BioWare to make Star Wars The Old Republic free to play

first_imgWhat many saw as inevitable has finally happened: BioWare has announced that its MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to go free-to-play.The reason for this decision was made clear in a recent EA analyst conference call where SWTOR subscriber figures were sighted. The paying subscriber number stood at around 1.3 million last quarter, but have now slipped below 1 million just three months later. Clearly something had to be done, and like many other high-profile MMOs over the past few years, free-to-play looks to be the solution.A paid subscription account will remain in place at a cost of $14.99 and will offer up full access to the games’ features and all new content releases. Free accounts will be limited to Level 50 and have limited access to specific features as detailed in the chart below (click the image to see full size):Microtransactions will be handled via Cartel Coins, allowing players to buy gear and customize their characters. But BioWare is surely hopeful this permanent free account introduction will just attract more players to try the game for free and make the leap to a paid subscription.This isn’t the first time SWTOR has been free-to-play. BioWare experimented with the idea earlier this year when the game went free for Easter. Then BioWare introduced the ability to free play up to level 15 in June. Clearly these experiments must have seen some success, and coupled with a worryingly fast decline in subscribers, it must have been an easy decision to make the switch.If you’re interested in playing the game for free, BioWare plans to introduce the new free account in the fall.More at, via VentureBeatlast_img read more

September 1, 2019 0