New goldplated Walkman weighs a pound sells for 3199

first_imgSure, Goldmember was just a villain in an Austin Powers movie… but if he was real, the Sony NW-WM1Z would be his portable audio player of choice.Why? Because it’s gold-plated, sells for a whopping $3,199, and is heavy enough that you could use it to bludgeon your arch enemies. At 16.05 ounces and roughly eight times the cost of Neil Young’s already-pricey Pono, this new Walkman is Sony at its most ostentatious. Seriously, this is like the Walkman equivalent of the Beta Romeo Amy bought on Futurama, only it’s made with slightly less eagle.What’s inside the WM1Z that makes it so heavy? It’s a big ol’ hunk of copper (oxygen-free copper, at that). The electronics — including the 256GB of solid-state storage — are probably responsible for three or four ounces of the total. Oh, and if you need more space you can just slip in one of Sony’s $160 64GB micro SD cards.Yes, the WM1Z has a full color TFT display, but its 854 x 480 resolution underscores the fact that this thing is purpose-built for audio playback. If you want something that can handle hi-fidelity video, you’ll have to wait for them to come out with a similarly souped-up Watchman.People who’ve been fortunate enough to try out the MW1Z do say that it sounds very good, especially when it’s paired with Sony’s equally-opulent Z1R headphones (which they’ve priced at $2,299). Do you really get what you pay for, though? I guess that depends on whether you believe the hype about high-resolution audio… or whether you’re sold on the scientific evidence to the contrary.last_img read more

September 20, 2019 0