Nervous 24yearold Steve Jobs prepares for first TV appearance video

first_imgThe Steve Jobs we’ve come to know in recent years isn’t just a fan of the camera, he seems to excel in front of it. The tech world stops and listens when he appears, and his presence at Apple, and as the public face of Apple, can’t be overstated.But when Jobs was just 24-years-old he was no fan of the camera. In fact his first appearance on TV in 1978 made him feel physically sick.This rare piece of video footage, filmed in San Francisco at TV Station KGO, has appeared on YouTube recently and shows a very nervous Jobs who openly admits to feeling sick while waiting to go live:You need to tell me where the restroom is too, because I’m deathly ill, actually, and ready to throw up at any moment, so… I’m not joking. Was he actually ill, or feeling sick purely because of the nerves? Either way, what a difference a few decades and a lot of experience makes to a man.Read more at Edible Applelast_img read more

September 21, 2019 0