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Has Purplebricks turned the corner in Australia?

first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » Has Purplebricks turned the corner in Australia? previous nextAgencies & PeopleHas Purplebricks turned the corner in Australia?CEO Neil Tavender says the company is growing again after a disastrous few months last year, and its LPE headcount has begun increasing again too.Nigel Lewis7th February 201901,446 Views Despite recent setbacks in Australia, Purplebricks’ new CEO in Oz Neil Tavender has come out fighting, claiming that the business is growing and that 90% of its customers say they would use the hybrid agency again.Tavender has made the comments as he revealed that Purplebricks has hired oddly-named local digital agency King Kong to increase the rate at which people book appraisals.“We know that once we get a lead, our real estate agents have an extremely high rate of conversion,” he says.“As a disrupter in the real estate industry, we needed a campaign to match our agile, results-focused approach. So King Kong was the perfect fit.”Gorilla marketingThe Melbourne-based digital agency has been creating marketing strategies and campaigns across a range of platforms including Google Ads, YouTube and Facebook.As The Negotiator reported last month, this digital marketing push coincides with a new advertising campaign launched by Purplebricks recently that aggressively savages Australia’s traditional estate agents, fronted by TV property expert John Du Bois.Both initiatives are attempts by Tavender to turn the business around, including the recruitment of more local property experts. Last year numbers dropped from 105 to 88 but research by The Negotiator reveals it now has 120 LPEs working for it.Internal documents leaked in June last year revealed that the company’s sales effort was up to 70% off target while the company was fined by regulators and clashed publicly with Western Australia’s trade body over its advertising claims.         John Du Bois Purplebricks Neil Tavender Australia February 7, 2019Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

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Pacific Partnership detachment visits Palau

first_img View post tag: JS Shimokita Share this article View post tag: Pacific Partnership Back to overview,Home naval-today Pacific Partnership detachment visits Palau August 8, 2016 Authorities Pacific Partnership detachment visits Palau View post tag: Palau Pacific Partnership 2016 arrived in Palau, August 4, aboard JS Shimokita (LST 4002), making this the second year Pacific Partnership has visited Palau since the mission began in 2006.While Shimokita is in Palau, USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) and the rest of the Pacific Partnership 2016 team are making mission stops in Malaysia and Indonesia.The Pacific Partnership team in Palau, made up of service members and civilians from Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, will work with civilian and military leadership to conduct cooperative health engagements, subject matter expert exchanges in nursing and pharmacy, and civil-engineering projects, all focused on improving partner nations’ collective ability to respond to a variety of natural disasters.The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force worked closely with the government of Palau to plan a range of medical and engineering initiatives designed to promote cooperation and knowledge exchange between local authorities and the multinational Pacific Partnership team. The visit to Palau is part of the wider Pacific Partnership 2016 mission, building cooperation between allied and partner nations.“This is the first time a Japanese naval vessel has visited Palau, and it’s an honor for the Japanese to lead the Pacific Partnership mission in Palau, and to work with the government and people here,” said Capt. Takeshi Okada, commander, Landing Ship Division One, embarked aboard Shimokita.The Pacific Partnership exercise is focused on enhancing relationships and multinational interoperability through knowledge exchange and cooperative training, ensuring partner nations are prepared to collectively and effectively respond when disaster strikes.last_img read more

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Freshers’ Flu

first_imgFrom the sound of coughing in the lecture hall to a week of drowsy mornings accompanied with a box of tissues, few of you can failed to have noticed the invasion of the lergi that seems to have taken hold of the University. Now, we know that when it comes to it, only a minority of us can claim to have been undeserved victims of “Freshers’ Flu”. Speaking in a croaky voice one student, Carmen Dudley admitted, “we’ve all be drinking too much, staying up too late and eating rubbish. Also it’s too hot and I’m bloody annoyed.” It seems that for all the partying and not enough attention to work the academic forces of Oxford have taken their revenge. However, in recent years first week bugs have signalled a more ominous development in the incidence of meningitis. With particular prevalence being found amongst first years living in halls of residence the government has launched a mass immunisation scheme directed towards students, the advice being to get vaccinated before starting the term.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003last_img read more

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NUS National Conference: Vote against UKIP passed

first_img“This will alienate many students who are involved in UKIP but also people who hold a different view to the handful of students at NUS Conference. “This shows their disregard for democracy and disdain for alternative, mainstream political views. We as a movement do not believe NUS should not be marginalising thousands of students and societies across their campuses. This is bizarre, pathetic posturing once again demonstrates how the NUS lacks focus on the issue that students really care about: education.” Among the OUSU delegates were OUSU President Tom Rutland, President-elect Louis Trup and Nathan Akehurst, who headed the “Reclaim OUSU” presidential campaign in 2013. Akehurst is a candidate for the NUS Block of 15, a group of 15 individually elected officials. His manifesto promises, “A democratic, campaigning and transparent national union that integrates liberation with all its work”. OUSU will be holding an all-student referendum in the fourth week of Trinity Term, where they will ask students to vote on their affiliation with the NUS. What happens with this conference will undoubtedly be taken into consideration by students deciding which way to vote. This week, the NUS National Conference 2014 meets in Liverpool, where hundreds of delegates from universities across the UK discuss and vote on official NUS policy for the year ahead, as well as choosing a new president and senior officials.Day one of the conference saw the following motions pass:●  Motion in favour of a campaigning partnership with the Trades Union Congress●  Motion opposing all fees associated with exam resits●  Motion in favour of setting up of a legal fund to support arrested student protesters●  Motion opposing UKIP●  Motion opposing the privatisation of student loans●  Motion supporting a 5:1 pay ratio for all university staff, whereby the highest-paid employees could not be given a salary more than five times higher than that of the lowest-paid employees.There was controversy over a proposal for a national demonstration, with critics pointing out the lack of clarity over the aims of such a protest. A delegate from Liverpool said, “I love a demo, but the proposers of this amendment don’t care what this demo is for. It’s a demo for demo’s sake.” The motion failed by 285 votes to 341.There was further debate over the #copsoffcampus campaign, which advocates a system similar to that in other countries, whereby police require the permission of both student unions and university management before they can enter a university campus. Daniel Cooper, vice president of the University of London Union, said, “In many countries it’s taken for granted that police do not walk onto campus whenever they like. NUS should campaign for laws that police cannot come onto campus without permission. In the last year in the majority of cases police have not acted in students’ interest, they have made students’ life more difficult.” Others questioned the practicality of the motion. “Police can’t have to go through the student union every time they want to go on campus, what about victims of harassment who don’t want to go through the student unions?” one delegate said. The motion to oppose UKIP attracted further controversy. Daniel Cooper, speaking in favour of the motion, said, “We should be alarmed by the rise of UKIP, a party that represents the worst of UK society, racism, xenophobia and a narrow minded approach that could cut us off from Europe. UKIP voters are looking for answers, but UKIP have no answers. Immigration is not the cause of job losses and lower wages. Business and politicians are. Let us tell UKIP that their politics are not welcome in our movement.” Members of the party have objected to the decision. Jack Duffin, chairman of UKIP’s youth wing, Youth Independence, and one of the four NUS presidential candidates, said, “I am very disappointed that NUS has voted to oppose UKIP on a national level at its conference.last_img read more

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Tutor Jeffrey Ketland ‘terminated’ after harassment case

first_imgDr Jeffrey Ketland, a Pembroke Philosophy tutor who, according to an inquest in February, sent ‘crazed and rambling’ emails to BPhil student Charlotte Coursier last year, who committed suicide after breaking up with her boyfriend, has been ‘terminated’ from Oxford, according to a statement posted on behalf of Ketland on philosophy blog Leiter Reports ( the statement, Ketland criticises the way Oxford handled the situation, writing, “As of mid April 2014, I am terminated from Oxford. The reasons stated amount to this: that I told a student to stay away from me and then responded to her refusal to do so; that I pointed out to a witness at Oxford her harassment of me while it was happening; and that I complained to Oxford of false allegations being made against me.”The statement in full reads as follows:“I knew Ms Charlotte Coursier, formerly Ms Charlotte Marklew, since 2008 at the University of Edinburgh. In June 2011, on graduation, she emailed me, “you are still the person who saved my life and my degree!”. I applied to Oxford in 2011, she in 2012. During her time in Oxford, concerns about her welfare were reported to the Faculty, but, as far I as know, were ignored. Following her suicide in June 2013 after her boyfriend ended their relationship, Oxford conducted an inquiry into her death which concluded in October 2013. At that time the University told my College that my involvement in the matter was a minor affair, and the Coroner’s office had provided repeated assurances (until a week before the inquest) that my name would not be mentioned.However, behind the scenes a group of graduate students, including some of the signatories of the Open Letter of 5 March 2014 had been campaigning the University to have my contact with students suspended and me fired. My supervisions were reassigned, my seminars were postponed and then reassigned to my College, with the lead author of the Open Letter boasting about this on Facebook. My wife complained to a College Principal about the distress and intimidation she felt her family were being subjected to.From late 2013, Oxford proceeded with a prosecution, involving failures of due process and proportionality, despite the support I received from my College and several members of the Faculty. The prosecution ignored my evidence, detailed email documentation, a police incident note concerning an assault against me, application records, and eleven witness statements, covering the period November 2008 up to the present. As of mid April 2014, I am terminated from Oxford. The reasons stated amount to this: that I told a student to stay away from me and then responded to her refusal to do so; that I pointed out to a witness at Oxford her harassment of me while it was happening; and that I complained to Oxford of false allegations being made against me. For the time being, I do not intend to comment further on the case.”The University and Pembroke College declined to comment.last_img read more

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Press release: Joint Statement by the UK, France and Germany on the Iran Nuclear Deal

first_img Follow the Foreign Office on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Email [email protected] Media enquiries Further information For journalists Follow the Foreign Office on Twitter @foreignoffice and Facebook Follow the Foreign Secretary on Twitter @Jeremy_Hunt and Facebook We deeply regret the further re-imposition of sanctions by the US, due to the latter’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA). The JCPoA is a key element of the global nuclear non-proliferation architecture and of multilateral diplomacy, endorsed unanimously by the UN Security Council through Resolution 2231. It is crucial for the security of Europe, the region, and the entire world. The JCPoA is working and delivering on its goal. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed in 12 consecutive reports that Iran is abiding by its commitments under the Agreement. We expect Iran to continue implementing all its nuclear commitments in full, as set out by the JCPoA. The JCPoA also provides for the lifting of international sanctions in order to have a positive impact on trade and economic relations with Iran, but most importantly on the lives of the Iranian people. It is our aim to protect European economic operators engaged in legitimate business with Iran, in accordance with EU law and with UN Security Council resolution 2231. As parties to the JCPoA, we have committed to work on, inter alia, the preservation and maintenance of effective financial channels with Iran, and the continuation of Iran’s export of oil and gas. On these, as on other topics, our work continues, including with Russia and China as participants to the JCPoA and with third countries interested in supporting the JCPoA. These efforts have been intensified in recent weeks, particularly those underpinning the European initiative to establish a Special Purpose Vehicle which we are proceeding with work to set up. This will enable continued sanctions lifting to reach Iran and allow for European exporters and importers to pursue legitimate trade. Further work must be done to assist and reassure economic operators pursuing legitimate business under EU law. Our Finance Ministers will further pursue this at their next meeting. Our collective resolve to complete this work is unwavering. We remain committed to implementing the JCPoA as a matter of respecting international agreements and of our shared international security, and expect Iran to play a constructive role in this regard. Joint statement by High Representative Federica Mogherini, Foreign Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian of France, Heiko Maas of Germany and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt of the United Kingdom, and Finance Ministers Bruno Le Maire of France, Olaf Scholz of Germany and Philip Hammond of the United Kingdom:last_img read more

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New Cinderella Star Keke Palmer Talks Bringing a Fairy Tale to Life

first_img View Comments Cinderella Film and TV star. Recording Artist. Talk show host. Now, Broadway princess! Keke Palmer, donning the iconic ball gown, took her first bow in Cinderella on September 9, becoming the first African American to play the titular princess on Broadway. And how does it feel? “This is crazy. THIS IS CRAZY, GIRL!” she said in a recent interview on NBC Nightly News. Well, at least she’s excited. Palmer explained that an African American actress in the role lets audiences know “that just because you have never seen it doesn’t mean that you can’t be it.” A message certainly reminiscent of the familiar fairy tale. Congratulations to Palmer on her Great White Way debut, and here’s to many more lovely nights at the Broadway Theatre! Check out the clip below, which includes a taste of the new star singing the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein score. Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 4, 2015 Related Showslast_img read more

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Risky trees

first_imgMost trees are good and live long, low-risk lives. But some trees are bad and live short lives compromised by storms and people. Risky trees can fail and fall. Are your trees out to get you?Trees have value, provide benefits and are desired by humans. People find great psychological, monetary, aesthetic and utilitarian values in trees. The benefits humans get from trees are recreation, psychological, shade, heat dissipation, blockage of glare, blockage of noise, production of white noise, reduction of pollutants, production of oxygen, reduction of erosion, wildlife habitat, increase of property values and increase of economic stability. Trees need care, tooAlong with the many benefits trees provide, trees also have costs. Trees require some investment in growing space, maintenance and care. Once dead, trees can be expensive and dangerous to remove. One of the most overlooked tree costs is liability risk. Liabilities can include ecological, biological, aesthetic, social, economic and safety risks. People need to protect themselves and their property from these tree hazards.All trees grow, become larger and eventually fail. Trees that surround homes, line streets or border parking lots and playgrounds are all at some risk of failing. And some will fail sooner than others. Risks come with historyEvery tree situation has risk involved. Tree history, past abuse, storm damage, construction injury and other tree attributes all can lead to an increased risk of failure. Even minor events such as roots buckling sidewalks or branches rubbing on a roof can generate tree-associated risks of failure.Be aware of tree risks around your home, yard, street, school, church and workplace. As trees become massive and tall, even a single branch loss in a storm could damage property and injury people. Ask a professional for helpTree care professionals examine trees for structural problems and, at times, can try and correct these problems. Most trees do not need special structural support, just good maintenance activities and injury prevention. The most important aspect of tree risks is to understand how trees fail. Trees are modular structures that grow in stages, one part at a time. Trees fall apart one piece at a time or topple as a whole. Failure occurs along faults developed by injury, old damage, and stress from the environment and people.Structural faults include large vertical and horizontal cracks, large decayed areas, bark zones, narrow crotches or forks, dead wood and branches, large cavities, large leans, major root damage, poorly connected living branches and pest damage. These faults may be the result of old injuries or new damage. Many of these faults give way in wind and ice storms.Trees can not heal themselves when damaged. They can only seal-off the wound and grow-over the injury. Old trees can be filled with many hidden faults from old injuries. Branches, roots and stemsRisk assessments on trees are difficult and require a thorough knowledge of tree structure and tree failures. Each tree is different. On average, major structural failures are found in branches, 40 percent, or in roots and stems, 60 percent. Not all large liability risks require tree removal. There are many “non-removal” risks that commonly occur. Even small problems can lead to large liability risks. These risks include buckling of pavement by roots, damage to building foundations and septic systems, tripping caused by surface roots, presence of slippery leaves and litter (fruits, flowers, twigs, leaves), bites and stings from animals living in the tree, children and pet entrapment within cavities, face-level branch injuries and sight-line blocking.Trees represent significant risks to humans, but these risks are relatively small when compared to other daily risks. A tree’s value is usually much greater than any risk-associated costs. Using an informed approach to risks and tree-literate care and maintenance, you can have a landscape filled with “good” trees. For help, contact a tree risk specialist, arborist or a community forester.last_img read more

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Kyrgyzstan holds election marked by voter disillusion and party splits

first_imgKyrgyzstan held a parliamentary election on Sunday with many voters disillusioned with the political elite and anxious about the worst economic crisis in two decades.President Sooronbai Jeenbekov’s supporters look likely to win a significant number of seats in the legislature in the Central Asian country, a close ally of Russia.But the current pro-presidential ruling coalition is certain to be upset due to internal splits in the two major political groups, testing the president’s ability to forge new political alliances. “There is less and less democracy, systemic opposition is virtually non-existent,” Nasyrbek Attokulov, a 50-year-old university lecturer, said after casting his ballot in Bishkek.The campaign was marred by allegations of vote-buying, and an August opinion poll ordered by the US-backed International Republican Institute showed that 15 percent of respondents favoured the idea of voting against all parties.A total of 16 parties are contesting 120 seats in the single-chamber parliament. If none of them wins more votes than the “Against all” option, a new election would have to be called.The economy and corruption topped voters’ concerns. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development expects Kyrgyzstan’s gross domestic product to plunge 9.5 percent in 2020 due to the pandemic and take years to recover. “The economic situation is terrible,” said a businessman, who identified himself only by his first name Kanat, speaking at a polling station where officials let in voters in small groups after measuring their temperature as a coronavirus precaution.”We need to establish the rule of law.”The country of 6.5 million people has a history of political turmoil: in the past 15 years, two presidents have been toppled by revolts and a third is in prison after falling out with his successor.Further instability would be a concern to Russia. Moscow operates a military airbase in the former Soviet republic and is already dealing with major crises involving its allies Belarus and Armenia.Two parties that won more than a half of the seats in the 2015 election have split ahead of Sunday’s vote, and some of their MPs including Jeenbekov’s closest allies are seeking reelection under new banners.Results of the election are likely to be known on Sunday night or on Monday, but given the fractured nature of the parties, it could be days or weeks before a government is formed.Topics :last_img read more

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Hawthorne home a gem from bygone era

first_imgTHIS  Californian bungalow has been lovingly maintained by the current owners for nearly three decades.Paul and Belinda Wallis bought 71 Philip St, Hawthorne, in 1989 and moved in the day the eldest of their three children was born. Mr Wallis said “quite a bit” had been done to the house over the years, but was in keeping with the style and character of the home.“We did a small extension to turn a sleep-out into two bedrooms and we remodelled the back half of the house,” he said. “We put in a swimming pool and we also excavated under the house and created a large amount of off-street parking.” The home has timber panelling and plate rails.The triple-gabled home was built in 1926 and has a wide front porch, silky oak timber panelling, cedar plate rails, leadlight doors and windows and VJ walls. There is a formal lounge room at the front of the home with built-in bookshelves and a set of leadlight doors that lead to the dining room. The updated kitchen and meals area has an upright cooker and stone and timber benchtops. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020The master bedroom has a bay window looking out to the landscaped front yard while all bedrooms have built-in robes. The home also has two bathrooms, an internal laundry, a games room and an attic space that could be converted into additional living space. The back deck overlooks the swimming pool.Outside is a rear deck, powder room, pool, shed and plenty of off-street parking. Mr Wallis said the layout of the home meant the family could come together or find their own space. “The kitchen area is really the hub of the house and there are multiple spaces inside and out to get the best out of the weather of the day,” he said. “The backyard has a really nice open terrace and there is the rear deck that looks out over the yard and pool or the front veranda that has nice views of the city and the river.”The home is being marketed by Gabrielle Baker from Harcourts Solutions and will be auctioned on May 20 at 11am.last_img read more

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