DuckDuckGo founder on why Google tracks you and his search engine doesnt

first_imgWith the recent revelation about PRISM and how much data is shared with the government, it has brought into focus just how many websites and services track what we do on the Internet. One of the biggest companies to do this is Google, and the more of its services you use the better you are able to be tracked.There are alternatives, though, and in the field of search engines one that is growing in popularity fast is DuckDuckGo. Its main draw? They do not track you at all. In fact, not only does DuckDuckGo not track you, it still manages to make money and offer very good search results.This begs the question…why does Google track your every move? DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg tackled that very issue in a recent talk he gave at the Gel 2013 conference, which you can watch below.After watching the video you will probably be a lot more inclined to make the switch to DuckDuckGo. And even if you aren’t you should at least give it a go for a week. Chances are you won’t look back and your privacy will be better for it.last_img read more

September 21, 2019 0