The relevance of Hellenism in Australia

first_imgIs Hellenism relevant in Australia society? A workshop and forum run by the Peloponnesian Confederation of Melbourne and Victoria will discuss this topic and encourage all participants to have their say. This youth forum is a long overdue discussion which will identify the needs and requirements of the next generation and enable them to chart their own course throughout the decades of the future. Hellenism has historically been able to survive in locations where other cultures have been swallowed up, by a predominant culture through neglect of their own customs, religion, culture, identity and heritage. The Australian Hellenic community is at the cross roads at the moment and forces are at play vying for supremacy and control over the current generation of Australians’ of Hellenic background. The Greek Orthodox church on one hand is concerned about its congregation, dwindling church goers and what to do with its vast assets. The Australian Hellenic communities are concerned about its hard earned assets and the lack of interest among its members regarding the maintenance of Hellenic customs and traditions. Academia within the Australian Hellenic Community is seeing its student numbers being reduced year after year, forcing them in some cases to make drastic changes to their curriculum and student entry policies. The forum will also observe the traditional family dynamics being changed and diluted on a daily basis with the extended family now including different cultures and customs. Australians of Hellenic heritage are attracted towards leaders in the community such as Bill Papastergiadis, Bishop Iakovos, Chris Paikopoulos, Steve Kyritsis, Nicholas Kotsiras, Maria Vamvakinou, Jenny Mikakos, George Lekakis, Paul Kounelis, Arthur Psarakos, Con and Theo Markos, Lambros Tapinos, Jim Sainis, Sophia Kotanidis, Lee Tarlamis, Sophia Mirabella, Tony Tsourdelakis and many others who deserve a mention. These men and women are the current generation of leaders who have a part to play in the future of Hellenism in Australia and therefore the responsibility falls heavily upon them to promote the positive aspects of Hellenism in Australia and to ensure that Hellenism in Australia thrives and blends within the Australian fabric of society. The youth forum being promoted by the Peloponnesian Confederation is but one aspect of the mind set of its leaders are it is a pleasant surprise to observe the amicable working arrangements that have been agreed upon to find solutions to an age old problem facing the Hellenic communities in Victoria and that of Australia worked out by the leaders of the Peloponnesian Confederation. The Peloponnesian Confederation is a conglomeration of the Peloponnesian states that more often than not aspire to emulate the good work of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria as well as enhancing the role of the Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne Victoria. The relevance of Hellenism in Australian society will take place on Sunday 17 June at the Laconian House at 253 Albert Street, Brunswick, Victoria at 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm. The workshop and discussion will take place in English and delve into each individuals outlook on what they think on this issue. If you would like to take part, email [email protected] Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

September 21, 2019 0