Chat with Werner Herzog on his birthday kinda

first_imgWerner Herzog is a weird guy. He’s lived a life mostly isolated from tech, making his first phone call at 17, and flatly refusing to use the internet for much of anything.Whenever the man speaks, it’s clear he doesn’t understand even the basics of how technology works. At the same time, he’s got a smooth, inviting tone that lingers in the ear. It gives his speech an eerie gravitas such that when he asks if “there is murder” in Pokemon Go, it comes off as a hilarious juxtaposition rather than just the inane ramblings of someone who hasn’t kept with the times.Like Chrisopher Walken, Herzog’s tone and presentation are distinctive enough that people have made plenty of parodies including the stellar Twitter account “Werner Twertzog.” Even so, because the man doesn’t use the internet for much of anything, you probably won’t even get the chance to speak to him… that was until now.If you log into Facebook and shimmy on over to the WernerBot page, then you can have a chat with Werner Herzog… or at least a bot that, if read in the German director’s distinct tone, is pretty amazing.During my brief chat, he seemed weirdly obsessed with getting me to read more. Which, to be fair, I probably should. He would obstinately reference 18th century philosophers and great thinkers of decades past as nauseum. It’s a good bit of fun and a great source of meta-humor.Part of the joke, for me anyway, is that Herzog’s essence has been hacked apart and replicated online via media he doesn’t understand. At the same time, he’s made guest appearances on shows like Rick and Morty, whose audience is disproportionately tech savvy, and he’s just released a documentary about the internet and all of its pioneers and bizarre subcultures.With all that, it’s hard to see the man as anything less than the epitome of self-parody.last_img read more

September 20, 2019 0