Roundtable: How Do We Feel With The Season 25 Percent Over?

first_imgHere at Pistols Firing, we use Slack to communicate back and forth. Sometimes this is constructive. Other times we riff for 20 minutes on Mike Gundy’s golf game. We’re going to try and do an informal roundtable every Wednesday about whatever is going on this week and post it here.It’s going to be pretty slangy and GIF-y and not meant to be anything serious. We’re just here to talk about OSU the way we all do in real life. If you need to brush up on any of the contributors, you can do so here.Kyle Porter (Publisher): Is OSU better this year than it was last year?Thomas Fleming (Xs and Os): Their offense is better, defense is worseSam Aldrich (Head of Hoops): A little bit worse, a lot more unlucky. I think most (rational) OSU fans would concede that Texas and Iowa State last year probably should have been losses, and K-State and West Virginia very well could have been.Kyle Boone (Head of Crootin): Defensively they have taken a huge step back after losing quality depth with Kevin Peterson and Michael Hunter gone. But offensively they have improved at every position except at wide receiver, where they look about the same to me. Marcell Ateman getting back on the field would be a bonus.Justin Southwell (Chief Uni Officer): Time will tell. Or un-timed will tell how unlucky we are.I think we are about the same – probably slightly better. Defense held Baylor to just 35 points (and they probably would have held them to less if Fresh Legs had a legitimate suspension for abusing his dog).Porter: Fresh Legs! We miss Peterson and Hunter a lot. I’ve been meaning to write about that this week. I think all of us (?) noted cornerback as a worry spot coming into the season, but it has been ghastly at times. No Justin Gilbert or K-Pete to lock down other teams’ Fresh Legs or KD Cannons.Flrming: Pipkins, Lampkin and Richards have all been inconsistent. And double moves have been their downfall. Against Baylor, at least.Aldrich: Which is sort of shocking, considering how many starts each of the three corners mentioned above have under their belt at this level.Caleb Deck (Intern): It’s hard to compare with a different non-con schedule and adding a tough game against Pitt, but Baylor is a nearly equitable comparison. We held them to 10 less points this year while they had their QB1 who is no scrub. Yes they don’t have Coleman but their WR are pretty similar and the defense as a whole held well other than biting on those big plays. Hard to fault the defense when they seem to be playing more consistent though they are giving up more big plays than last year.Porter: What did everybody think about Boone calling out Gundy in the media for the second time this season? Jonesing for Lester to come back to Stilly or just blowing off steam after two frustrating losses? (edited)Boone: I think he’s frustrated in general with Mike Gundy that stems from last years three game losing streak to end the season. They are 2-5 in the last five games which has to irk Boone. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he’s getting enough bang for his buck, which is somewhat understandable. But him flapping his mouth like that is getting old.Aldrich:  I think it was uncalled for and reactionary- I get that he’s mad about how last year ended and 2016 has begun, but you have to take a step back and realize how spoiled OSU fans have been with Gundy. Kyle P referenced on Twitter some of the programs the Gundy-Era Pokes have had more wins than  Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Michigan, Miami, UCLA, Stanford..Southwell: It’s a bit of a distraction, but it’s also something that is pretty easy to brush off. We’re obviously off to a disappointing start, which could warrant some words to fire a team up, but that should come from the head coach. Everyone should be fully focused on beating Texas, but this has become a talking point.  If OSU can be competitive like we believe they should be, then this will quickly become a non-issueDeck: While I appreciate all Boone has done for our state, university, and the oil and gas industry (Go NGL’s!), he’s no Sam Presti and Gundy is a heck of a ball coach in his own right. There is not playing down the impact Pickens has had on the school and program, but I’m not sure that validates him throwing out whatever ideas pop into his head on the state of athletic program. It should have no more impact on the school or team than what any other 88 year old fan and alumnus says.Southwell: Can’t fault him for having an opinion. I’m glad he cares enough about OSU to speak his mind. I’m sure he knows his words carry a lot of weight.Deck: I definitely agree, I just hope his words in an area outside of his expertise are taken with a grain of salt as well.Porter: I’m sure Mike Holder is extraordinarily thrilled about all of this.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

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