The search continues for an elusive snake thats b

first_imgThe search continues for an elusive snake that’s been missing from its home in Alberta since at least Monday.A small group of animal experts and law enforcement resumed their search for the yellow python eyewitnesses say is at least 15-feet long. The exact type of python has not been disclosed, but larger pythons most commonly raised as pets include reticulated pythons, Burmese pythons and ball pythons.Plenty of questions remain unanswered about the snake and how it got loose. Its owner has not come forward publicly, but the city released a statement saying the snake escaped from captivity.“He could be anywhere because the way our drainage system works … That snake could be in Highway 69 right now,” Tuscaloosa’s District 5 city councilman Kip Tyner said.Large snakes like adult pythons are legal in Alabama, but they do require a decently sized enclosure. Most snakes kept as pets are fed frozen, thawed animals like mice or rats. A large pet python is most often fed a diet of frozen, thawed rabbits every other week but can survive for extended periods of time without food.Pythons may bite if startled or injured, but a snake raised as a pet is likely accustomed to people and not as dangerous or likely to bite as a wild snake.If you see the snake, call 911 and report your location. Do not interact with the snake.last_img read more

August 3, 2019 0