Taobao online Taobao students eroded the field of education electricity supplier

Two days before

, officially launched the "Taobao" students, as early as July 8, 2013, Taobao official revealed in the recent launch of Taobao may be called "students" educational channel, has seemed to educational field of electricity providers to enter, "mixed mode" platform Taobao classmates go 2B+2C, earlier Taobao on the line Taobao e-book bookstore, to the electricity supplier in the field of challenge. In recent years action analysis, has penetrated into all fields of electronic commerce, in Chinese really well-known business platform so few,, Jingdong mall, pat network. Basically we will choose online shopping this three in one, according to their own a little experience, Taobao online merchandise most, but before the there are many fakes, then Taobao launched Tmall, to a certain extent, to curb the sale of counterfeits sellers, few Jingdong mall to buy things, not enough supply of as for, pat Network, Tencent’s shopping site, and QQ connect and all members of QQ there is a discount. read more

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