ODA to deny, suspend or revoke cultivation licenses for those who’ve provide false or misleading information, haven’t completed a background check, plead guilty to a felony relating to controlled substances within the past 10 years, or violated the hemp laws and rules three or more times in a five-year period. Hemp processingThe proposed rules package by ODA also addresses processing, which the rule defines as “converting hemp into a hemp product” but does not include on-farm drying or dehydrating of raw hemp materials by a licensed hemp cultivator for sale directly to a licensed hemp processor. Because of this definition, many farmers who want only to grow and dry hemp would need only a cultivation license. Growers who want to process their licensed hemp into CBD oil or other products, however, must also obtain a processing license. The processing rules follow a similar pattern to their cultivation counterpart, as follows. Processing licensesIn addition to submitting the same personal, business and location information as a cultivation license requires, a hemp processing license application must list the types of hemp products that the processor plans to produce. An “extraction operational plan” including safety measures and guidelines is required for processors who want to extract CBD from hemp to produce their product, and an applicant must indicate compliance with all building, fire, safety and zoning requirements. The amount of the license fee depends on what part of the hemp plant the processor plans to process. Processing raw hemp fiber, for example, requires a $500 license fee for each processing site, whereas processing the raw floral component of hemp requires a $3000 fee for each site. Like the cultivation license, a processing license is valid for three years. Applicants and those with a controlling interest in the business must submit to a background check. Land use restrictionsThe proposed regulations would prevent a licensed processor from:Processing or storing any cannabis that is not hemp.Processing or storing hemp or hemp products on any site not approved by ODA.Processing, handling, or storing hemp or hemp products in or adjacent to a personal residence or in any structure used for residential use or on land zoned for residential use.Processing hemp within 500 feet of a school or public park, except for approved research. Financial responsibilityA licensed processor must meet standards of financial responsibility, which require having current assets at least $10,000 or five percent of the total purchase of raw hemp materials in the previous calendar year, whichever is greater, and possessing a surety bond. Inspection and samplingAs with cultivation licensees, hemp processing licensees would be subject to inspection and sampling by ODA under the proposed rule. Food safety regulationsThe proposed rule requires hemp processes to comply with federal and state food safety regulations. Sources and extraction of cannabinoids (CBD)A processor who wants to extract or sell CBD products must obtain the materials from a licensed or approved cultivator or processor in Ohio or another state with hemp cultivation licenses. The regulation outlines components of the extraction operational plan that a processor must submit with the processing application, as well as acceptable extraction methods and required training. Product testingA hemp processor must test hemp products at an accredited testing laboratory before selling the products. The proposed rule describes the testing procedures, which address microbial contaminants, cannabinoid potency, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticide and fertilizer residue and residual solvents. There are testing exemptions, however, for hemp used exclusively for fiber, derived exclusively from hemp seed and hemp extracts. The testing laboratory must create a certificate of analysis for each batch or lot of the tested hemp product. Processor waste disposalUnder the proposed rule, a licensed processor must follow procedures for proper disposal of hemp byproducts and waste and must maintain disposal records. Product labelingLabeling requirements are also proposed in the rule. A processor must label all hemp products except for those made exclusively from hemp fiber as outlined in the rule and in compliance with federal law and other existing Ohio regulations for standards of identify and food coloring. RecordkeepingAs we’d expect, the proposal states that hemp processors must maintain records for five years that relate to the purchase of raw, unprocessed plant materials, the purchase or use of extracted cannabinoids, and the extraction process. Prohibited productsFinally, the proposed rules include a list of hemp products that cannot be offered for sale, which includes hemp products with over 0.3 percent THC by dry weight basis, hemp products which laboratory testing determines do not meet standards of identity or that exceed the amount of mytoxins, heavy metals, or pesticides allowed, and any hemp products produced illegally. What’s next for the hemp rules?Keep in mind that these rules are not yet set in stone; they are a simply a proposal for hemp licensing rules in Ohio. Those interested in cultivating or processing hemp in the future should read the draft rules carefully. Anyone can submit comments on the proposed rules. Your comments could affect what the final hemp rules require for hemp cultivators and processors. After ODA reviews all comments, it will issue its final hemp licensing regulations.Federal law requires that after Ohio finalizes its rules, ODA must submit them to the USDA for approval. That approval won’t occur, however, until USDA completes its own hemp regulations, which are due out in proposal form any day now. Ohio’s rules will become effective once USDA approves them, hopefully in time for the 2020 planting season.last_img read more

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3 days agoButt insists Man Utd fortunate to have Solskjaer as manager

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Butt insists Man Utd fortunate to have Solskjaer as managerby Freddie Taylor3 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United head of first team development Nicky Butt says the club are fortunate to have Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager.Academy graduates Axel Tuanzebe, James Garner, Angel Gomes, Brandon Williams, Tahith Chong and Mason Greenwood have all featured this season.And Butt says the Norwegian’s experience of working in the academy and being a young player at the club is vitally important in his role.”He’s really approachable, knows the club inside out, what it takes to be a footballer here,” Butt said of Solskjaer.”Even though he wasn’t an academy member, he came as a very young boy and was lost, didn’t know what to do and embraced the club and ended up becoming one of the family.”We’re fortunate at the minute that Ole is in hotseat. He’s coached in the academy, he did his coaching badges with academy players and coaches, so he knows pretty much everybody right down to the Under-12s in the club and that can only be beneficial.” last_img read more

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Baylor’s Terrell Burt, After Being Accused Of Flop: “I Will Never Ever Fake An Injury”

first_imgBaylor's Terrell Burt falls down on the field.Twitter/@BleacherReportMidway through the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Big 12 showdown between Baylor and Oklahoma, Bears safety Terrell Burt went down with what Kirk Herbstreit, on air, called a “bush league” flop. As it turns out, Burt’s injury was legit, and Herbstreit later apologized for his comments on Twitter. Today, Burt took to the platform, and made sure to let everyone know that he’d do something like that.I will never ever fake an injury. I will always fight for my brothers and give them my all regardless. #BaylorNation #lionhearted— Terrell Burt (@terrell_burt_13) November 16, 2015Burt had reportedly been injured on a prior play, but did not want to come out of the game, so teammate Ryan Reid had to tell him to go down to receive treatment.last_img read more

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Clemson Drops Highlights From 1st Day Of Camp

first_imgA video of two Clemson football players at practiceTwitter/@ClemsonFBClemson, last year’s national runner-up, opened up its 2016 training camp yesterday. The Tigers are considered one of the favorites to win this year’s national championship after coming up just short in 2015.Besides a Heisman candidate at quarterback and an intimidating home field, Clemson is known for its social media presence. The program dropped a highlight video this afternoon recapping yesterday’s practice.Clemson aims to take the next step in 2016.Lace up. Strap in. Cross the line. #Clemson Football is here. Finish with no regrets. #ALLIN #BYOG pic.twitter.com/oxL4kEKCrC— Clemso Football (@ClemsonFB) August 4, 2016The Tigers open up their 2016 season at Auburn on Sept. 3. Kick-off is set for 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.To see what Auburn has been up to in its camp, click here.last_img read more

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Sweet victory silences critics

Jim Tressel opened up the Ohio State offense, the Buckeyes overcame an athletic disadvantage and OSU finally ended its BCS Bowl Game hex.In related news, Hell froze over, pigs were spotted airborne and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.OK, so only one of those sequence of events actually occurred. But considering OSU’s nationwide reputation lately, widespread perception would have told you that the chance of either series of events was slim to none.Tressel pushed all of the right buttons in the Buckeyes’ dismantling of the Ducks. The conservative coach stuck to his guns during the regular season, even after repeated BCS Bowl Game failures.Over the past three postseasons, the Buckeyes came up short against quicker, more aggressive and more athletic opponents.Ohio State, winners of five consecutive Big Ten titles, represents a conference that has fared poorly in recent bowl seasons. That has made the Buckeyes, and Tressel, the primary targets for criticism.Oregon, another athletic adversary that runs a spread offense and represents a conference that has performed well in recent bowl seasons, embodied all of the components that the Bucks haven’t been able to overcome in recent memory.So Tressel changed gears.In a late-season surge, the Buckeyes powered through the tough part of their schedule — Penn State, Iowa and Michigan — with a dominant run game.Against the Ducks, Ohio State came out throwing the football, as quarterback Terrelle Pryor attempted 24 passes in the first half alone.Ohio State’s inability to execute a diverse offensive scheme? No longer.An Oregon offense that had terrorized opponents for 37.7 points per game was held in check. Shifty, elusive quarterback Jeremiah Masoli finished with just 81 yards through the air and 9 yards on the ground. The Ducks’ potent offense managed to gain just 260 yards, a far cry from its average of 425 through the regular season.Oregon’s athletic advantage on offense? Neutralized.The Bucks put the Big Ten on their backs and carried the conference to its first signature postseason victory since Ohio State thwarted Notre Dame four years ago in the Fiesta Bowl. Penn State’s win over LSU earlier in the day helped as well, temporarily quashing the notion that the Big Ten can’t hang with the SEC. Obviously, one Capital One Bowl victory doesn’t nullify that theory (especially when Auburn topped Northwestern just hours earlier), but both Big Ten wins on New Year’s Day boosted the Big Ten back toward respectability.Big, slow Big Ten teams can’t win the big game? No longer a go-to media critique.Carrying the brunt of the Big Ten load, the Buckeyes have felt the most heat over the past 36 months. Tressel’s close-to-the-vest coaching style has produced annual conference crowns, but not the ideal postseason results. The coach finally shook things up when he needed to, and his Buckeyes are reaping the benefits.Incessant roar from Buckeye critics? Silenced.Whether Hell froze over or not, the Buckeyes’ national perception should finally start warming up. read more

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The reason Leeds United fans now hate Marcelo Bielsa

first_imgMarcelo Bielsa has done it again, he went from being highly beloved and revered at Leeds United, to being hated by the fans in record time.The stories about Marcelo Bielsa not being able to manage his clubs properly in the past are countless, but he has fallen from grace in record time at Leeds United this time. It took only a few days for the fans to consider him a world-class manager, to completely question the decisions he made before the international break. The Argentine manager decided to send striker Patrick Bamford to the under 23 squad for an unknown reason, but knowing Bielsa’s troubled relationships with players they must have had a falling out and Bielsa reacted poorly as always. This decision took the worst turn possible a few days ago, as the €8 million striker who arrived this summer to Leeds, suffered a nasty knee injury that will keep him out of competition for the next four months. The fans at the English club can’t give credit to the situation, because they consider the player an essential part of the new project, but Bielsa’s decision backtracks it quite a bit from this moment forward.? | #LUFC striker Patrick Bamford faces four months on the sidelines after suffering a PCL injury during last Friday’s U23s game— Leeds United (@LUFC) September 11, 2018This news comes in one of the most crucial moments in the first half of the season, because international breaks can sometimes be detrimental to any club that was doing great before the break and then decrease their performance level dramatically afterward. Leeds United’s Director of Football issued a statement after the news of the player’s condition broke and said: “This is clearly disappointing news for Patrick and for everyone at Leeds United. Patrick has settled in well, quickly becoming an important player for Marcelo Bielsa and a popular part of the group. We have an excellent medical team at the club and Patrick is in the best possible hands, he will be back available to us during an important part of the season and he will still play a key role in our campaign,” said Victor Orta in the statement that revealed the time that the player would be out of competition. But the repercussion of this new development at Leeds United will affect Marcelo Bielsa even more than the player himself, because this is a pattern that has appeared in the past for the manager in previous jobs.£10m signing ❌Top scorer ❌Best midfielder ❌In-form defender ❌It’s all mounting up for table-topping Leeds, but Marcelo Bielsa says he has a plan… ? https://t.co/vd2DMsuS9N #lufc pic.twitter.com/rz0oJfoXKhRaheem Sterling, EnglandTop 5 best players from the international break weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 After a fresh international break just came to an end, we need to talk about the Top 5 best players during this whole weekend.We…— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) September 13, 2018Bielsa’s past in Chile and Athletic Club.The Argentine manager has had some very interesting runs with the Chile National Team and Spanish side Athletico Club, but in both instances he had to step down due to the poor relationship he had with the players and eventually the fans. With Chile the stories go more along the lines of the manager outright disrespecting the players by calling them names and having violent verbal outbursts, more of the same happened with the Spanish club. But in both instances, Marcelo Bielsa left a very important legacy that gives him a street cred that very few managers in the world can get. He transformed Chile into a very competitive side during his time there and many credit the two Copa America trophies the squad won to his teachings, he also reached the Europa League final with Athletic Bilbao back in 2012 but lost it against Atletico Madrid. With Leeds United, something very similar is happening as Bielsa has two victories and two draws in the first six games of the season and has surprised English football with his offensive style of play. But his problems outside the field could be his downfall, once again.Bielsa: ‘I’m not familiar with the atmosphere at #Millwall – but I can’t think of any fans who would have more influence than ours.” That sounds like a challenge, Lions fans. Read what else the Leeds boss has said ahead of Saturday’s sold-out clash – https://t.co/fR7VAFmOuI #lufc pic.twitter.com/fS1trElB8V— NewsAtDen (@NewsAtDen) September 13, 2018What do you think about Marcelo Bielsa’s latest episode as a professional manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

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Marotta hints on Perisics move to Arsenal

first_imgBeppe Marotta admits Ivan Perisic is likely to complete a switch to Arsenal with the sporting director confirming the player doesn’t want to stay at the club.Perisic has reportedly agreed to personal terms with Arsenal but a sticking point remains the structure of his transfer, and Marotta warned time was running out for the Gunners.“The meal went well,” the Nerazzurri chief disclosed to Football Italia after a meeting with Inter Coach Luciano Spalletti and the club’s board.“It’s a normal situation and it happens at all clubs because yesterday the President couldn’t come to Turin.“We took stock of the situation, it’s normal. Perisic? I repeat, it’s difficult to keep players who don’t want to stay, but no real offer has come in yet so there are no grounds [for him to leave right now].Top 5 Premier League players to watch for next weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 With the international activity cooling down for the next month, we go back to the Premier League’s Top 5 players to watch this weekend.After…“It’s up to us to manage this situation. I was hoping for a very quiet transfer window. Instead, there have been very few developments and plenty of dissatisfaction.”Morning. Here’s a video of Perisic making defenders fall over, pic.twitter.com/ZT3oMsuoWY— Aido (@HandofEmery) January 28, 2019last_img read more

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Comerford Wins Gold In Highlight of Day 3 Finals

first_imgAlina Kendzior won the B-final of the 100 backstroke with a time of 52.48. Elise Haan defended her gold from a year ago with the win, going 51.43. With 766 points, the Cardinals trail only NC State (886) and  Virginia 867. The rest of the field lines up with Notre Dame (624.5), Duke (570.5),  Florida State (490), UNC (487.5), Virginia Tech (333), Pitt (237), Georgia Tech (209), Miami 184.5 and Boston College 124. Mallory Comerford defended as 200 freestyle champion, winning gold in 1:41.60 and setting a meet record. She was the only swimmer to hit the wall in under 50 seconds at the halfway point, and left the field in her wake to win by more than three seconds. Also in that event for the Cardinals, Arina Openysheva was into the wall sixth in the 200 freestyle in the A final. Cardinal freshman Diana Dunn was eighth in the B-final with a time of 1:49.27. In the 100 breast, Louisville’s Kaylee Wheeler touched sixth in the 100 breaststroke A-final with a time of 59.88, which was an invited time from a year ago. Teammate Mariia Astashkina was into the wall 7th with a time of 1:00.12, for a B-cut. Morgan Friesen was eighth in the A-final, posting a 1:00.46.  Avery Braunecker finished fourth in the C-final with a time of 1:01.60, shaving a bit off her prelim time. NC State’s  Hansson got the win with a time of 57.74. In the A-Final of the 400 IM, Sophie Cattermole touched sixth with a time of 4:10.63. Maria Sumida got to the wall second in the B-final with a swim of 4:11.21.  In the C-final, Cardinal Carley Lowe boarded a 4:19.95 . NC State’s Kathleen Moore  touched first in 4:05.24 just ahead of Makayla Sargent (4:06.19), followed by freshman Emma Muzzy (4:06.89) to make it a Wolfpack sweep. “This is my favorite event and I wanted to get this for my team.  I love to race and compete with my team and keep pushing to get better and elevate my swims,” said Comerford. The University of Louisville made three podiums highlighted by Mallory Comerford’s gold medal performance in the 200 freestyle in Friday night’s finals at the 2019 ACC Swimming and Diving Championships at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. Story Links Grace Oglesby won silver in the 100 butterfly with a 51.02 for an NCAA A-cut.  In the B-final, Cardinal Alena Kraus went 53.57 in the 100 butterfly for sixth place just ahead of teammate Nastja Govejsek, who went 53.72 for seventh. Virginia’s Morgan Hill notched her second win second win of the meet, just touching out Oglesby by one one-hundredths of a second for the gold medal. In the final event of the evening, the Cardinals 400 medley relay, Alina Kendzior (52.55)   Kaylee Wheeler (59.29),  Grace Oglesby (50.70) and Mallory Comerford (46.53) joined forces to put up a 3:29.02.  NC State won the event in 3:27.81. Molly Fears finished eighth in the platform diving finals, posting a. score of 202.70. The event was won by NC States Madeline Kline’s 271.60 points.  2019 Women’s ACC Friday Finals Results The final day of racing on Saturday will feature the 200 back, 100 free, 200 breaststroke, 200 fly, 1M Diving, Men’s Platform diving, the 1650 freestyle.Standings:1. NC State 8862. Virginia 8673. Louisville 7664. Notre Dame 624.55. Duke 570.56. Florida State 4907. UNC 487.58. Virginia Tech 3339. Pitt 23710. Georgia Tech 20911. Miami 184.512. Boston College 124 Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

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